Saturday Summary #8

Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017, episode 10)

Today’s bi-weekly update is very heavy on the Bride of the Water God 2017 side (already 24 filming locations up!).
Help came from ❤️ Caitlin and ruffeecola (who I just found out has a great blog where she shares (among others) her travels to and helpful tips for traveling South Korea and … of course to a couple of filming locations).

❤️ Mich helped to update the Pork Restaurant 쌍대포 본점, Gallery White Block and SPA Itaewon Land filming locations with older K-Dramas that were shot here.


The Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017, episode 8)

it is summer! And I like that the Swan Paddle Boats for once got the main leading role in Bride of the Water God 2017; most of the time we see them as second leads of Wonhyo Bridge.


Father I’ll Take Care of You (2016-17, episode 12)

I really liked these two in Father, I’ll Take Care of You… The unexpected kiss (?) in episode 12 took place in Apgujeong-ro.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016, preview)

This is such a classic! Last seen the Manhole preview, Gwanghwamun Square [광화문광장]‘s fame certainly stems from IRIS (아이리스) and Lee Min-ho beauty in City Hunter (시티헌터) — and more recently the one of Park Bo-Gum.

Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017, episode 12)

Again, probably known most because of another Lee Min-ho classic, Boys Over Flowers, every serious K-Drama lover should know Artinus Farmer’s Table [파머스테이블]; last seen in Bride of the Water God 2017.


Kill Me, Heal Me (2015, episode 11)

Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017)
— So-Ah’s clinic: Suwon Gwanggyo Prugio Worldmark [광교푸르지오월드마크], ♡ submitted by Caitlin
Swan Paddle Boats Yeouido Hangang Park [한강시민공원 오리배탑승장]
— Flashback to student’s days & dating, E5: Konkuk University [건국대학교], ♡ submitted by ruffeecola
— Sealing the contract, E7: CT Bakery [CT베이커리]
— Amusement Park E8: Everland [에버랜드]
Swan Paddle Boats Yeouido Hangang Park [한강시민공원 오리배탑승장]
— Trying to undo a deal, E9: Cafe Lily Blanc [카페 릴리블랑]
— Modeling for couple cups, E10 and passing by wistfully E12: The Forest Garden [숲속정원]
— Getting drunk, E10: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 라운지]
— Having dinner, E12: Artinus Farmer’s Table [파머스테이블]

Strongest Deliveryman (2017)
— “I’m a moron!”: Banpo Bridge [반포대교]
— Being thrown outside, E2: KT&G Seoul Office [서울사무소]

Secret Forest (2017)
— Flashback Scene, E3: Inha University
— Having a drink, E3: Pork restaurant 쌍대포 본점

Manhole (2017)
— Time-traveling, E1: Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel

School 2017 (2017)
Sun Moon University [선문대학교 아산캠퍼스]

Father Is Strange (2017)
— Revealing the truth, E41: Yeouido Hangang Park [한강 공원 여의도 지구]

Father I’ll Take Care of You (2016)
— A kiss: Apgujeong-ro, E12

Reply 1997 (2012)
— Squatting in front of Tony’s House, E3: Pyeongchang-dong Mansion No. 479-1

I Need Romance 2 (2012)
— A heart to heart talk: Banpo Bridge [반포대교]

Other places
Swan Paddle Boats Yeouido Hangang Park [한강시민공원 오리배탑승장]
Sangam Cultural Square [상암문화광장]
Gwanghwamun Square [광화문광장]
Spa Itaewon Land [이태원랜드]

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