Yongma Falls Park [용마폭포공원]

Hello, Me! (2021); The Third Charm (2018)

Ban Ha-ni (Choi Gang-hee) and Oh Ji-eun (Kim Yu-mi) renew their friendship as 37-year olds on an afternoon out at this park in episode 16 of Hello, Me!/안녕? 나야! (KBS2, 2021).

JungNang sports climbing complex

Baek Joo-ran (Lee Yoon-ji) come here on a rock climbing date with Kang Chul-nam (Lee Ha-yul) in episode 6 of The Third Charm / The 3rd Charm (제3의 매력) (JTBC, 2018).

* * *

Yongma Falls Park/Yongma Waterfall Park [용마폭포공원], colloqually known as Yongpok [용폭], is a public municipal park at the feet of Yongma Mountain [용마산/龍馬山] where the artificial Yongma Waterfall — the tallest waterfall — in eastern Seoul can be found. The park also has other sports facilities, aside from the climbing rock wall and also has a garden that serves as a resting place for visitors, a waterfall plaza, and an observation deck. It’s located in Seoul’s neighborhood Myeonmok [Myeonmok-dong/면목동] in the Jungnang District [Jungnang-gu/중랑구].

The park was established in 1991 under the name Yongmasan Park [용마산공원] or Yongma Park [용마공원] in an abandoned quarry that was operated by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The 30m square round concrete structure seen in the background in Hello, Me! is an public art piece entitled ‘Oval Headquarters (타원본부)’ by artist Jeong Ji-hyun (정지현) who won the Seoul Metropolitan Government first ‘Public Art Citizen Idea Implementation Project (공공미술 시민아이디어 구현 프로젝트)’. The art work was inaugurated on October 12th, 2019.

250-12, Yongmasan-ro, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 중랑구 용마산로 250-12
(면목동 산1-4)
Geolocation: 37.573439, 127.090133
Geolocation of climbing complex: 37.573742, 127.090964

Getting here
Yongmasan Station (용마산역), Seoul Subway Line 7, Exit 2
(6 min. walk)

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Hello, Me! added by Marion KDL

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The waterfall is operated from May to September every year.