Saturday Summary #5

We broke through the 500 mark!

There are more than 500 filming locations online now.
And guess what?! 1000 is the next goal.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed so that we are at this mark so quickly! ♡

In today’s bi-weekly update, you’ll mostly find locations from K-Dramas that are airing right now.
❤️ iamcait17 submitted a couple of locations for 1990s time-travel drama The Best Hit.
❤️ Suspicious Partner-lover Timi submitted a location of this drama. She is desperately looking for the SP house. Please drop a line if you know where it is.
❤️ Mich submitted the 63 Building – a staple in K-Dramaland and a lot of photos of filming locations.


Photo taken by © Mich, 2017

Photo taken by © Mich, 2017

Mich who regularly submits here at Korean Dramaland made a trip to Seoul recently (squee!), visited some filming locations and took photos of them. Check out the “real” Cafe Blüte [까페 블뤼테], Seoullo 7017 Skygarden [서울역고가공원], Understand Avenue [언더스탠드에비뉴] and Cafe Droptop — Hongdae Branch [카페드롭탑 홍대점].

Mich also shared directions (tried and tested the hard way) to Hideout Seoul [하이드아웃 서울] (now a Vietnamese restaurant) and Liz Balcony [리즈발코니], which are difficult to reach by public transport and — believe it or not — even more difficult to leave! There are also now photos of these places online thanks to Mich.

For Signal lovers that travel to Seoul soon, the Pork restaurant 쌍대포 본점 serves the ‘omelette rice’ from the drama (4 or 5,000 won) right now and they promote it, too! You can also see new photos from this restaurant (including the omelette) taken by Mich. ♡


fight for my way kiss
Fight For My Way (2017, episode 10)

Fight For My Way (2017, episode 11)

The first and second kiss of our Fight For My Way couple happens at Ilgwang Beach [일광해수욕장].


Drinking Solo (2016, episode 16)

Everyone who watched 2000s K-Dramas should be familiar with this place: 63 Square [63스퀘어].
I wonder why this staple turned into a non-staple?


Fight For My Way (2017, episode 9)

Fight For My Way (2017)
— Namil Villa: Hansung Apartment Buildings [한성주택]
— Namil Bar: Rooftop Beomcheong-dong
— Kiss #1, E10: Espérance Roasters Cafe [카페 에스페랑스]
— Kiss #2, E11: Ilgwang Beach [일광해수욕장]
— On the way home, #1: The Yellow [더옐로우 연남동점]
— On the way home, #2: Café Dudart [카페두다트 연남점]
— The bus stop in front of Humanist [휴머니스트]
— Picking up the father: Bus Stop Yongsan Technical High School [용산공고], E12

The Best Hit (2017)
— Meeting in 2017 & finding Bo-hee, E8 & E9: Bus Stop Hongik Univ. Middle & High School Entrance
— Working part-time: Madu Metro Station [마두역]
— Singing for a smartphone, E10-11: Mecenatpolis Mall [메세나폴리스몰], ♡ submitted by iamcait17
— J2’s MV for “Say It”, #1: Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel, ♡ submitted by iamcait17
— J2’s MV for “Say It”, #2: Wonhyo Bridge [원효대교], ♡ submitted by iamcait17

The Lookout (2017)
— Passing by E17: Laflor Paju Flowercafe [플라워카페 라플로르]
— Buying something, E17: ST Dupont

Suspicious Partner (2017)
— Camping on a birthday, E15: Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]
— Finding information on a murder case, E12,E14: The April [디에이프릴]
— Waiting for an answer E22: The Forest Garden [숲속정원], ♡ submitted by Timi

Mystery Queen (2007)
— Searching for the in-law, E6-7: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항]

Descendants of the Sun (2016)
— Dating E13: Park Avenue Enter-6 [엔터식스 파크에비뉴한양대점]

9 End 2 Outs (2007)
— Saying Goodbye, E1: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항]

Other places
— A classic: 63 Square [63스퀘어], ♡ submitted by Mich

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