Saturday Summary #52

by Marion & Mich KDL

Congratulations! We have made it past the year’s halfway mark. Whether you’ve managed to start something new, completed something you’d always wanted to, cared for yourself more, reached out to others more, or simply reflected on the months gone by — we just want to say that you’ve done well. We’ve made it this far, and we will continue to see things through. Just remember that you’re not alone, and we’re always here if you need a listening ear. Hang in there!

When My Love Blooms (2020, episode 16)

As for us, we are very proud to have crossed the 2,000 listings mark on KDL — certainly a reason to celebrate! While we’ve expressed our gratitude in advance, we would still like to say thanks to each of you for your support, whether it’s through visiting, contributing, or commenting. It means so much to us!


When My Love Blooms (2020, episode 2)

When My Love Blooms brought many on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, with familiar songs, movies and books from the 90s featured in the drama. We’ve put together an extensive and comprehensive list of them, which you can read here. For me, my favourite musical discovery from the show was the 1991 song Do Not Leave My Side (내곁에서 떠나가지 말아요) by Light & Salt (빛과소금), a soothing yet somewhat pensive tune suitable for a mellow evening. — Mich KDL

Prison Playbook (2017-18, episode 11)

We’ve also updated our flower language blogpost! Take a look at our latest additions: edleweiss, red & white roses, and rosa multiflora.


Romance (2002, episode 16)

As some of you know, I like to time travel in K-Dramaland from time to time and this month, I watched Romance (로망스) (2002). Yes, there are some staples in there too like Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항] and Hangang Bridge [한강대교], and even Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원] and Olympic Park [올림픽공원]). But my surprise staple find was definitely one of our favorite KDL streets: Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길]. — Marion KDL

My Unfamiliar Family (2010, episode 10)

The Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway [덕수궁 돌담길] is always a lovely sight when it appears on our screens — and this marks the third time this year it has.

Welcome 2 Life (2019, episode 18)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any of the Sangsa Village houses on our screens — so it’s interesting to see one of them appear in 2019’s Welcome 2 Life.

My Unfamiliar Family (2020, episode 9)

But most importantly, Cafe Blüte [까페 블뤼테] (or Four Seasons House) is back and under its new name Cafe Poete [포에트]. Happy to see this place again after four years!


Kkondae Intern (2020, episode 16)

Two café kisses this month. One at Goldmine [골드마인]

My Unfamiliar Family (2020, episode 6)

… and the other in front of Mok Nam Gallery Café [목남갤러리카페].

SPOTLIGHT ON AN AREA: 50 Beautiful Places

Romance (2002, episode 2)

This month, we discovered a selection of 50 beautiful places to visit in South Korea that was put together by CNN, and some of them have also been featured in K-Dramas. Which ones are your favorite?


Good Casting (2020, episode 13)

As always, thanks for following and supporting us on KDL, whether it’s through the daily updates, our special blog posts, or even through submitting a location/photographs! Every contribution helps to grow the largest collection of K-drama locations online — by K-drama fans, for K-drama fans 🙂 Till the next Saturday Summary — read on below to check out the newest location additions from the past month!

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), ♡ added by Thom Musni
— [E2]: Triple Street Shopping Mall [트리플스트리트]
— [E2]: Juncheon Seopdali Bridge [주천강 섶다리]
— [E2]: Forest of Wisdom [지혜의숲] — Library

My Unfamiliar Family (2020, episode 3)

My Unfamiliar Family (2020), ♡ added by Marion KDL, unless otherwise stated
— Working as a barista [E1]: Cafe Groovy [카페 그루비]
— Finding out about Jin-sook [E2]: Café Paper Tree [종이와 나무]*
— Having a heart-to-heart [E3]: Bus Stop Dasan Bridge [다산교앞 정류장]
— Stopping by [E5+E6]: Goheung Space Launch Observatory [고흥우주발사전망대]
— Making a confession [E6]: Mok Nam Gallery Café [목남갤러리카페]
— Letting into a secret [E6]: Doodoong Namsan [두둥남산], ♡ added by Chelle
— Meeting up [E6]: Selecto Coffee — Guro Digital Branch [셀렉토커피 구로디지털본점]
— Stopping over at a café [E6]: Berry Good Farm Coffee Farm [베리굿팜커피농장]
— Awkward meeting [E8]: Queens Park [퀸스파크 청담점]
— Mother & daughter talk [E9]: Cafe Poete [포에트]
— Reminiscing one’s 20s [E10]: Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway [덕수궁 돌담길], ♡ added by Chelle
— A place to visit [E10]: Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri [임진각평화누리], ♡ added by Chelle
*Check out the listing for other featured dramas.

Sweet Munchies (2020)
— [E4]: Bundang Memorial Park Hue [분당추모공원 휴], ♡ added by Thom Musni

Dinner Mate (2020), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Relax Psychiatric Clinic: Ilsan Beverly Hills [일산의 비버리힐스]
— Getting a rice bowl [E3]: Noryangjin-ro [노량진로]
— Moon River [E5]: Lapland [라플란드]

Kkondae Intern (2020) ♡ added by Marion & Mich KDL
— Joonsoo Food office rooftop [E3/12]: Miwon Building [미원빌딩]
— Drinking alone [E16 (full episode 8)]: Goldmine [골드마인]

Oh My Baby (2020, episode 10)

Oh My Baby (2020), ♡ added by Mich & Marion KDL
— Outdoor aerobic lessons [E10,12]: Seoul Forest [서울숲]
— Late night meal and chat [E6]: Seongbuk-dong Gupo Guksu [성북동구포국수]
— An accidental run-in; a rendezvous [E9+E10]: Banpo Bridge [반포대교]
— A date [E10]: Gwangmyeong Cave [광명동굴]
— Taking a stroll [E12]: Seongmisan-ro 23-gil [성미산로23길]
— A near break-up [E12]: Seosulla-gil [서순라길]
— Making up [E12]: La Veniche March Avenue [라베니체 마치에비뉴]
— A meal with Ha-ri’s mother [E13]: August Hill [어거스트 힐]

Soul Mechanic (2020), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Soul searching #1 [E20 (full ep 10)]: Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway [덕수궁 돌담길]
— Soul searching #2 [E20 (full ep 10)]: Hangang Railway Bridge [한강철교]
— Discussion over drinks [E25 (full ep 13)]: Four Seasons Hotel Seoul [포시즌스호텔]
— Young-won’s apartment [E25 (full ep 13)]: Kolon Lake Polis Apartment Building [코오롱레이크폴리스1차]
— Talking about Woo-joo [E27 (full ep 14)]: Cafe CocoMoco [코코모코]
— Having dinner [E31 (full ep 16)]: Faro Grand [파로그랜드]

Good Casting (2020), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Delivering a package [E3]: Suraksan Station [수락산역]
— A funeral [E13]: Shillakwon — Gimpo Branch [쉴낙원 김포장례식장]
— Hurrying over [E13]: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]
— Being overheard [E13]: Madeulwon [마들원]
— A no is a no [E14]: Swiss Grand Hotel Seoul [스위스 그랜드 호텔]

When My Love Blooms (2020), ♡ added by Mich KDL, unless otherwise stated
— 90s Sinchon: Gohyeon-ro 11-gil [고현로11길], ♡ with Marion KDL
— Yonhui University (interior): Duksung Women’s University (DSWU) [덕성여자대학교], ♡ with Marion KDL
— Attending Hwa-jin’s funeral wake [E1]: Unjeong Funeral Hall [운정장례식장]
— Seeking shelter [E2]: House Miseong-ri, Gunwi
— On a stroll [E5]: Okpo Coastal Trail [옥포 해안 산책로]
— News coverage [E7]: Jongno Tower [종로타워]
— ‘Gangchon Station’ [E7]: Gimyujeong Station [김유정역]
— The asyli [E8]: Jekidong Catholic Church [제기동성당]
— Making a stand [E12]: Art Gallery Café [아트갤러리카페]
— Having a meal together [E12]: Original Chicago Pizza — Hongdae [오리지널시카고피자 홍대본점]
— An evening walk [E12/13]: Hangang Bridge [한강대교]
— Going on a trip [E12/16]: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항]
— Looking at pianos [E12]: Sewoon Plaza [세운상가]
— School near the railway tracks [E13]: Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길]
— On a piano date [E13]: Baegot Hanul Park [배곧한울공원]
— Rural volunteering [E14]: Ssanghak2ri Town Hall [쌍학2리마을회관]
— Bringing Mr Kwon for a meal [E14]: Ssangdaepo Restaurant [쌍대포 본점]
— Celebrating Ji-soo’s birthday [E16]: England Tonkatsu [잉글랜드왕돈까스]
— Going on trial [E16]: Seoul Central District Court [서울중앙지방법원]
— Jae-hyun’s first rally [E16]: Chuncheon Sikdang [춘천식당]
— Meeting up [E16]: The Baker’s Table — Samcheong [더베이커스테이블 삼청동점]
— Final reflections [E16]: Namiseom Island/Nami Island [남이섬 종합휴양지]

Once Again (2020), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Going cycling [E42 (full ep 21)]: Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]
— Apologizing [E47 (full ep 24)]: Cafe Bluehip [카페블루힙]

The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), ♡ submitted/added by sarahms
— An over-the-top fight [E11/12]: Busan Cinema Center [영화의전당]
— Believing Lee Gon [E15]: Forest of Wisdom [지혜의숲] — Library

The World of the Married (2020), ♡ submitted by Chelle, unless otherwise stated
— [E3]: Bundang Memorial Park [분당메모리얼파크], ♡ added by Thom Musni
— Unexpected sightings [E7]: Hambak Useum Soondaeguk [함박웃음순대국]

Hospital Playlist (2020)

Hospital Playlist (2020), ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Bonding with son [E4]: Egg Drop — Gangnam Main Store [에그드랍 강남본점]
— On a date [E9]: Café Moondoor [카페문도]
— Showing gratitude [E9]: Hanam Pig House — Gangnam Branch [하남돼지집 강남구청점]

Hyena (2020)
— Discussing Gnosis [E11]: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse [울프강 스테이크하우스], ♡ submitted by a KDL guest

When the Weather is Fine (2020), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— Eun-seob’s secret place [E8/12]: Jejang Village [제장마을]

Itaewon Class (2020), ♡ added by Thom Musni
— [E9]: Lapland [라플란드]

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (2019-20) , ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Working part-time [E64/65]: Pixu Malahongtang — Sangam Branch [피슈 마라홍탕 상암점]
— An important meet-up place [E64/65]: Gallery Cafe Onüe [갤러리카페오누이]

Hot Stove League (2019-20), ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Ki-beom’s restaurant: Gopchang Story — Magok Branch [곱창이야기 마곡점]

When the Camellia Blooms (2019, episode 15)

When The Camellia Blooms (2019), ♡ submitted by sarahms
— Confessing feelings/cutting ties [E8/15]: Guryongpo Park Stairs [구룡포공원계단]

Melting Me Softly (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Meeting for the first time in 20 years [E3]: Lapland [라플란드]

Hotel Del Luna (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Crossing over [E11]: Yeouido Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge [샛강다리]

The Wind Blows (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— A date [E11]: Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri [임진각평화누리]

Welcome 2 Life (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Jae-sang and Shi-on’s house: House Sangsa Village no. 2

Kingdom (2019), ♡ submitted by Lr
— Queen Consort’s private quarters: Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁]

Leverage (2019)
— Laid to rest [E3/16]: Bundang Memorial Park Hue [분당추모공원 휴]*, ♡ added by Thom Musni
*Check out the listing for more information on other featured dramas.

Chief of Staff 2 (2019), ♡ added by Thom Musni
Bundang Memorial Park [분당메모리얼파크]

Graceful Family (2019), ♡ submitted by Thom Musni
— An investigation [E3]: Guest House Pajamaparty [게스트하우스 파자마파티]

The Beauty Inside (2018, episode 5)

The Beauty Inside (2018), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— An audition [E5]: Duksung Women’s University (DSWU) [덕성여자대학교]

The Undateables (2018), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— Cabin in the woods [E10-12]: Jejang Village [제장마을]

Black Knight (2017-18), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Inviting to dinner [E6]: Jongno Tower [종로타워]*
*Check out the listing for information on other featured dramas.

My Golden Life (2017-18), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Meeting a friend [E15]: Cafe Bluehip [카페블루힙]*
*Check out the listing for other featured dramas.

Reunited Worlds (2017), ♡ added by Mich KDL
England Tonkatsu [잉글랜드왕돈까스]

Saimdang, the Herstory (2017), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Discussing an art piece [E26]: Haslla Art World [하슬라아트월드]

The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-17, episode 2)

Legend of The Blue Sea (2016-17), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— Spanish seaside church [E2]: Castle Assisi [양평캐슬아씨시]

Reply 1988 (2015-16)
— [E4]: England Tonkatsu [잉글랜드왕돈까스]
— [E10]: Duksung Women’s University (DSWU) [덕성여자대학교]*
*Check out the listing for more information on other featured dramas.

Ex Girlfriends’ Club (2015), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Taking over a business meeting [E1]: The Alley [디 엘리]

Six Flying Dragons (2015), ♡ added by Tatyana
Mt. Seongheungsan Love Tree [성흥산 사랑나무]

Birth of a Beauty (2014-15), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Secret remarriage [E4]: Castle Assisi [양평캐슬아씨시]

Fated to Love You (2014), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Having lunch [E11]: Castle Assisi [양평캐슬아씨시]

Bride of the Century (2014), ♡ added by L.C. Lou
— Choi Kang-joo family home: House of Unbo [운보의 집]

Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (2013), ♡ added by Tatyana
Mt. Seongheungsan Love Tree [성흥산 사랑나무]

The Devil (2007), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Noksapyeong (Yongsan-gu Office) Station [녹사평(용산구청)역]
BerAdel Equestrian Club [베르아델승마클럽]

Lovers (2006-7), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Kolon Lake Polis I Apartment Building [코오롱레이크폴리스1차]

Which Star Are You From (2006), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Bok-shil’s hometown [E1/7]: Jejang Village [제장마을]

Romance (2002, episode 9)

Romance (2002), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Taking a stroll [E2]: Yeojwacheon Stream [여좌천]
— Finding out about father’s passing [E2]: Seoul Mapo Police Station [서울마포경찰서]
— Departing [E2]: Gimpo Airport [김포국제공항]
— Lost in life [E3]: Hangang Bridge [한강대교]
— In a daze [E7]: Seolleung-ro 157gil [선릉로157길]
— Meetin up at a club [E8+E12]: Wausan-ro [와우산로]
— A date [E9]: Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원]
— Back in South Korea [E11]: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항]
— Taking wedding photos [E13]: Olympic Park [올림픽공원]
— Doubting [E16]: Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길]

Empress Myeongseong (2001-2), ♡ submitted by Lr
Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁]

Taejo Wang Geon (2000), ♡ submitted by Lr
— Royal Palace of Silla: Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁]


Her Private Life (2019, episode 2)

Caferia [카페리아] (re-named to CocoMoco [코코모코])
Cafe de Ttoma [드또마카페] (closed down, now a Hollys Coffee branch)
House of Open Books (now book cafe Plumbline [플럼라인])
Osaek Chanyeon [오색찬연/五色燦宴] (re-named to Madeulwon [마들원])
Palm Palm Piano Cafe [팜팜 피아노] (closed down, now a CU branch)
Seosulla-gil [서순라길] (previously the listing for Sowyen Cafe [소연카페])
Tissen/Mirang Showroom [티센 미랑 쇼룸] (closed down, now art gallery 3rd MUSEUM)
Top Cloud [탑클라우드] (closed on May 13, 2018; now Jongno Tower [종로타워])
Ugly Man Sikdang [추남식당] (closed down, now BBQ restaurant Destiny Pork)
Wausan-ro [와우산로] (previously the listing Wausan-ro X Hongdae Playground


When My Love Blooms (2020, episode 2)

 Little Forest (리틀 포레스트) (2018)
House Miseong-ri, Gunwi

Be With You (2018)
England Tonkatsu [잉글랜드왕돈까스]

All About My Wife (내 아내의 모든 것)(2012), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Haslla Art World [하슬라아트월드]

Castaway On The Moon (김씨 표류기) (2009), ♡ added by sarahms
Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Our Sunhi (2003), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁]

Untold Scandal (2003), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Changgyeonggung Palace [창경궁]


Where Your Eyes Linger (2020), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Reunion [E8]: Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]


Workman (2020, episode 14)

Workman (2019-20), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Megabox [메가박스 상암월드컵경기장점] (ep. 1)
Onemount [원마운트] (ep. 5)
JTBC [제이티비씨] (ep. 12/52)
Everland [에버랜드] (ep. 14)
Korean Folk Village [한국민속촌] (ep. 22)
Daemyung Resort Vivaldi Park [대명비발디파크] (ep. 33)
COEX Aquarium [코엑스 아쿠아리움] (ep. 47)


Men are Men (2020), ♡ added by Mich KDL
KBS Broadcasting Station [여의도 KBS방송국]

Memorials (2020), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Forest of Wisdom [지혜의숲] — Library


Stray Kids (2020) ‘Mixtape: On Track’ MV

Stray Kids — Mixtape: On Track (2020), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Choong Ang High School [중앙고등학교]

Oh My Baby (2020, episode 12)

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