Saturday Summary #43

Welcome to a throw-back Saturday Summary!

Oldies (but goldies! nevertheless) and not so much current favorites were in the center of the past month here at KDL. If you follow us along regularly, you might know that I like to dig up older dramas from time to time and add their locations to our collection.

Thanks to Chelle, Edwin (Welcome!) and Thom we still had our good share of listings of contemporary dramas added to KDL during this past month. There is even more to come. So be sure to look out for new listings of Moment of Eighteen/Moments of 18/At Eighteen, Be Melodramatic/Melo Suits Me and Hotel Del Luna in the next weeks.
— Marion KDL


L.C. Lou shared a new flower meaning with us; the one of the Christmas Rose.


Melting Me Softly (2019, episode 3)

Ha Ji-won, Yoo In-na, Kim Go-eun and now Won Jin-A rented out this apartment house

The Greatest Love (2011, episode 11)

Lee Bo-Young and before that Gong Hyo-jin lived in this rose-studded house. Quite some strong women glamour united in these two K-Dramaland apartment houses!

One of the staple university shines again in this year’s K-Dramaland. Previously, we had both campuses of Keimyung University under one listing. Now they are split up in the Daemyung Campus [계명대학교 대명캠퍼스] and Seongseo Campus [계명대학교 성서캠퍼스].

Melting Me Softly (2019, episode 2)

Finally, a first 2019 appearance –at least to our knowledge– of a staple café:

Love Affair in the Afternoon (2019, episode 16)


The Greatest Love (2011, episode 9)

Misunderstanding heart-rate for love at Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]

… and a much cuter situation at Moonee

Moments of Eighteen (2019, episode 12)

… and the following (quite heart-tearing) moment a little bit later in the show at Jun-woo’s house:

Moments of Eighteen (2019, episode 15)


Bon-dong, or Bon-dong [본동/本洞], is one of Seoul’s residential neighborhoods. What makes this neighborhood quite curious is that in Seoul’s fast-paced gentrification and re-development modus, this neighborhood doesn’t seem to budge — at least if K-Dramaland is to be believed.

Bon-dong was already a decade ago a neighborhood in which Jan-di found an affordable rooftop apartment for herself and her brother with a great view on the Han River and its Railway Bridge [한강철교]; such a bargain that Jun-pyo moved in next door right away.

Still 2019 –with another small K-Dramaland momentum in 2016-17–, it is a neighborhood that is moved to for affordable rooftop apartments with unobstructed views on Hangang; as done in recent dramas Secret Boutique and Moment of Eighteen.

Moments of Eighteen (2019, episode 12)

The neighborhood of Bon is located in the eastern part of the Dongjak District; neighboring Heukseok [Heukseok-dong/흑석동] in the east, Noryangjin [Noryangjin-dong/노량진동] in the west, Songdo [Sangdo-dong/상도동] in the south, and Olympic Boulevard and the Han River in the north.

Its orgins are traced back to a village in the Joseon times that went by the name ‘Won Village [원마을]’. Only in 1980 it was incorporated into the Dongjak District. Before that it was part of Yeongdeungpo-gu (from 1943 onward) and afterwards, in 1973, it was added to the Gwanak District.


Hotel Del Luna (2019, episode 5)

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Till the next Saturday Summary — read on below to check out the newest location additions from the past month!

Upcoming Drama VIP (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Southcape Club House [사우스케이프오너스클럽]

Extraordinary You (2019, episode 1)

Extraordinary You (2019), ♡ added by Mich & Marion KDL
— Eun Dan-o’s home: Jade Garden [제이드가든 수목원]
— Seuli High School no. 1: Keimyung University — Daemyung Campus [계명대학교 대명캠퍼스]
— Seuli High School no. 1: Yonsei University — Sinchon Campus [연세대학교 신촌캠퍼스]

The Tale Of Nokdu (2019, episode 2)

The Tale Of Nokdu (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Forced to take a bath [E2 (full E1)]: Bidulginang Waterfalls [비둘기낭폭포]
— Becoming a dead man [E3 (full E2)]: Buyongdae Cliff [부용대]

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL, unless otherwise stated
— Sunwoo Young-ae’s workplace: Seoul Central District Court [서울중앙지방법원]
— Brothers playing baseball [E1 (fulll E1]: Jamwon Hangang Park [한강공원잠원지구]
— Meeting point [E1-2 (full E1)]: Gudun Station [구둔역 (폐역)]
— [E4 (full E2)]: Passi 0914 [파시0914], ♡ added by Thom Musni

Melting Me Softly (2019, episode 2)

Melting Me Softly (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL, unless otherwise stated
Ko Mi-ran’s house
— Flying Using Ballons [E1]: Ichon Hangang Park [이촌 한강공원]
— A birthday party [E2]: The River [더리버], ♡ added by Thom Musni
— Being with family [E2]: Banpo Hangang Park [반포한강공원]
— Fainting the in the year 2019 [E2]: Bosingak Pavillon [보신각터]
— Praying for her daughter [E2]: Yakcheonsa Temple on Simhaksan Mountain [약천사]
— Thinking back to student’s days [E2]: Keimyung University — Seongseo Campus [계명대학교 성서캠퍼스], ♡ added by Thom Musni
— Searching for the past [E2]: Keimyung University — Daemyung Campus [계명대학교 대명캠퍼스]

Secret Boutique (2019, episode 7)

Secret Boutique (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Jenny Jang’s office [inside]: State Tower Namsan [스테이트 타워 남산]
— Jenny Jang’s office [outside]: Villa de Bailey [빌라드베일리]
— The Deo Group’s mansion: The Hill House [힐하우스]
— Oh Tae-suk’s office: G-Tower [G타워]
— Teaching a lesson [E1]: Seoul Dragon City [서울드래곤시티]
— Taking everyone out on a weekend trip [E1]: Windy Hill [바람의언덕]
— Taking a bath [E1]: Conrad Hotel Seoul [콘래드호텔]
— A dinner party [E1]: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 라운지]
— Multiple crossroad [E6 (full E3)]: Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길]
— Hiding out [E6-7 (full E3-4)]: Apartment House at Noryangjin-ro 28-gil
— Annual memorial mess [E7 (full E4)]: The Shrine of Mirinae [미리내 성지]
— Making a deal [E8 (full E4]: Seongdong Detention Center [구 성동구치소]
— Circulating rumors [E8 (full E4]: Ssangdaepo Restaurant [쌍대포 본점]
— Being picked-up [E10 (full E5)]: Bongeunsa Station [봉은사역]
— Jungwong Group’s mansion [E12 (full E6)]: Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon [경원재 앰배서더 인천]

When the Camellia Blooms (2019, episode 2)

When the Camellia Blooms (2019), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— Bar Camellia: Munhwa Masil [문화마실]
— Ongsan Books [E2 (full E1)]: History Book [역사책방]

Graceful Family (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Getting frustrations out [E6]: Some Sevit/Sebitseom [세빛섬]

Be Melodramatic (2019, episode 14)

Be Melodramatic (2019), ♡ added/submitted by Chelle, unless otherwise stated
— Filming a documentary [E6]: Namyangju Children Vision Center [남양주 어린이비전센터]
— Having a drink [E8]: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 라운지]
— Thinking of a beloved [E9]: Palpan-gil [팔판길]
— A confession & a kiss [E11&E12]: Yeouido Park [여의도공원], ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Having a drink [E11]: Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya [킨카], ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— Talking psychology [E11]: Selecto Coffee — Guro Digital Branch [셀렉토커피 구로디지털본점]
— unwind from work [E14]: Wolmido Culture Street [월미문화의거리]

Hip Hop King (2019)
— [E5]: Oriole [오리올], ♡ added by Thom Musni

Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Bidding farewell [E16]: The Forest Garden [숲속정원]

I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019)
SY Art Center, ♡ submitted by Thom Musni
— On a date, buying shoes [E12, full E6]: Onemount [원마운트], ♡ added by Marion KDL

Love Alarm (2019), ♡ added by Edwin, unless otherwise stated
— An evening out among two friends [E3]: Seoul Fortress Wall (Namsan/Mokmyeoksan section) [서울한양도성 서울성곽길 남산(목멱산)구간]
— Passing by on a bike [E7]: House Seongmisan-ro 29gil, ♡ added by Thom Musni
— Screaming out loud [E7]: Gwangjin Bridge [광진교]
— A love confession [E7]: Gyeongbokgung Palace [경복궁]

Hotel Del Luna (2019, episode 5)

Hotel del Luna (2019), ♡ added/submitted by Thom Musni if not otherwise mentioned
— Part of the hotel’s garden [E1]: Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원], ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Sanchez’ home: E-Um The Place [이음더플레이스]
— Running frantically [E1]: Palpan-gil [팔판길], ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Looking for a red pocket [E5]: Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원], ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Getting a house promised [E5]: Mt. Seongheungsan Love Tree , ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Looking for a pharmacy [E5]: Seoul Yangnyeong Market [서울약령시장]
— [E10]: The Botanical Garden BCJ [벽초지 문화 수목원]

Moments of Eighteen (2019, episode 3)

Moments of Eighteen (2019), ♡ added/submitted by Marion KDL, unless otherwise stated
— Cheonbong High School: Hwanil High School [환일고등학교]
— The school’s footpath: Chung Ang University High School [중앙대학교사범대학부속고등학교], ♡ submitted by Edwin
— On the way to school [E1]: Yangjaecheon [양재천]
— Biking [E2]: Banpo Bridge [반포대교]
— A rain shelter [E3]: Yeongdong-daero [영동대로], ♡ submitted by Edwin
— Visiting Jung-hoo [E11]: Bundang Memorial Park [분당메모리얼파크]
— A favorite café [E12-13]: Moonee [무니]
— Asking for divorce [E12]: Samgyeong Building [삼경빌딩]

Class of Lies (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Meeting a colleague [E1]: Oriole [오리올]

Abyss (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— A date [E15]: Yeouido Hangang Park [한강 공원 여의도 지구]

One Spring Night (2019, episode 13)

One Spring Night (2019)
— Out for the first time together [E13]: Petite France [쁘띠프랑스], ♡ added by galovesongs
— A date and a confrontation [E18-19 (full E9-10]: Ediya Coffee Lab [이디야커피랩 거], ♡ added by Marion KDL

Still 17 (2018, episode 18)

Still 17 (2018), ♡ submitted by Thom Musni
Hanarwum Art Center
— Taesan High School Rowing Club’s [E18-19]: Hongwon Training Center [홍원연수원]

Encounter (2018-19), ♡ added by Thom Musni
— Playing games [E3]: Sachonjin Beach [사천진해변]

Should We Kiss First (2018) ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Starting over [E33]: Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원]

Come and Hug Me (2018), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— A date [E20]: Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원]

Introverted Boss (2017), ♡ submitted by Irt23
— The Malaysia trip [E7-9]: Club Med Cherating Beach (Malaysia)

Bubblegum (2015), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Incheon Health High School [인천보건고등학교]

Secret (2013), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Moken Resort [모켄 리조트]

The King 2 Hearts (2012, episode 16)

King 2 Hearts (2012), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— The royal estate: Damyang Reina Country Club [담양레이나CC]
— The royal university: Keimyung University [계명대학교]
— Club M: The Ananti Club Seoul [아난티클럽서울]
— Recording a video message [E11]: Moken Resort [모켄 리조트]
— Engagement ceremony [E15-16]: Everland [에버랜드]
— Incarcerated in a Chinese prison [E18]: Iksan Prison Set [익산교도소세트장]*

* Check out the listing for more new dramas and films added

The Greatest Love (2011, episode 16)

The Greatest Love (2011), ♡ added/submitted by Marion KDL
— Yoon Pil-yoo’s clinic: Choonwondang Museum of Korean Medicine [춘원당 한방박물관]
Goo Ae-jung’s house
— Deciding against a date [E5-6]: The Seoul Cinema [서울극장]
— Filming ‘Couple Making Season 3’ [E9-10]: Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]
— Introducing the award show [E10]: Sejong Center for the Performing Arts [세종문화회관]
— The award show [E10]: Kyung Hee University — Seoul Campus [경희대학교 서울캠퍼스]
— A TV show and buying medicinal herbs [E15]: Seoul Yangnyeong Market [서울약령시장]
— Watching Dok-ko’s video [E16]: KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 Bus Stop [킨텍스제1전시장]
— A heart to hearst talk [E16]: Yoon Dong-Ju Literature Museum [윤동주문학관]
— The marriage [E16]: Imperial Palace Hotel [임페리얼 팰리스 호텔]

City Hunter (2011), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Bear Tree Park [베어트리파크] *
— Breaking up for real [E16]: Mapo Bridge [마포대교]

* Check out the listing for more new dramas and movies added

Boys Over Flowers (2009), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Doubting F4 [E18]: Dongjak Bridge [동작대교]
— A museum’s visit [E18]: SeMA — Seoul Museum of Art [서울시립미술관]
— Moving to a roof top [E18-19]: Apartment House at Noryangjin-ro 26-gil no. 2
— Sending off one’s brother [E19]: Seoul Station [서울역]

Goong (2006, episode 3)

Goong (2006), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Receiving training [E3]: Unhyeongung Royal Residence [운현궁]

She Is Nineteen (2004), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— The crucial restaurant: Pinocolle [삐노꼴레]

Summer Scent (2003), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Sejong Center for the Performing Arts [세종문화회관]

Eyes of Dawn (1991-92), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Munhwa Masil [문화마실]


Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (친절한 금자씨) (2005), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Second Model Apartment [제2시범아파트]

Art Museum by the Zoo (미술관 옆 동물원) (1998), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Seoul Grand Park [서울대공원]


Big Bang (비스트), ♡ added by Marion KDL
‘Lies (거짓말)’ (2007)
Second Model Apartment [제2시범아파트]


Second Model Apartment [제2시범아파트], ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Great Escape 2 (2019), E 2-3
— Infinite Challenge, Episode 158, June 20 2009

E-Um The Place [이음더플레이스], ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Seoul Mate, Season 3

Moment of Eighteen (2019, episode 1)

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