Saturday Summary #12 — Flowers in K-Dramas

flower kdrama while you were sleeping
While You Were Sleeping (2017, episode 1)

by Marion KDL


I love flowers and the importance they are given in K-Dramas. Nearly every office has fresh flowers bouquets. In restaurants and cafés, most tables are decorated with a little vase holding flowers if not the whole place is already overflowing with flowers like Café Blüte or Côté jardin [꾸띠자르당]. And characters tend to their flower pots and gardens with great care.

flower shop while you were sleeping samcheong-dong
While You Were Sleeping (2017, episode 3)

Beautiful flower shops are current in K-Dramaland and I’m always happy to see characters walk in there (so that I can get a sneak peek into the shop) and walk out there with a magnificent bouquet (so that I can marvel at it).

And the flowers always have a meaning. I have no clue if the flower meanings we learn in K-Dramas are only invented for the plot. But I don’t care. They are just too beautiful to not to believe. Just recently, On Jung-Sun’s mother taught us the meaning of globe amaranth as captivating and unchanging love; a new addition to my collection of flower meanings in K-Dramas.
kdrama flower meaning amaranth


dan ah's house strongest deliveryman
Strongest Deliveryman (2017, episode 13)

I’m still amazed by this find. Mich tracked down Dan-Ah’s house in Strongest Deliveryman (2017). But with this find she also proved SDM’s geographical coherence wrong.

While You Were Sleeping (2017, episode 3)

The same amazement goes for Monica’s find of one of the subway stations, Children’s Grand Park Station [어린이대공원역], in While You Were Sleeping (2017). Hands down.


Bride of the water god kiss
Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017, episode 9)

Who could forget this kiss in Bride of the Water God 2017?


While You Were Sleeping (2017, episode 7)

Everyone who follows KDL closely knows that I love bridges. This one is one of my favorite ones: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]. Once this bridge is seen you know important changes will happen in the life of a character. They are not only transitioning over Han River but are undergoing an important transition in their own lives.
Last seen in While You Were Sleeping (2017), this bridge is a staple in K-Dramaland since at least 2004 with She Is Nineteen.


Bus Stop “Hangang Middle School”
— A meeting point: Café J’adore [자도르]
— Nam Hong-Joo mothers’ restaurant: Mapo Sogeum Gu-i [마포소금구이], ♡ submitted by Monica
— Date on Valentine’s Day, E1&2: Artinus Farmer’s Table [파머스테이블]
— Parking lot selfies, E1: COMF Tree Restaurant [컴프트리], ♡ submitted by Monica
— Getting Flowers for a date, E1&2: Flower Shop Bud [플라워샵버드]
— Getting a take-out E2: Cafe Ubuntu [카페우분투]
— Passing by E3: Botte Flower Boutique [보뜨플라워]
— Passing by E3: We Are Young Mural, ♡ photo by © Mich (2014)
— Passing by, E3: Yoon Bo Sun’s Anguk-dong Residence [안국동 윤보선가], ♡ submitted w/ Mich
— Taking the subway; E3: Children’s Grand Park Station [어린이대공원역], ♡ submitted by Monica
— In the subway, E3: Dangsan Railway Bridge [당산철교]
— Jung Seung-Won’s school: Sungbo High School [성보고등학교]
— Transitioning E7&8: Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Age of Youth 2 (2017)
— Where everyone lives: Café Bomdong [약다방봄동]
— House of Asgard, E7: House Seonghyeong-dong
— Being jealous but not noticing it, E7: Evansville [에반스빌]

My Golden Life (2017)
— Passing by E1: We Are Young Mural, ♡ photo by © Mich (2014)
— Breaking up, E8: Vegebox [베지박스 백현카페거리점],

Temperature of Love (2017)
— Marveling at its beauty, E1: Yoon Bo Sun’s Anguk-dong Residence [안국동 윤보선가], ♡ submitted w/ Mich
— Stretching & explaining love, E7: Wonhyo Bridge [원효대교]
— A love confession, E7: Lotte World Tower [롯데월드타워]
— Fake Paris, E8: Côté jardin [꾸띠자르당]

Strongest Deliveryman (2017)
Dan-ah’s House, ♡ submitted by Mich
— Gang-soo’s (Go Kyung-pyo) mother shop, E11: Jeungsan Stationery [증산문구], ♡ submitted w/ Mich
— Studying & dating, E16: Konkuk University [건국대학교]
— Handing out flyers, E12: Singal Station [신갈역], ♡ submitted by Mich

Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017)
— Kissing goodbye? E10: Seoul Weather Station Songwoldong [서울기상관측소/기상청 서울관측소]

Manhole (2017)
— Confessing and not confessing, E8: We Are Young Mural, ♡ photo by © Mich (2014)

Marriage Not Dating (2014)
— Lee Hoon-Dong’s (Heo Jeong-Min) restaurant: Vegebox [베지박스 백현카페거리점]

I Summon You Gold (2013)
— The Parks’ family mansion: Pyeongchang-dong Mansion No. 227
— Meeting up, E15: Naksan Park [낙산공원]

Rooftop Prince (2012)
— Planning the future, E13: Seoul Weather Station Songwoldong [서울기상관측소/기상청 서울관측소]

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