Saturday Summary #13 — Cats Not Dogs

by Marion KDL

Did you notice how K-Dramaland people prefer plants over animals? If there are any at all, animals are sort of just there. They are so much only there that I sometimes wonder what their narrative function is. Who noticed the dog in While You Were Sleeping (2017)? What’s the point of him being there? Or do you even remember the dog in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016-17) or the one in Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo (2017)?
But the past two weeks gave us cats. An abundance of cats (well, in K-Dramaland terms). We had wild, disliked cats that were killed in While You Were Sleeping (2017), a sculptured cat and a cat in a logo in Avengers Social Club (2017) and a loved, domestic cat in Because This Is My First Life (2017). And anyhow, who can dislike these two?!

So on to today’s bi-weekly review!


Criminal Minds (2017, episode 1)

I’m not much of a crime/thriller drama watcher, so I am very happy that deanekitty29 (welcome!), Mich (hello!) and Chelle (Hi!) have submitted locations for Criminal Minds (크리미널 마인드) (tvN, 2017), Save Me/Rescue Me (구해줘) (OCN, 2017), Witch’s Court (마녀의 법정) (KBS2, 2017) and Mad Dog (매드독) (KBS2 2017).


Temperature of Love (2017, episode 16)

Not so much of a kiss (it probably followed) but a love confession at Hyangiram Hermitage [향일암] in Temperature of Love (2017) — such a lovely scenery!


Boys Over Flowers (2009, episode 23)

Another bridge! Banpo Bridge [반포대교]. Latest seen in Strongest Deliveryman (2017), Chelle tracked it down as a Boys Over Flowers (2009) film location.


Revolutionary Love (2017, episode 2)

Revolutionary Love (2017)
— Hearing voices in the pool, E1: Pulse 8 Swimming Pool
— Confessing love, E1: Marronnier Park [마로니에공원]
— Passing by, E2: Cafe History Incheon [히스토리 인천점]

Mad Dog (2017)
— Taking a photo, E2: Wonhyo Bridge [원효대교], ♡ submitted by Chelle

Black (2017)
— Seeing a suicide, E1: Dongjak Bridge [동작대교]

Social Avengers Club (2017)
— It’s foundation and meeting point: Gallery White Block [화이트블럭]
— Announcing the existence of a son: Café Zino [지노 파주]
— Finding the first member, E1: Forest of Wisdom [지혜의숲]

Go Back Couple (2017)
— Getting a divorce, E1: Seoul Central District Court [서울중앙지방법원]
— Matchmaking against time, E2: LP Music Bar Gopchangjeongol [곱창전골]

While You Were Sleeping (2017)
— Former employer, E9: SBS Broadcasting Center [SBS방송센터]
— Matching dreams, E12: Gallery White Block [화이트블럭], ♡ submitted by Monica

Temperature of Love (2017)
— On Jung-Sun’s rooftop terrace: Coba [코바]
— Restaurant Good Soup: Songwon Art Center [송원아트센터]
— Flower on a wall: Why Consulting Group [와이컨설팅그룹]
— A last phone call, E7: Incheon International Airport (ICN) [인천국제공항]
— Walking/driving home, E9: Gyedong-gil [계동길]
— Going jogging, E11: Seoul Forest [서울숲]
— Backstabbing? E16: SBS Prism Tower [SBS프리즘타워]
— A love confession, E16: Hyangiram Hermitage [향일암]
— Talking things out?, E17: The Forest Garden [숲속정원]

My Golden Life (2017)
— Remembering the better times, E11: Yongsan Family Park [용산가족공원]

Criminal Minds (2017)
— Bombs that explode, E1: CJ E&M Center [CJ E&M센터]
— Retracing steps, E1: Convensia-daero 130-gil [컨벤시아대로130번길], ♡ submitted by Mich
— Getting coffee, E14, E16: Would U Like& — Edae Branch [우주라이크커피 이대점 거리], ♡ submitted by deanekitty29

Strongest Deliveryman (2017)
— Parading down a street, E5: DongtanBansong Street [동탄반송길], ♡ submitted by Mich
— Meeting a friend, E5: Cafe Gomakwon [고막원 다방], ♡ submitted by Mich
— Finding refuge, E16: Gang-soo’s Father’s House, ♡ submitted by Mich
— Revelations, E16: Geojin Beach [거진해수욕장], ♡ submitted by Mich
— Making a delivery, E16: LeeSuYeon Flower [이수연플라워], ♡ submitted by Mich

Manhole (2017)
— Break from wedding preparations, E10: Would U Like& — Edae Branch [우주라이크커피 이대점 거리], ♡ submitted by deanekitty29

Age of Youth 2 (2017)
— Studying: Yonsei University — Sinchon Campus [연세대학교 신촌캠퍼스]

Save Me (2017)
— The boys’ hangout: Tudari — Yangdeokwon Branch [투다리 양덕원점], ♡ submitted by Chelle
— Going to a bull fight, E1: Cheongdo Bullfighting Arena [청도소싸움경기장], ♡ submitted by Chelle

Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo/Deserving of the Name (2017)
— Going on a “date”, E10: Yeouido Hangang Park [한강 공원 여의도 지구]
— In the background, E10: 63 Square [63스퀘어]
— Going to Namsan Tower, E15: Namsan Cable Car [남산 케이블카]
— Breaking up, E15: Namsan Tower aka N Seoul Tower [N서울타워]

Reunited Worlds (2017)
— Mr. Cha’s restaurant: SMT Seoul [SMT 서울], ♡ submitted by deanekitty29
— Setting up a food truck, E22: Wonhyo Bridge [원효대교], ♡ submitted by deanekitty29

Circle (2017)
— Han Jung Yeon (Kong Seung Yeon)’s family house: Pyeongchang-dong Mansion No. 566-22, ♡ submitted by bokman

The K2 (2016)
— The catwalk fail, E12: Seoul Forest [서울숲]

Answer Me 1994 (2013)
— Studying: Yonsei University — Sinchon Campus [연세대학교 신촌캠퍼스]

I Need Romance 2 (2012)
— On a date in a flashback, E1: Once In A Blue Moon [원스인어블루문]

Boys Over Flowers (2009)
— Passing by on a night stroll, E23: Banpo Bridge [반포대교], ♡ submitted by Chelle

IRIS (2009)
— Studying, E1: Yonsei University — Sinchon Campus [연세대학교 신촌캠퍼스]

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