Yulgok-ro 3-gil [율곡로3길]

Private Lives (2020); Find Me In Your Memory (2020); My Holo Love (2020); Hotel del Luna (2019); Touch Your Heart (2019); Meloholic (2017); My Golden Life (2017); Mystery Queen (2017); Goblin (2016-17); Laurel Tree Tailors (2016); Another Miss Oh (2016); Queen In-hyun's Man (2012); Coffee Prince (2007)

No. 50 — Lee Jung-hwan (Go Kyung-pyo) and Cha Joo-eun (Seohyun from Girls Generation/Seo Ju-hyun) walk down this street past the high school (heading in the direction of Anguk Station) in episode 2 of Private Lives/Private Life/Sasaenghwal (사생활) (JTBC, 2020). When Joo-eun sees someone she’d met in prison, she grabs Jung-hwan by the hand and rushes into a side street, Yunposun-gil [윤보선길]. Flustered, Joo-eun tries to explain why she’d brought Jung-hwan here, and he kisses Joo-eun in the moment.

No. 66 + 77 — Yeo Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young) comes here to window shop in episode 31 (full episode 16) of Find Me in Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법) (MBC, 2020), and is stopped by a passing couple asking her if she is Yeo Ha-jin the actress. She tells them that they’re mistaken as many people have said she looks just like her.

No. 79 — Han So-yeon (Ko Sung-hee) walks along this street with AI hologram ‘Holo’ (Yoon Hyun-min) as it snows in episode 5 of My Holo Love/I Holo You (나 홀로 그대) (Netflix, 2020). She talks about how she used to make a snowman with her father, and Holo suggests they make one. She bends down to do so, but Holo ends up making two. He then tells her he wants to try loving her and making her happy. This scene takes place outside noodle shop 마음을담아내면 (마담면).

No. 64 — Goo Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) thinks back to his subway encounter with Jang Man-wol (IU/Lee Ji-eun) as he walks along this street with his pot of evening primrose flowers, in episode 1 of Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나) (tvN, 2019). Suddenly, Chan-sung thinks back to his father’s warning about Man-wol and the hotel, and decides to heed his father’s words and run away.

No. 86 — The shop (Monologue) that Kwon Jung-rok (Lee Dong-wook) and Oh Yoon-seo (Yoo In-na) have a conversation outside of in episode 5 of Touch Your Heart/Reach of Sincerity (진심이 닿다) (tvN, 2019) is partly located on this street.

No. 72 — Seo Ji-Soo (Seo Eun-Su) chases Sun Woo-Hyuk (Lee Tae-Hwan) here in episode 1 of My Golden Life (황금빛 내 인생) (KBS2, 2017). They pass a couple of times by café 경복궁빵 which is located very close to MADANG Flower Shop.

No. 75 — This is also where Han Ye-Ri (Kyung Soo-Jin) and Yoo Eun-Ho (U-Know Yunho from TVXQ) go on a date in episode 4 of Meloholic/Melo Holic (멜로홀릭) (OCN, 2017). He gets a lot of animals for her from a claw hook machine and she thanks him with a kiss on his cheek which he replies with a more passionate kiss.

This street is briefly seen in a news report about a horse — which belongs to Kim Boong-do (Ji Hyun-woo) — that appeared in Bukchon Hanok Village, in episode 3 of Queen In-Hyun’s Man (인현왕후의 남자) (tvN, 2012).

Other filming locations on this street

No. 1757th Cafe Gallery [57th카페]
No. 50Duksung Girls’ High School [덕성여자고등학교]
No. 64We Are Young Mural
No. 73innisfree — Gongbyeong Gonggan store [이니스프리 공병공간점] (formerly MADANG Flower Shop)

* * *

Yulgok-ro 3-gil [율곡로3길] is a major street within Seoul’s neighborhood of Anguk-dong [안국동], itself part of Samcheong-dong [삼청동], in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구], lined with cafes, restaurants and quaint shops. Walking along this street leads into Bukchon-ro 5-gil [북촌로5길], among others.

Geolocation: 37.578894, 126.982148
Geolocation of the Meloholic kiss scene: 37.578916, 126.982149
Geolocation of the My Holo Love scene: 37.579204, 126.982094 (no. 79)
Geolocation of Monologue: 37.579517, 126.982284 (no. 86)

Getting here
Anguk Station [안국역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 1

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