Wok of Love (2018) — An Overview

Wok of Love /
Greasy Melo
[기름진 멜로]
(SBS, 2018)

Written by Seo Sook-hyang, Directed by Park Sun-ho

May 7 ~ July 17 2018 [Mon~Tues]
38 episodes

A lovable group of misfits — a gangster turned sympathetic loan shark and restaurant owner, a chef that lost his girlfriend and job, a chaebol daughter and mother that turned paupers overnight — find common ground in working together in a small Chinese restaurant called Hungry Wok. Together with ex-gang members, former live-in helpers and a stray kitten, the trio unite in a constant battle against their direct nemesis, the 5-star Giant Hotel. Will David win against Goliath? — by Marion KDL




Note that this is not the full cast credits for this show — only those mentioned on KDL!


Seo Poong (Lee Joon-ho)

Head chef of Hungry Wok

— — — — — — — — — — — — —
Doo Chil-seong (Jang Hyuk)
Ex-gang boss turned loan shark
and owner of Hungry Wok

Oh Maeng-dal (Jo Jae-Yun)
Chil-seong’s former right hand man,
now cutting part assistant

Yong Seung-ryong (Kim Sa-kwon)
CEO of Giant Hotel
Wang Choon-soo (Lim Won-hee)
Head chef at Giant Hotel and Seol-ja’s ex-husband
Maeng Sam-sun (Oh Eui-sik)
Assistant head chef at Giant Hotel
Gan Bo-ra (Hong Yoon-hwa)
Chef at Giant Hotel
Suk Dal-hee (Cha Joo-young )
Poong’s ex-wife

Dan Sae-woo (Jung Ryeo-won)

Former wealthy girl,
now Poong’s assistant at Hungry Wok

— — — — — — — — — — — — —
Jin Jung-hye (Lee Mi-sook)
Sae-woo’s mother,
serves tables at Hungry Wok

Chae Seol-ja (Park Ji-young)
Cutting part at Hungry Wok
and live-in helper at Sae-woo’s

Sae-woo’s horse
Stray kitten




Wok of Love (2018, episode 7)

Keeping a restaurant is a 24/7 affair and often physically draining. So obviously, our protagonists spend most of their time at their workplace Hungry Wok and Giant Hotel, or their way to and from work.

It is only for occasional get togethers, first meetings, reunions, love confessions, work-outs, hobbies and dates that the landscape shifts to parks, cafés, bridges, and restaurants.


This overview will be updated when new locations are added.

Last update: 02/11/2018


Cheongdam-dong [청담동]
The Valenti — Wedding Hall [E1]

MAPO-GU [마포구]
Sangam-dong [상암동]
Izakaya [미나미] [E26]
Seogang-dong [서강동]
Bamsom Park [밤섬공원] [E30]

Eungbong-dong [응봉동]
Eungbong Mountain Park [E24]
Seongsu-dong 2(i)-ga [성수동2가]
Murals at Seongsuiro 7(chil)-gil [E5]

Cheongpa-dong [청파동]
Ssangdaepo Restaurant [쌍대포 본점] [E5]
Ichon-dong [이촌동]
Hangang Bridge [한강대교] [E4-5]


Yullyang-dong [율량동]
Hwain Building [화인빌딩]
Grand Plaza Cheongju Hotel

GIMPO [김포시]

Sau-dong [사우동]
Team Max Multi Gym Gimpo [E4]

GOYANG [고양시]

Munbong-dong [문봉동]
Royal Saddle Equestrian Society


Wabu-eup [와부읍]
Praum [프라움레스토랑] [E4]

PAJU [파주시]

Artinus Farmer’s Table [E16]


Baekhyeon-dong [백현동]
Lazy Mint Café [레이지민트] [E29]
Sampyeong-dong [삼평동]
Hwarangyuk Bridge [화랑육교]
Bus Stop Geumtocheon-gyo Bridge




Locations: Marion KDL, Chelle
Photos: Thom Musni


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Wok of Love (2018, episode 4)

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