Saturday Summary #27

by Marion KDL

Who else does not keep track with all the new dramas out there?

But plenty of new dramas means also plenty of filming locations. And I’m loving both right now: the sense of familiarity when I recognize places and the curiosity and thrill when I discover new ones.


To celebrate our new search option ‘Search by Subway Station‘, Mich KDL takes us on a day trip Along the Bundang Lines and saw such nice things as these.

La Fleur Dieu While You Were Sleeping Suzy Lee Jong Suk
Photo taken by Β© Mich, April 2018
Essere Gelato Strongest Deliveryman Go Kyung-pyo Chae Soo-bin
Photo taken by Β© Mich, April 2018
LG Twin House Pretty noona buys me food filming location photo mich kdl apartment Jung Hae-In Seo Joon-Hee
Photo taken by Β© Mich, April 2018

Also, I was really happy to finally track down one of the most epic locations of Something on the Rain. Yes, the street through which Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) and Yoon Jin-ah (Son Ye-jin) walked while sharing an umbrella in the rain.

pretty noona who buys me food jung Hae-In Son Ye-Jin street umbrella
Something in the Rain (2018, episode 2)

K-pop lovers might have noticed that we started to add MVs to the filming location listings.
Toni helped us out on it a lot (many thanks!).

So don’t hesitate and drop us a line or submit a MV that was filmed at one of the places that is already listed on K-Dramaland so that the K-pop lovers among us have even more reasons to go visit some places. πŸ™‚

Apink ‘Secret Garden’ (2016)


kiss Jung Hae-In Son Ye-Jin pretty noona buys me food
Something in the Rain (2018, episode 4)

This was definitely a fit among feelings and scenery.

In any case, Seorak Wharf Breakwater [μ„€μ•…ν•­λ°©νŒŒμ œ] looks like a nice place to go for a date.

Lee Sang yoon Lee Sung kyung biscuit kiss location
About Time (2018, episode 3)

But I’m still not sure what to think about the ‘biscuit kiss’ at CGV Apgujeong Branch [CGV 압ꡬ정점]. Not very much to my taste to be honest.

Hospital Ship (2017, episode 14)

The same with this one as it somehow came too much out of the blue.

But the scenery is magnificent. I’ll declare this the most beautiful lighthouse in K-Dramaland.


Go Ara L Infinite Miss Hammurabi workplace
Miss Hammurabi (2018, episode 1)

I sometimes think that this building is one of the most underrated and unrecognized K-Dramaland staples. It seems to be just there. Maybe that is because it is always filmed from the outside? Anyhow, it was nice to be able to have a little sneak peek inside the building thanks to Miss Hammurabi.

Wok of Love (2018, episode 7)

I think this is one of the first K-Dramaland spots that I learned to recognized. And I really like it when staples stay staples. So it’s nice to see the Royal Saddle Equestrian Society [λ‘œμ–„μƒˆλ“€μŠΉλ§ˆν΄λŸ½] featured again.

Why Secretary Kim (2018, episode 1)

Also, Maiim VisionVillage β€” Drama House [λ“œλΌλ§ˆν•˜μš°μŠ€] is back! We can again marvel at its beautiful architecture and wonder how it is to live in there.


As you might have noticed, we are working hard on adding directions and other useful information to all the older locations (that came along more sparsely).

While doing this, I stumbled over the Sea Train [λ°”λ‹€μ—΄μ°¨], sometimes also called ‘Ocean Train’. The Sea Train is a tourist train line operated by Korail that travels along the eastern coast of South Korea since 2007. The wagons were transformed so that all seats face the ocean — which seems to me a very convenient and unique way to visit some of the filming locations at South Korea’s east coast.

The train stops at following stations: Jeongdongjin Station — Anin Station (bypass) –Jeongdongjin Station — Mukho Station — Donghae Station — Chuam Station — Samcheok Beach Station — Samcheok Station.



About Time (2018, episode 1)

Why Secretary Kim (2018)
β€” Lee Young joon’s house: Maiim VisionVillage — Drama House [λ“œλΌλ§ˆν•˜μš°μŠ€], β™‘ added by Toni
β€” Kim Mi-so’s house: Gallery OOOJH [μ˜μ™Έμ˜μ‘°ν•©], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” First appearance, E1: Grand Hyatt Seoul [κ·Έλžœλ“œν•˜μ–νŠΈ μ„œμšΈ], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” Meeting friends, E1: Helsinki [ν—¬μ‹±ν‚€], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” A surprise meeting, E2: Everland [μ—λ²„λžœλ“œ]

Are You Human? (2018)
β€” Nam Shin’s grandfather’s house: Southcape Club House [μ‚¬μš°μŠ€μΌ€μ΄ν”„μ˜€λ„ˆμŠ€ν΄λŸ½], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” Arrival, E1: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [μΈμ²œκ΅­μ œκ³΅ν•­], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” A science talk, E1: CGV Myeongdong Station Cine Library [CGV λͺ…동역 μ”¨λ„€λΌμ΄λΈŒλŸ¬λ¦¬], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” Arriving in the Czech Republic, E2: Karlovy Vary Airport (LetiΕ‘tΔ› Karlovy Vary), β™‘ submitted by Mich KDL
β€” Staying at a hotel, E2: Hotel Imperial, Carlsbad, β™‘ submitted by Mich KDL
β€” The M-Car presentation, E3: Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) [λ™λŒ€λ¬Έλ””μžμΈν”ŒλΌμž], β™‘ added by Mich KDL
β€” Meeting a reporter, E4: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 λΌμš΄μ§€], β™‘ added by Mich KDL with deanekitty29

About Time (2018)
β€” Do-ha’s office building: JCC Art Center [JCC μ•„νŠΈμ„Όν„°], β™‘ submitted by Toni
β€” The hospital incident, E1: CKU [κ΅­μ œμ„±λͺ¨λ³‘원], β™‘ added by deanekitty29
β€” An audition, E1: Kyung Hee University β€” Seoul Campus [κ²½ν¬λŒ€ν•™κ΅ μ„œμšΈμΊ νΌμŠ€], β™‘ submitted by Toni
β€” Seducing Lee Doha E2: A.Y Lounge Bar [에이와이 λΌμš΄μ§€], β™‘ added by Toni
β€” Being haunted, E2: Team Max Multi Gym Gimpo [νŒ€λ§₯μŠ€λ©€ν‹°μ§ 김포]
β€” Having dinner, E3: Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon [κ²½μ›μž¬ μ•°λ°°μ„œλ” 인천]
β€” The biscuit kiss, E3: CGV Apgujeong Branch [CGV 압ꡬ정점]
β€” Walking backwards, E3: Some Sevit/Sebitseom [세빛섬]
β€” A humiliating dinner and a confession gone wrong, E3-4: Osteria Cotto [μ˜€μŠ€ν…Œλ¦¬μ•„ 꼬또 압ꡬ정점], β™‘ submitted by Toni
β€” Arrival, E4: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [μΈμ²œκ΅­μ œκ³΅ν•­]

Miss Hammurabi (2018)
β€” The workplace: Seoul Central District Court [μ„œμšΈμ€‘μ•™μ§€λ°©λ²•μ›]
β€” Feeling like being on a date, E3: Sangdong Lake Park [μƒλ™ν˜Έμˆ˜κ³΅μ›]
β€” Meeting with journalists, E5: Pork restaurant μŒλŒ€ν¬ 본점

The Undateables (2018)
β€” The first encounter, E1: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [μΈμ²œκ΅­μ œκ³΅ν•­]
β€” Meeting with a friend, E1: Pork restaurant μŒλŒ€ν¬ 본점
β€” A photo session, E8: CafΓ© Valor [발둜]
β€” Having lunch with a friend, E8: Gonbap [κ³€λ°₯]

Come and Hug Me (2018)
β€” Being incarcerated, E6: Jangheung Prison Set [μž₯ν₯κ΅λ„μ†Œ μ„ΈνŠΈμž₯]
β€” Making a promise, E12: Anseong Farmland [μ•ˆμ„±νŒœλžœλ“œ]

Wok of Love (2018)
β€” Hungry Frying Pan/Hungry Wok: Hwain Building [ν™”μΈλΉŒλ”©], Cheongju
β€” Giant Hotel: Grand Plaza Cheongju Hotel [κ·Έλžœλ“œν”ŒλΌμž μ²­μ£Όν˜Έν…”]
β€” Going to and back from work: Bus Stop Geumtocheon-gyo Bridge [κΈˆν† μ²œκ΅], added together with Chelle
β€” Busker’s home: Royal Saddle Equestrian Society [λ‘œμ–„μƒˆλ“€μŠΉλ§ˆν΄λŸ½]
β€” A fated meeting and a lucky cookie, E4-5, E8: Hangang Bridge [ν•œκ°•λŒ€κ΅]
β€” Ganging up against Poong, E5: Pork restaurant μŒλŒ€ν¬ 본점
β€” A reunion turning out badly, E16: Artinus Farmer’s Table [νŒŒλ¨ΈμŠ€ν…Œμ΄λΈ”]

Rich Man (2018)
β€” The selection process & first meeting, E1-2: Tri-bowl — Multiplex Cultural Center [트라이볼]
β€” Buying a necklace, E2: Duksung High School [λ•μ„±μ—¬μžκ³ λ“±ν•™κ΅]
β€” A relooking, E2: Apgujeong-ro [μ••κ΅¬μ •λ‘œ]
β€” Having dinner, E3: Biwon Son Kalguksu [λΉ„μ›μ†μΉΌκ΅­μˆ˜]
β€” Cheering up a jobless boyfriend, E6: Si-Wha-Dam Grill [μ‹œν™”λ‹΄ 그릴]
β€” Preparing gifts, E6: The Forest Garden [μˆ²μ†μ •μ›]
β€” Getting to know each other, E7: Incheon Art Platform [μΈμ²œμ•„νŠΈν”Œλž«νΌ]
β€” Deciding to break up, E7: Madu Metro Station [λ§ˆλ‘μ—­]

Investigation Couple (2018)
β€” Crime scene of the first case, E1: The Rivendell Prestige Guesthouse [κ²ŒμŠ€νŠΈν•˜μš°μŠ€ 리븐델]

Suits (2018)
β€” Kang & Ham Law firm: Seoul Finance Center [μ„œμšΈνŒŒμ΄λ‚ΈμŠ€μ„Όν„°]
β€” Yeon-woo’s apartment: Jegi-ro 9-gil [제기둜9κΈΈ]
β€” Part of Kang & Ham: CGV Myeongdong Station Cine Library [CGV λͺ…동역 μ”¨λ„€λΌμ΄λΈŒλŸ¬λ¦¬]
β€” Meeting a client, E7: The Maroon Cafe F [λ”μΉ΄νŽ˜λ§ˆλ£¬μ—ν”„]
β€” Seeing a concert, E7: Ceramic Palace Hall [μ„ΈλΌλ―ΉνŒ”λ ˆμŠ€ν™€]
β€” Meeting a mentor, E8: Cafe History Incheon [νžˆμŠ€ν† λ¦¬ 인천점]
β€” Hit-and-run scene, E9: Apgujeong Graffiti Tunnel [μ••κ΅¬μ •λ‚˜λ“€λͺ©]
β€” Passing by, E10: Jajjangmyeon Museum [짜μž₯λ©΄λ°•λ¬Όκ΄€]
β€” Redeeming a mistake, E10: Iksan Prison Set [μ΅μ‚°κ΅λ„μ†Œμ„ΈνŠΈμž₯]
β€” Eating ramyeon after a kiss, E11: Gonbap [κ³€λ°₯]
β€” A meeting with an opponent, E11: Green Cloud Coffee Shop [κ·Έλ¦°ν΄λΌμš°λ“œμ»€ν”Ό]
β€” Testing the waters, E11: Jingwansa Temple [진관사]

Something in the Rain (2018)
β€” Sharing an umbrella, E2: Sejong Village Food Street [μ„Έμ’…λ§ˆμ„ μŒμ‹λ¬Έν•˜κ±°λ¦¬]
β€” The 1st kiss: Seorak Wharf Breakwater [μ„€μ•…ν•­λ°©νŒŒμ œ]
β€” Overnight stay, E4: Mumu House [λ¬΄λ¬΄νŽœμ…˜]
β€” Passing by, E4,E11, E12: Cafe Nuha191 [μΉ΄νŽ˜λˆ„ν•˜191]
β€” Ex-boyfriend’s workplace, E7: Leema Building [μ΄λ§ˆλΉŒλ”©]
β€” Going home, E7: Digital Media City Station [λ””μ§€ν„Έλ―Έλ””μ–΄μ‹œν‹°μ—­]
β€” Getting off the bus, E8: Bus Stop Sangam Elementary School [μƒμ•”μ΄ˆλ“±ν•™κ΅]
β€” Driving home, E9: Jeongja Station [μ •μžμ—­]
β€” Getting off a taxi, E12: Bus Stop Bosung Girls’ Middle & High School Entrance [λ³΄μ„±μ—¬μ€‘κ³ μž…κ΅¬ μ •λ₯˜μž₯]
β€” A blind-date gone wrong, E11-12: Grand Hilton Seoul [κ·Έλžœλ“œνžνŠΌ μ„œμšΈ]

A Poem A Day (2018)
β€” A date, E15: The Botanical Garden BCJ [λ²½μ΄ˆμ§€ λ¬Έν™” 수λͺ©μ›], β™‘ added by Toni
β€” An excuse, E11: Photo Cafe Kuma’C [μΏ λ§ˆμ”¨]

My Mister (2018)
β€” Brothers’ Cleaning Company: Sejong Building [μ„Έμ’…λΉŒλ”©], β™‘ submitted by Mich KDL

My Husband Oh Jak-doo (2018)
β€” Arriving in Seoul, E2: Yongsan Station [μš©μ‚°μ—­]

Rich Family’s Son (2018)
β€” Winning a claw game, E18: Funny Land – Hongdae outlet [ν™λŒ€ νΌλ‹ˆλžœλ“œ], β™‘ submitted by Mich KDL
β€” Meeting up, E18: Myeongmul-gil [λͺ…λ¬ΌκΈΈ]

Black Knight (2017-18)
β€” Giving a talk E5: CGV Myeongdong Station Cine Library [CGV λͺ…동역 μ”¨λ„€λΌμ΄λΈŒλŸ¬λ¦¬]

Strongest Deliveryman (2017)
β€” Promotional shoot: Macelleria, β™‘ submitted by Mich KDL

Hospital Ship (2017)
β€” Daewoo Central Hospital [λŒ€μš°λ³‘μ›], submitted with the help of deanekitty29
β€” Two dates, a kiss and a sad family reunion: Oedo Botania [외도 λ³΄νƒ€λ‹ˆμ•„], β™‘ submitted by deanekitty29

Goblin (2016-17)
β€” Grim Reaper & Sunny’s meeting place: Sageun Yongdap Bridge [μ‚¬κ·Όμš©λ‹΅κ°„μΈλ„κ΅], β™‘ submitted by deanekitty29

Father I’ll Take Care of You (2016-17)
β€” Giving a concert, E31: Ceramic Palace Hall [μ„ΈλΌλ―ΉνŒ”λ ˆμŠ€ν™€]

Heart to Heart (2015)
β€” Cha Hong-Do’s House

Cantabile Tomorrow (2014)
β€” Piano recital competition, E12-13: Ceramic Palace Hall [μ„ΈλΌλ―ΉνŒ”λ ˆμŠ€ν™€], β™‘ added by Mich KDL

Hotel King (2014)
β€” The break-up, E32: Jumunjin Beach Breakwater [μ£Όλ¬Έμ§„λ°©νŒŒμ œ]

Can You Hear My Heart (2011)
β€” A goodbye, E20: Ilsan Lake Park [μΌμ‚°ν˜Έμˆ˜κ³΅μ›]

New Tales of the Gisaeng (2011)
β€” The gisaeng house: Woonkyung Foundation [μš΄κ²½μž¬λ‹¨]
β€” Going horse-riding, E4: Royal Saddle Equestrian Society [λ‘œμ–„μƒˆλ“€μŠΉλ§ˆν΄λŸ½]

Winter Sonata (2002-03)
β€” Living in isolation, E20: Oedo Botania [외도 λ³΄νƒ€λ‹ˆμ•„]



Champion (μ±”ν”Όμ–Έ) (2018)
β€” Lotte World Tower & Mall [λ‘―λ°μ›”λ“œνƒ€μ›Œ&λ‘―λ°μ›”λ“œλͺ°]
β€” Some Sevit/Sebitseom [세빛섬]

Will You Be There? (λ‹Ήμ‹ , κ±°κΈ° μžˆμ–΄μ€„λž˜μš”?) (2016):
β€” Culture Station Seoul 284 [λ¬Έν™”μ—­μ„œμšΈ284]

The Attorney (λ³€ν˜ΈμΈ) (2013):
β€” Daejeon Modern History Exhibition Hall [λŒ€μ „κ·Όν˜„λŒ€μ‚¬μ „μ‹œκ΄€]


Are You Human (2018, episode 2)


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