Saturday Summary #22

Healer (2014-15, episode 8)

by Marion KDL

The last two weeks let me travel virtually to some nice places.

I was especially stoked to re-discover some Healer locations; only this time in discovering the ‘real’ sites they were filmed at (above is a teaser for an upcoming location ;)).

It seems that it was the same for Mich KDL for Cross (크로스) and for Chelle for Three Colors of Fantasies (thanks for making me discover this cute short trip!). And Toni kept on adding to the The Producers locations. Many thanks also to Zella and deanekitty29 for adding to our listings.


Planning a trip to South Korea?

Our new search by neighborhoods might come in handy. It’s a work in progress and we’ll be adding more and more neighborhoods. So keep on checking back.

We’ll also feature one of the neighborhoods from now on on our Saturday Summaries.

If you plan to visit Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel [신촌벽화터널], be aware that the tunnel has been painted white as Yoora has informed us. There is no graffiti right now (25/02/2018).

Also, Mich KDL shared with us her 5 favourite locations in Jugglers.
Join in, drop a comment and tell us which one(s) you’ve liked the most!


Eulachacha Waikiki (2018, episode 6)

Is this the place to go for fake marriages in K-Dramaland? at Venue G [베뉴지].

Brilliant Legacy (2009, episode 21)

I would have wished this kiss close to Mukho Lighthouse [묵호등대전망대] being a little sweeter and without the wrist-grab …


Healer (2014-15, episode 9)

Who would have known that this place was already seen in Healer?


Eulachacha Waikiki (2018, episode 8)

Already a favorite neighborhood to film in in 2009, Janghang-dong is quite often on our screens lately. It is also the neighborhood to go if you are looking to connect to The Best Hit vibe.

But most of you will know it for Ilsan Lake Park [일산호수공원]. Another park, that leads up to Ilsan Lake Park and is sort of its concrete counterpart, Ilsan Cultural Park [일산문화공원] gets quite some ‘filming attention’ recently too.

Next to these two parks, there are some nice cafés in this neighborhood — like Caffe Rosetta [까페로제타] (as seen in Cross and Eulachacha Waikiki lately), Green Pitcher [그린피쳐] (as seen in Longing Heart) or Caffe Gallery J’s 1908 [카페갤러리제이스1908] (seen in the first chapter of lovely Mystery Queen) — which makes this neighborhood a nice place to dwell at.


Three Colors of Fantasies (2017, episode 5)

Queen of Mystery 2 (2018)
— A failed proposal, E1: M-Boutique [엠부띠끄]

Radio Romance (2018)
— Convincing Soo-ho, E1-2: Gungnamji Pond [궁남지]
— Striking a deal, E7: Luka 511 [루카511]
— The gallery, E7-8: Gallery White Block [화이트블럭]
— Sharing complicity, E9: Naksan Park [낙산공원]
— Convincing skills, E6: Yagsujib [약수집], ♡ thanks for the help, Mich KDL!

Should We Kiss First (2018)
— Creative Thinking, E1: Naksan Park [낙산공원]

Misty (2018)
— Against mum and the rest, E5: Gallery White Block
— Getting out of prison, E5: Jangheung Prison Set [장흥교도소 세트장]

Eulachacha Waikiki (2018)
— The fake marriage, E6: Venue G [베뉴지]
— Faking a honey moon trip, E6: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항]
— Persuading a friend, E7 & Confessing feelings gone wrong, E8: Ilsan Cultural Park [일산문화공원]
— A Krav Maga swing, E8: Caffe Rosetta [까페로제타]

Cross (2018)
Jangheung Prison Set [장흥교도소 세트장], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL
— Studying a premature baby, E3: Mizjeil Women’s Hospital [미즈제일여성병원], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL
— A flashback, E9: Yeonmi Photo Studio [연미스튜디오]
— Convincing a potential donor, E10: Caffe Rosetta [까페로제타], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL
— Going for a drink, E10: Bourbon Street [버번스트릿], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL

Jugglers (2017-18)
— Looking for Chi-won, E8: Yeorumul-ro 126beon-gil [열우물로126번길], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL

Hwayuki (2017-18)
— A charming charm, E8: Jajjangmyeon Museum [짜장면박물관], ♡ thanks for the help, Mich KDL!
— Warning the priestess, E16: NEAT Tower [동북아무역타워]
— Talking to the priestess, E17: Pocheon Art Valley [포천아트밸리]

Prison Playbook (2017-18)
— Seobu Penitentiary: Jangheung Prison Set [장흥교도소 세트장], ♡ submitted by Zella

Three Colors of Fantasies (2017)
— The last ‘ring date’, E5: Seorae Seom [서래섬]
— The first meeting, E1 and a date E3: Some Sevit/Sebitseom [세빛섬], ♡ submitted by Chelle
— A bike ring date, E3: Nanji Hangang Park [난지한강공원]
— A date, E5: Hongdae Playground [홍대놀이터공원]
— Validating feelings, E5: Jinsun Book Cafe [진선북카페], ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Consoling Se-geon, E6: House Ihwa Mural Village

Because This Is My First Life (2017)
— A sofa, E3 & 4: sysdesign — Pangyo Branch [시스디자인 판교점], ♡ thanks for the help, Mich KDL!
— Getting back together, E16: Bamboo 15-8 [뱀부15-8], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL

Cheese In The Trap (2016)
— Playing the piano for a sister, E16: Bamboo 15-8 [뱀부15-8], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016)
— Chilling under trees, E3, E7: Sosuseowon Confucian Academy [소수서원], ♡ submitted by deanekitty29

Reply 1988 (2015-16)
— Running down the street, E2: Yeorumul-ro 126beon-gil [열우물로126번길], ♡ submitted by Mich KDL

The Producers (2015)
— Working & celebrating one’s b-day, E7-8: Everland [에버랜드], ♡ submitted by Toni

Healer (2014-15)
— A fictive date, E11: Yeouido Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge [샛강다리]
— Buying a gift for her son, E12: ST Dupont
— Meeting with mum, E13: Pattern Ethiopia [패턴에티오피아]
— A re-looking, E9: id Hair [아이디헤어]

Brilliant Legacy (2009)
— A life-changing meeting, E3-4: Bosingak Pavillon [보신각터]
— Looking for a brother, E4: The Galleria Luxury Hall West [갤러리아백화점 WEST점]
— The kiss, E21: Mukho Lighthouse [묵호등대전망대]

Radio Romance (2018, episode 9)

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