Saturday Summary #42

by Marion & Mich KDL

It was one of South Korea’s hottest August days in years (or so I was told), and it was the day I chose to walk through Buam-dong. I came to visit this lovely, classic K-drama neighborhood, but what eventually made me spend considerably more time here was coming across a public map, which informed me that the Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy house was ‘just around the corner’. I walked. And walked. And sweated. And rested. And walked. But I couldn’t find it.

< Photos © Marion KDL >
Only years later, I finally realized that my endeavor was doomed from the very start. Because it was not even the main mansion that I had tried to find that’s located in Buam-dong, but Ko Eun-seong’s house, featured right at the beginning of the drama (which I’d passed, unknowingly, while on my way). So one house was found. But the mansion –a classic K-Dramaland staple– stayed mysteriously unspoken about, unshared and, let’s say, un-hyped (compared to this one, for instance). Finally, I got more and more convinced that it was somewhere to be found in Pyeongchang-dong and also secretly hoped that it would reveal itself as I explored my way through this neighborhood online.

A Pledge to God (2018-19, episode 1)
Brilliant Legacy (2009, episode 3)

But it was when looking into locations for Time Between Dog and Wolf, a 2000s classic, that I stumbled over a post of a realtor, Mr. Ahn, who had put the mansion on sale this January.

Were my hours in Buam-dong wasted? Not at all. I am grateful that Brilliant Legacy‘s mansion made me discover this beautiful neighborhood; for it somehow resonated with me as it invited me to dwell at every turn of the street — with new perspectives, cosy cafés and multiple layers of green, mountains and tiny town houses.
— Marion KDL


My First First Love (2019, episode 6)

Mich has put together a list of K-dramaland bookstores, for your reading pleasure — and of course, to add to your itinerary on your next trip!

My First First Love (2019, episode 16)

Also, we’re glad to see our flower meaning collection continually blossom over the past years. This month has seen two more additions to our flower meaning collection: Bindweed Flower and Cotton Flower.


I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019, episode 5)

I took a liking to Once In A Blue Moon [원스인어블루문] a while ago, and it feels nice and homey to see it on our screens again after a little hiatus. This jazz bar truly lives up to being one of the most long-lasting K-Dramaland staples — because imagine our surprise when we realized how many dramas (along with movies, variety shows and music videos) were filmed here! — Marion KDL

Doctor John (2019, episode 1)

We know Seodaemun Prison History Hall [서대문형무소역사관] thanks to its red brick exterior, which a number of K-Dramaland characters have walked free from after spending time behind bars. Doctor John, however, gives us an interesting insight into an area that isn’t often featured in dramas — the compound itself. (And based on this photo, it seems like the location was only set up for filming!)

I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019, episode 2)

It’s actually been a while since we’ve seen this bridge on our screens, but in this past month alone, we’ve already seen it in not 1, or 2 — but 3 dramas!


I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019, episode 8)

This past month came with one hesitant kiss at Naksan Park [낙산공원]

Search: WWW (2019, episode 16)
Search: WWW (2019, episode 16)

… and this sweet reunion at ISVILL Outlet [아이즈빌아울렛] is just as good as a kiss. (Anyone else misses Scarlett and Ji-hwan from Search: WWW and wants — needs a sequel?)


We’ve got a new neighborhood tag on KDL: Huam-dong.

Mostly known as the neighborhood of Dobong Walnut Bakery before, it is this year, that Seoul’s neighborhood of Huam –located at the Eastern feet of Namsan– has revealed itself through recent dramas like Hip Hop King, Moment of Eighteen, One Spring Night or My Fellow Citizens! as a very charming place to discover and dwell at.

My First First Love (2019, episode 1)

It is probably best described as Seoul’s rooftop hub with most likely the highest density of rooftop cafés, rooftop bars and rooftop restaurants per square meter in South Korea’s capital. It is here that The 100 Factory [더백푸드트럭], Doodoong Namsan [두둥남산], Oriole [오리올] and Moonee [무니] invite for some rooftop hopping. Mich KDL has written on some of these place at more length in her lovely rooftop summer compilation.

Hip Hop King (2019, episode 2)

Another particular feature of Huam are certainly the multiple staircases that lead up direction Sowol-ro (and, of course, Namsan). The staircase Sowol-ro [소월로 계단] can soon be considered a new K-Dramaland staple and recently its close neighbor, the Staircase/Elevator to Namsan Library, takes center stage in Hip Hop King as Young-baek’s place of inspiration and retreat.

Hip Hop King (2019, episode 1)

If you read us regularly, you know that we usually suggest the nearest subway station to visit a location. But how can one not take the bus to and from this neighborhood with this bus stop right here?

Next stop, another artist bus stop. But another neighborhood.
— Marion KDL


Miss Independent Jieun 2 (2019, episode 10)

As always, thanks for following and supporting us on KDL, whether it’s through the daily updates, our special blog posts, or even through submitting a location/photographs! Every contribution helps to grow the largest collection of K-drama locations online — by K-drama fans, for K-drama fans 🙂

Till the next Saturday Summary — read on below to check out the newest location additions from the past month!

Graceful Family (2019, episode 1)

Graceful Family (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— MC Tower: Asem Tower [아셈타워]
— Proposing a job [E1]: Milky Way Café [몽마르뜨언덕위 은하수다방]
— Blackmailing gone wrong [E1]: The River [더리버]
— The beginnings of TOP [E2]: Dongjak Bridge [동작대교]
— Paying respects and getting arrested [E2]: Chungah Park Columbarium [청아공원기독교전용관]
— Pleading to stay [E3]: Staircase Sowol-ro [소월로 계단]
— Imprisoned [E3]:Jangheung Prison Set [장흥교도소 세트장]
— Passing by [E4]: Jaehwa Square [재화스퀘어]
— Founding TOP [E5]: State Tower Namsan [스테이트 타워 남산]
— Seeing one’s mother for the first time in 15 yrs [E5]: Seongdong Detention Center
— Being saved and adopted [E5]: Nanji Hangang Park [난지한강공원]
— Failing to win over TOP [E5]: Café Zino [지노 파주]

Miss Independent Jieun (web drama) (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Serim University: Hansung University [한성대학교]
— Confronting a group member [E5]: Naksangil29 [낙산길29]
— After a confrontation [E5]: Naksan Park [낙산공원]
— Accepting a confession [E10]: Seoul Forest [서울숲]

Hip Hop King (2019, episode 1)

Hip Hop King (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Arriving in Seoul & being creative [E1]: Staircase Sowol-ro [소월로 계단]
— Arriving in Seoul #2 [E1]: Huam Mineral Spring Park Bus Stop [후암약수터]
— Hanging out in the afternoon #1 [E2]: Staircase/Elevator to Namsan Library
— Hanging out in the afternoon #2[E2]: Some Sevit/Sebitseom [세빛섬]
— Borrowing books [E2]: Namsan Public Library [남산도서관]
— Afternoon hang-out and filming a DIY Rap MV [E2+E4]: Apgujeong Graffiti Tunnel [압구정나들목]

Love Alarm (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Working part-time: CU Buam-dong Branch [CU 부암럭키점]
— Everybody’s high school: Choong Ang High School [중앙고등학교]
— Going to school [E1]: Incheon Jayu Park/Incheon Free Park [인천자유공원]
— Testing the Love Alarm app [E1]: Onemount [원마운트]
— Passing by at night #1 [E1]: Broister [브로이스터]
— Passing by at night #2 [E1]: A Place To Go [어플레이스투고], ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Passing by at night #3 [E1]: La Retro [라레트로]
— Announcing a new feature [E8]: Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) [동대문디자인플라자]

Love Alarm (2019, episode 1)

Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— A family dinner [E1]: Luka 511 [루카511]
— A dinner as a couple [E3]: Y Spazio [와이스파치오]
— Lee’s gallery #1 [E3]: Blume Museum of Contemporary Art [블루메미술관]
— Lee’s gallery #2 [E3]: Gallery White Block [화이트블럭]
— Ha-yoon artist studio [E16]: Café Zino [지노 파주]

I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019, episode 1)

I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019), ♡ added by Marion & Mich KDL
— Neighborhood convenience store: CU Itaewon 2-dong Store [CU이태원2동점]
— Round About Midnight jazz bar: Once In A Blue Moon [원스인어블루문]*
— Jang Yoon’s workplace: Y Spazio [와이스파치오]
— Hong Soo-young’s workplace: National Traffic Accident Rehabilitation Hospital
— BBQ restaurant: 692 Gogi Pocha [692고기포차]
— Dissuading a jumper; out for fresh air [E1/5]: Banpo Bridge [반포대교]
— After a breakup; a brother’s meeting [E2/full E6]: Yeouido Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge
— Climbing up [E4]: Stairs to Namsan Tower — Sam-soon Stairs [삼순이 계단]
— Closed for the day [E4]: Namsan Cable Car [남산 케이블카]
— While running away [E4]: Namsan Tower aka N Seoul Tower [N서울타워]
— First paid performance [E5]: Lafesta [라페스타]
— Having an affair [E7] Hotel Skypark Incheon Songdo [호텔스카이파크인천송도]
— A blind date [E7]: Café Zino [지노 파주]
— A first kiss [E8]: Naksan Park [낙산공원]
— Buying bread [E8 (full E4)]: Bella Citta [벨라시타]
— A background-check [E10 (full E5)]: Wonhyo Bridge [원효대교]
— A shady meeting [E10 (full E5)]: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 라운지]
— Finding a new sponsor for Shinyoung Philharmonic [E12 (full E6)] Kensington Hotel Yoido
— Being complimented & scolded [E13 (full 7)]: Woonsan Korean Restaurant — Yeouido Branch

*Check out the listing for other shows that were filmed here!

Doctor John (2019, episode 1)

Doctor John (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Prison (exterior): Yeoju Prison [여주교도소]
— Prison (interior — field): Seodaemun Prison History Hall [서대문형무소역사관] 
— Hanse Medical Center: Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital [이대서울병원]
— Visiting their late son [E1/2]: Chungah Park Columbarium [청아공원기독교전용관]

When The Devil Calls Your Name (2019, episode 3)

When The Devil Calls Your Name (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Soul Entertainment building: The Book Company Building [더북컴퍼니빌딩]
— Flashback scene [E1]: Dongjak Bridge [동작대교]
— Confronting Chairman Song [E1]: I&C Technology [아이앤씨테크놀로지]
— Running in full armor [E1]: Yeouido Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge [샛강다리]
— tvS Building [E1]: DDMC [동아디지털미디어센터]
— A near accident [E1]: Chuncheon Grand Bridge [춘천대교]
— Passing by a street of buskers [E1/3]: Eoulmadang Street [어울마당로]
— Ambulance crossing [E2]: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]
— After getting evicted [E3]: International Business District Station [국제업무지구역]

In Seoul (web drama) (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Along the Han River [E2]: Yeouido Hangang Park [한강 공원 여의도 지구]
— Having a snack [E2]: E-land Cruise [이랜드크루즈]
— Visiting a university in Seoul [E2]: Kyonggi University — Suwon Campus
— Writing CVs [E4]: Tora B [토라비]

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung (2019, episode 2)

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Hanyang: MBC Dae Jang Geum Park (MBC Dramia) [MBC 용인 대장금 파크/MBC드라미아]
— The palace garden #1: Gwanghallu-won Garden [광한루원]
— The palace garden #2: Changdeokgung Palace [창덕궁]
— Royal Villa in Onyang [E6]: Sosuseowon Confucian Academy [소수서원]

Hotel del Luna (2019, episode 2)

Hotel del Luna (2019) , ♡ added by Thom Musni if not stated otherwise
— [E1]: Myeongdong Shopping Streets [명동쇼핑거리], ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Providing more books [E2]: Seoul Book Repository [서울책보고], ♡ added by Mich KDL
— [E3]: The SKYFARM at FKI Tower [더스카이팜]
— [E8]: UriKkot Botanical Garden [화성시우리꽃식물원]
— [E16]: Michuhol Park [미추홀공원]
— A meeting [E16]: Forest of Wisdom [지혜의숲] — Library

Moments of Eighteen (2019, episode 12)

Moments of Eighteen (2019)
Jun-woo’s house, ♡ submitted by Edwin
— Lunch with the home teacher [E13]: Gonbap [곤밥], ♡ added by Marion KDL

Class of Lies (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Meeting a former colleague [E6]: colline [콜린]
— Informing a journalist [E12]: Green Cloud Coffee Shop [그린클라우드커피]

Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Trying on a dress [E1]: Arha Bridal [아르하]

Everything and Nothing (2019, episode 2)

Everything or Nothing (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Going home [E1]: Seoul Station — Subway Station [서울역]
— Finding closure [E2]: Oido Station [오이도역]

Search: WWW (2019, episode 9)

Search: WWW (2019), ♡ added by Mich & Marion KDL
Scarlett’s house [E9/12/14]
— Happy memories [E9]: Ilsan-ro [일산로]
— Having a hard time from a senior [E11]: Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]
— Going shopping [E12]: IPARK Mall [아이파크몰]
— Going to the movies [E14/E16]: ISVILL Outlet [아이즈빌아울렛]

Partners of Justice 2/Investigation Couple 2 (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Walking home [E24 (full ep 12)]: DMC Ian Officetel [DMC이안오피스텔]
— Going undercover at ‘Jin Hair’ [E22 (full 11)]: Seongsim Beauty Shop [성심미용실]

One Spring Night (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Breaking off the relationship [E14-15 (full E7-8]: Jaehwa Square [재화스퀘어]
— Sisters eating out [E16-17 (full 8-9)]: Verde [멕시칸식당 베르데]
— Meeting with the “in-laws” [E31 (full E16)]: Korea House [한국의집 민속극장]

Absolute Boyfriend (2019, episode 12)

Absolute Boyfriend (2019), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Zero Nine’s birthplace: Samtan Art Mine [삼탄아트마인]

My First First Love (2019, episode 12)

My First First Love (2019), ♡ added by Mich & Marion KDL
— University: Hansung University [한성대학교]
— ‘Retro Bakery’: Sosohan Gwansim Cafe [소소한관심]
— First date [E9 (S2-E1)]: Myeongdong Shopping Streets [명동쇼핑거리]
— In thoughts [E11 (S2-E3)]: Yeouido Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge [샛강다리]
— A yard sale [E11 (S2-E3)]: Café Bomdong [약다방봄동]
— Asking around [E11 (S2-E3)]: howany [하우애니]
— Returning to Seoul [E12 (S2-E4)]: Jeonju Express Bus Terminal [전주고속버스터미널]
— Taking a walk [E12 (S2-E4)]: Hyanggyo-gil — Jeonju [향교길]
— A heart-to-heart talk [E12]: Jeondong Catholic Cathedral [전주전동성당]
— Catching up [E15]: Staircase Sowol-ro 20-gil [소월로20길 계단]

Touch Your Heart (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Drinks after dinner [E4]: Tenuto Malt Bar [테누토]
— Passing by [E4]: Jaehwa Square [재화스퀘어]

Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019, episode 13)

Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Ji Seo-joon’s house
— Passing by [E9]: Sulwhasoo Flagship Store [설화수 플래그십스토어]
— Buying a necklace [E9]: The AK Town Suwon [The AK Town 수원]
— Trying to make amends [E13]: House In Mind [마음책방 서가는]

A Pledge to God (2018-19), ♡ added by Marion KDL
The Kim family mansion *

*Check out the listing for other shows that were filmed here!

Where Stars Land (2018), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— A rail bike ride [E24]: Sea-Side Park [씨사이드파크]

Suits (2018), ♡ submitted by Thom Musni
Discussing a case [E4]: Sea-Side Park [씨사이드파크]

Hide and Seek (2018), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Meeting up [E36/40]: Tenuto Malt Bar [테누토]

Devilish Joy (2018), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— Walking through on a date [E15]: Myeongdong Shopping Streets [명동쇼핑거리]

Player (2018), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Having a meal [E3]: Kensington Hotel Yoido [켄싱턴호텔 여의도]

100 Days My Prince (2018, episode 6)

100 Days My Prince (2018), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— A mission for the Solution Agency [E6]: Ahopsan Forest, Gijang [아홉산숲]*

*Check out the listing for other shows that were filmed here!

My Only One (2017-18, episode 1)

My Only One (2017-18), ♡ added by Marion KDL
The Kim’s family home
— A missed meeting with friends [E1]: Artinus Farmer’s Table [파머스테이블]
— Incarcerated [E1]: Jangheung Prison Set [장흥교도소 세트장]
— A world turned upside down [E5]: Seorae Seom [서래섬]
— Devastated [E5]: Dongjak Bridge [동작대교]
— A love confirmation [E7]: Bojeong-dong Café Street [보정동카페거리]
— A work-trip [E28]: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Temperature of Love (2017), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Taking the airport bus [E6]: KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 Bus Stop [킨텍스제1전시장]

Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-17), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Going to the movies [E7]: ISVILL Outlet [아이즈빌아울렛]

Moon Lovers (2016, episode 4)

Moon Lovers (2016)
— A near kiss [E4]: Gwanghallu-won Garden [광한루원], ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Kidnapped and saved [E4]: Ahopsan Forest, Gijang [아홉산숲],* ♡ submitted by Channel

*Check out the listing for other shows that were filmed here!

Signal (2016), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Discovering Jae-han’s whereabouts [E16]: Garden Gallery [가든갤러리]

One More Time (2016), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Meeting a ‘little match girl’ [E1]: Cheonggyecheon Stream [청계천]
— KG Entertainment building [E1]: SMTOWN Coex Artium [SMTOWN 코엑스아티움]
— KG Entertainment meeting room [E1]: State Tower Namsan [스테이트 타워 남산]

Descendants of the Sun (2016), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Urk [E4-E5] Samtan Art Mine [삼탄아트마인]

My First Time (2015), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Getting fired from a part-time job [E1]: Coffine Gurunaru — Naebang branch [커핀그루나루 내방점]

Kill Me, Heal Me (2015, episode 2)

Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— The Oh’s family house: Garden Gallery [가든갤러리]

Faith (2012), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
— In a time-slip portal [E24]: Daejosa Temple [대조사]

Queen In-hyun’s Man (2012) , ♡ added by Mich KDL
— A public dating reveal [E9]: Myeongdong Shopping Streets [명동쇼핑거리]

The Greatest Love (2011), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Winning in ratings [E1]: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]
— Going for a check-up [E3]: Seoul Medical Center [서울의료원]

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (2010), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Palbong Bakery: Cheongju Suamgol Mural Village [수암골 벽화마을]

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (2010, episode 6)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)
— Waiting for the bus [E6]: KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 Bus Stop [킨텍스제1전시장], ♡ submitted by deanekitty29
— Taking the bus #2 [E6]: Dongjak Bridge [동작대교], ♡ added by Marion KDL

Glory Jane (2009), ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Glory Noodle Shop/Full Moon Coffee: Cheongju Suamgol Mural Village [수암골 벽화마을]

Brilliant Legacy (2009), ♡ submitted by Marion KDL
Jang Suk-ja’s mansion

Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007, episode 11)

Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), ♡ submitted/added by Marion KDL (unless otherwise stated)
Seo Ji-woo’s house
Dongjak Bridge [동작대교]
IPARK Mall [아이파크몰]
— Riding horses [E11]: LetsRun Park Seoul [렛츠런파크 서울], ♡ added by L.C. Lou
— Passing through [E16]: Kaminarimon Gate Senso-ji [浅草寺 雷門]

Beautiful Days (2001), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Once In A Blue Moon [원스인어블루문]*
*Check out the listing for other shows that were filmed here!

Green Hill Training Center [청려수련원], ♡ added by Mich KDL
— Descendants of the Sun (2016, episode 2)
— Padam Padam (2011-12)
— Spy Myeong-wol (2011)


The Divine Fury (2019)

The Divine Fury (사자) (2019), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Dongho Bridge [동호대교]

The Scarlet Letter (주홍글씨) (2004), ♡ added by Mich KDL
Once In A Blue Moon [원스인어블루문]

Ahopsan Forest, Gijang [아홉산숲]
— The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale (대호) (2015), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Memories of the Sword (협녀: 칼의 기억) (2015), ♡ added by Marion KDL
— Kundo: Age of the Rampant (군도: 민란의 시대) (2014), ♡ added by Channel


B1A4 (2015) “Sweet Girl”

B1A4 (2015) “Sweet Girl”, ♡ added by Marion KDL
Once In A Blue Moon [원스인어블루문]

Cypher (2014) ‘Play the Siren’, ♡ added by Marion KDL
Apgujeong Graffiti Tunnel [압구정나들목]


BTS Billboard Cover Shoot (2018), ♡ added by Marion KDL
Korea House [한국의집 민속극장]

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