Yongpyong Resort [용평리조트]

My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018); Goblin (2016-17); That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013); Sad Love Story (2005); Winter Sonata (2002)

The orientation days of the first year students of the Department of Chemistry of ‘Hankook University’ in episodes 1-2 of My ID is Gangnam Beauty / ID: Gangnam Beauty (내 아이디는 강남미인) (JTBC, 2018) takes place here. After too much of drinking, Kang Mi-Rae (Lim Soo-Hyang) leaves the other students and gets some fresh air close to the Blisshill Stay Building [블리스힐 스테이] of the resort.

Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun) works here part-time and Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) comes here in episode 9 of Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비) (tvN, 2016-17) to convince her to come back to Seoul.

The Dragon Peak, the walkway between the Condos, the gondola and the ski slopes … all these places in Yongpyong Resort mark the development of Lee Min-Hyung (Bae Yong-Jun) and Jung Yoo-Jin’s (Choi Ji-Woo) relationship in Winter Sonata (겨울 연가/겨울연가) (KBS2, 2002) – their first meeting, the love confession, their kiss.

Also seen in That Winter, The Wind Blows (그 겨울, 바람이 분다) (SBS, 2013); Sad Love Story/Sad Sonata (슬픈연가) (MBC, 2005).


—  Episode 2-3 of Seoul Check-in (서울체크인) (tvN/TVING, 2022) – feat. Kim Jong-min, COYOTE’s Shinji, Eun Ji-won, Dindin
— Episode 114 of The Return of Superman (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다) (KBS2, 2013–present), where Song Il-kook takes his triplets Dae-han, Min-guk and Man-se to learn how to ski.

* * *

Yongpyong Resort [용평리조트], founded in 1975 and owned by the Unification Church, is the largest ski-resort in South Korea. It is located in the village Yongsan-ri [용산리] in Pyeongchang County’s Daegwalnyeong Township [Daegwalnyeong-myeon/대관령면].

This resort hosted the alpine skiing events of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and Winter Paralympic Games.

Note: The Winter Sonata sign post in front of the Yongpyeong Resort Villa Condominium [용평리조트 빌라콘도미니엄] is featured in Goblin.

Address of Yongpyong Resort [용평리조트]

715 Olympic-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 평창군 대관령면 올림픽로 715
(대관령면 용산리 130)
Geolocation: 37.645688, 128.680473
Geolocation of ID: Gangnam Beauty scene: 37.645906, 128.682252

Address of Blisshill Stay Building [용평리조트 블리스힐스테이]

강원 평창군 대관령면 올림픽로 661
(대관령면 용산리 126)
Geolocation: 37.646010, 128.683106

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