Saturday Summary #6

Today’s bi-weekly update is quite eclectic. You’ll find filming locations from end 2000s hit dramas but also key locations from ones that are airing right now (or that just ended).


On the Way to the Airport (2016, episode 1)

Photo taken by © Mich, 2017

♡ Thanks to Mich KDL, the On the Way to The Airport (2016) Kuala Lumpur filming locations section grew and now has photos from the locations (taken by her on a recent trip- yeah!) and tried and tested directions.

Lookout (2017, episode 17)

♡ Chelle added some Bride of the Water God 2017 locations, the Sung’s Family House in Reply 1997 (2012) and this second highlight: the entrance of the hideout where our outcasts in Lookout (2017) lived. This made it also so much easier to find the rooftop of the hideout.


Fight For My Way (2017, episode 10)

Fight For My Way (2017, episode 10)

Fight For My Way (2017, episode 9)

Their first night together; all this happens at Full House Bed & Breakfast [풀하우스민박] — no comments needed, right?!


The Healer (2014-15, episode 10)

The Healer (2014-15, episode 10)

This is not really a staple. But I just love this place; it looks so peaceful; even if the people living here in K-Dramaland are simply evil.


The Liar and His Lover (2017, episode 2)

If you love K-Dramas and have a thing for graffiti, our K-Drama inspired graffiti guide should be right up your alley.


Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017, episode 2)

— Jumping E1: Hangang Bridge [한강대교], ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Arriving on Earth, E1: Children’s Grand Park [서울어린이대공원], ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Ajummas working out E2: Sorae Island Underpass [서래섬나들목]
— Putting up a plastic castle tent: Ichon Hangang Park [이촌 한강공원]
— In transit, E2: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]
— Finding gold, E3: 63 Square [63스퀘어]
— Taking a walk, E3: Seorae Seom [서래섬]
— Alumni meeting, E4: Grand Hilton Seoul [그랜드힐튼 서울]
— In the neighborhood, E4: Laura’s Flower Studio [로라스플라워]

Fight For My Way (2017)
— The 1st night together: Full House Bed & Breakfast [풀하우스민박]
— Flashback eating lobster, E15: The Healing Table [더힐링테이플]

The Best Hit (2017)
Lee Ji-Hoon’s Rooftop Apartment
— Driving over, E7: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Lookout (2017)
— The Hideout #1: Changsheng Restaurant, ♡ submitted by Chelle
— The Hideout #2: Sehan Steel Corporation [세한철강상사] — Rooftop
— The hearing: The National Assembly Building [국회의사당]

Father Is Strange (2017)
— Getting drunk E37: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 라운지]

Tunnel (2017)
Kwang-ho & Yeon-Sook’s House in the 80s, ♡ submitted by Mich

Suspicious Partner (2017)
— In transit, E12: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Whisper (2017)
— In transit, E2: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Defendant (2017)
— Handing in a motion for retrial E18: Seoul Central District Court

The Goblin (2016-17)
— Going shopping, E5: Lotte World Tower & Mall
— Sunny’s & Eun-tak’s workplace: Olive Chicken BBQ [BBQ 대청점]

Cheese in the Trap (2016)
— Reconciling in E6: Cafe Humming Bella [허밍 벨라]

The K2 (2016)
Choi Yoo-Jin’s mansion

On the Way to the Airport (2016) — Kuala Lumpur Locations with photos
— Exhibition in Malaysia, E1: Istana Budaya, , ♡ with photos from Mich
— Flirting at a bar, E3: Bridge Bar at G Tower, ♡ with photos from Mich
— The accident that changed everything, E1: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), ♡ submitted by Mich, with photos from Mich

W-Two Worlds (2016)
— Being in a manhwa, E11: National Assembly Station [국회의사당역]

The Healer (2014-15)
— The Elder’s house: Woonbo Foundation [운보문희재단]

Reply 1997 (2012)
Sung’s Family House, ♡ submitted by Chelle

The Fugitive: Plan B (2010)
— Sightseeing Macau, E7: The Ruins of St. Paul’s, ♡ submitted by Mich

The City Hall (2009)
— Passing by E17: The National Assembly Building [국회의사당]
— The Elder’s house: Woonbo Foundation [운보문희재단]

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