Kensington Hotel Yoido [켄싱턴호텔 여의도]

Good Job (2022); KBS Drama Special: Oddinary (2021); My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021); Private Lives (2020); Men Are Men (2020); Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (2019); I Wanna Hear Your Voice (2019); Leverage (2019); Perfume (2019); Still 17 (2018); Twelve Nights (2018); Player (2018); The Sound of Your Heart (2016-17); Beating Again (2015); Endless Love (2014); Bride of the Century (2014); My Love from Another Star (2013-14); Bel Ami (2013-14); The Heirs (2013); Al About My Romance (2013); The King of Dramas (2012-13); Fashion King (2012); Love Rain (2012); The Greatest Love (2011); I Need Romance (2011); Lie To Me (2011); All My Love For You (2010-11); A Man Called God (2010); Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010); Still, Marry Me (2010); Cain and Abel (2009); Boys Over Flowers (2009); Queen of Housewives (2009); The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House (2009); Smile, Love (2009); Hot Blood (2009); Temptation of Wife (2008-09); Cruel Temptation (2008-09); Worlds Within (2008); Beethoven’s Virus (2008); Spotlight (2008); Dalja’s Spring (2007); Unstoppable High Kick (2006-07); Which Star Are You From (2006); Bizarre Bunch (2005-06); My Name is Kim Sam-soon (2005); Loveholic (2005); Bad Housewife (2005)

Kensington Hotel Yoido [켄싱턴호텔 여의도]
2015 ~

A completely drunk Don Se-ra (Kwon Yu-ri/Yuri of Girl’s Generation) lies down on the taxi stand in front of this hotel after a team evening out in episode 5 of Good Job (Gutjap/굿잡) (ENA, 2022) and Eun Seon-Woo (Jung Il-woo), who had followed her, decides to bring her home.

New York New York [뉴욕뉴욕]

Kim Jae-hwa (Kwak Sun-young) meets her first love Ha Jung-woo (Oh Dong-min) at this restaurant to ask him to help her remodel her home in KBS Drama Special: Oddinary/Ordinary Jae-hwa (보통의 재화) (KBS2, 2021) – which is a ploy for her to introduce her ‘daughter’ Hee-jung (Kim Na-yeon) to scare him.

Gye Seon-woo (Bae In-hyuk) and Gye Seo-woo (Kim Do-yeon of WEKI MEKI) have a meal with their parents here in episode 14 of My Roommate Is A Gumiho/Frightening Cohabitation (간 떨어지는 동거) (tvN, 2021), and Seon-woo tells the family that he plans to pursue his studies overseas.

General Manager Kim (Kim Min-sang) comes to this restaurant to receive instructions from GK’s Chairman (Han Tae-il), in episode 15 of Private Lives/Private Life/Sasaenghwal (사생활) (JTBC, 2020). In final episode 16, Lee Jung-hwan (Go Kyung-pyo) stations himself there as the Chairman, together with UI’s Choi Yong-jin (special cameo by Kim Bum-soo) listen in on the tapped conversation with General Manager Kim.

Kim Sun-hee (Choi Myung-gil) brings her daughter Han Seo-yoon (Jo Woo-ri) here for a meal in episode 4 of Men are Men / To All The Guys That Loved Me / That Guy Is The Guy (그놈이 그놈이다) (KBS2, 2020). It is here that Seo-yoon tells her that she wants to join Sunwoo’s new webtoon team, to which Sun-hee non-committally agrees to.

Do Jin-woo (Oh Min-suk) invites his former father-in law Kim Young-woong (Park Young-gyu) and sister-in-law Kim Yeon-a (Jo Yoo-jung) for a tea at this restaurant after having had dinner in episode 45 (full episode 23) of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (사랑은 뷰티블 인생은 원더풀) (KBS2, 2019).

Both, directors of Shinyoung Philharmonic, Professor Kang Myung-suk (Song Young-kyu) and Yoon Mi-rae (Yoon Joo-hee), meet up at this restaurant in episode 12 (full episode 6) of I Wanna Hear Your Song/Let Me Hear Your Song (너의 노래를 들려줘) (KBS2, 2019) with Jang Yoon’s father, president Jang Suk-hyun (Jung Sung-mo) to discuss funding opportunities of their orchestra.

Castle Securities’ CEO Joo Cheong-sik comes here to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife in episode 5 of Leverage (Rebeoriji: Sagijojakdan / 레버리지:사기조작단) (TV Chosun, 2019), with Hwang Soo-kyung (Jeon Hye-bin) pretending to be the waitress.

Seo E-do (Shin Sung-rok) has a meal here in episode 18 (full episode 9) of Perfume/Peopyoom (퍼퓸) (KBS2, 2019), with Son Mi-yoo (Hye-jeong from AOA) observing him from a distant table. After taking a bite of his lobster dish, E-do has a sudden allergic reaction and collapses on the ground.

Woo Seo-ri (Shin Hye-sun) and Gong Woo-jin (Yang Se-jong) come to this restaurant for dinner in final episode 32 of Still 17 / Thirty But Seventeen / 30 But 17 (서른이지만 열일곱입니다) (SBS, 2018).

Moon Hye-ran (Seo Eun-woo) has a meeting at this restaurant with her father in episode 10 of Twelve Nights/12 Nights (열두밤) (Channel A, 2018).

As seen in episode 3 of Player/The Player (플레이어) (OCN, 2018) as the restaurant that Na Won-hak (Kim Hyung-mook) eats at after being cleared of all corruption charges. It is here also that he speaks to his wife over the phone, whom he’s cheating on behind her back.

Yanks and Mettz [양스 앤 메츠]

Jo Seok (Lee Gwang-soo) and Choi Ae-bong (Jung So-min) have their first date here in episode 5 of The Sound of Your Heart/Sound of Heart (마음의 소리) (KBS2/Netflix, 2016-17).

Lexington Hotel [렉싱턴호텔]
2004 ~ 2015

Kang Min-ho (Jung Kyoung-ho) has lunch with friend and consultant with Gold Partners, Wigo Wian (Ricky Kim) at this restaurant in episode 4 of Beating Again/Falling in Love with Soon Jung/Falling for Innocence (순정에 반하다) (JTBC, 2015).

Cheon Hye-jin (Seo Hyo-rim) spots Han Gwang-hoon (Ryu Soo-Young) at this hotel and directly walks up to him and asks if they know each other in episode 23 of Endless Love (끝없는 사랑) (SBS, 2014).

Jang Hyuk (Lee Gun) breaks up with Kim Mi-young (Jang Na-ra) at this restaurant in episode 12 of Fated to Love You/You Are My Destiny (운명처럼 널 사랑해) (MBC, 2014).

Cheon Song-yi’s (Gianna Jun) mother Yang Mi-yeon (Na Young-hee) has a dinner meeting at this restaurant with her friends in episode 1 of My Love from Another Star/My Love From The Star/You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대) (SBS, 2013-14).

Kim In-joong (Cha Hyun-jung) asks actress Myo-Mi (Park Ji-yoon) for forgiveness at this restaurant in episode 9 of Bel Ami/Pretty Man/Pretty Boy/Beautiful Man (예쁜남자) (KBS2, 2013-14).

After his father announced his dismissal as the next CEO of Jeguk Construction, Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyuk) meets group’s shareholders at this restaurant to convince them to join his side in episode 16 of The Heirs/The Inheritors (왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들) (SBS, 2013); among the shareholders is also his brother Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho).

An Hee-sun (Han Chae-ah) lines up one blind-date after the other at this restaurant in final episode 16 of All About My Romance/Everything About My Relationship (내 연애의 모든것) (SBS, 2013).

Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-min) and Kang Hyun-min (Choi Si-won of Super Junior) come to this restaurant for a drink in episode 4 of The King of Dramas/The Lord of the Drama (드라마의 제왕) (SBS, 2012-13) after Hyun-min unexpectedly decided to continue working with Anthony.

Lee Ga-young (Shin Se-kyung) and Jung Jae-hyuk (Lee Je-hoon) come to this restaurant for lunch in episode 7 of Fashion King (패션왕) (SBS, 2012) and he proposes her to join a new company — while Choi An-na (Kwon Yuri) overhears everything at a close-by table. In episode 9, Jae-hyuk is back here but this time with An-na whom he asks if she wants to marry him, which she agrees to as if it is a business deal. Later, Jae-hyuk’s father and Design Director Kim Il-woo (Jung Man-ho) join them and an already awkward situation becomes even more awkward.

The awkward first meeting between the families of Seo In-ha (Jung Jin-young) and Kim Yoon-hee (Kim Mi-sook) takes place here in episode 14 of Love Rain (사랑비) (KBS2, 2012), when Seo Jun (Jang Geun-suk) and Jeong Ha-na (Yoona from Girls Generation) comes face to face as each of their parents’ children, and not each other’s lover.

President Moon (Choi Hwa-jung) invites Dok Ko-jin (Cha Seung-won) and Goo Ae-jung (Gong Hyo-jin) over to this restaurant in episode 7 of The Greatest Love/Best Love (최고의 사랑) (MBC, 2011) to iron out their conflict but when she leaves the private room they supposed to dine in, Ko-jin and Ae-jung start to argue again over his involvement in her record deal.

Sunwoo In-young (Jo Yeo-jeong) imagines in episode 2 of I Need Romance (Romaenseuga Pilyohae/로맨스가 필요해) (tvN, 2011) how her boyfriend Kim Sung-soo (Kim Jeong-hoon) has a romantic dinner here with actress Yoon Kang-hee (Ha Yeon-joo). In episode 10, Sunwoo In-young (Jo Yeo-jeong) and Bae Sung-hyun (Choi Jin-hyuk) have a lunch date here. In episode 15, In-young starts to work as a substitute concierge here and has directly to serve (surprised and angry) Sung-hyun and his friends who come for dinner.

Hyun Ki-joon (Kang Ji-Hwan) has lunch with his mother Hyun Myung-jin (Oh Mi-hee) at this restaurant in episode e of Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) (SBS, 2011).

Byun Jung-in (Kim Jae-wook) has a lunch meeting with his father Jung-suk (Park Jun-gyu) at this restaurant in episode 6 of Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary! (메리는외박중) (KBS2, 2010) and is interrogated about his job and marriage plans.

News reporter Seo Woo-jin (Son Ye-jin) and Oh Tae-suk (Ji Jin-hee) meet up at this restaurant with Tae-suk’s father Oh Seung Hwan in final episode 16 of Spotlight (Seupoteuraiteu/스포트라이트) (MBC, 2008) and he pleads with them not to investigate further into a case where he is also involved, what Tae-suk refuses. Also seen in episode 12-13.

After Wi Sun-joo (Lee Hye-young) gave him the cold shoulder, Shin Se-do (Kong Hyung-jin) pleads with Oh Dal-ja (Chae Rim) to join him at this restaurant for a rendezvous with his father in episode 8 of Dal-ja’s Spring/Dalja’s Springtime/Spring of Dal-ja (달자의 봄) (KBS2, 2007). She comes along and while she gets questioned about her age, Sun-joo arrives and when seeing the trio turns directly at her heals.

Kim Bok-shil (Jung Ryeo-won) has lunch at this restaurant with Han Jeong-hoon in episode 7 of Which Star Are You From/What Star Did You Come From?/Which Planet Are You From? (넌 어느 별에서 왔니) (MBC, 2006).

Also seen in episode 4 of Bride of the Century (백년의 신부) (CSTV, 2014); All My Love For You (몽땅 내사랑) (MBC, 2010-11); A Man Called God/The Man Almighty (신이라 불리운 사나이) (MBC, 2010); episode 6 of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry/Still, Marry Me (아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자) (MBC, 2010); Cain and Abel (카인과 아벨) (SBS, 2009); Queen of Housewives/Queen of Wives/My Wife Is A Superwoman (내조의 여왕) (MBC, 2009); Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers (꽃보다 남자) (KBS2, 2009); Smile, Love/Smile You (그대 웃어요) (SBS, 2009); Hot Blood (열혈장사꾼) (KBS2, 2009); My Too Perfect Sons/The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House (솔약국집 아들들) (KBS, 2009); Cruel Temptation/Temptation of Wife (아내의 유혹) (SBS, 2008-09); Worlds Within/The World That They Live In (그들이 사는 세상) (KBS2, 2008); Beethoven’s Virus (베토벤 바이러스) (MBC, 2008); Unstoppable High Kick/High Kick! (거침없이 하이킥) (MBC, 2006-07); Bizarre Bunch/Bizarre Family (별난여자 별난남자) (KBS1, 2005-06); My Name is Kim Sam-Soon/My Lovely Sam Soon (내 이름은 김삼순) (MBC, 2005); Loveholic (러브홀릭) (KBS2, 2005); Bad Housewife (불량주부/불량 주부) (SBS, 2005).

* * *

Kensington Hotel Yoido [켄싱턴호텔 여의도] — formerly known as the Lexington Hotel [렉싱턴호텔] — is a 4-star hotel with 225 rooms located in Seoul’s neighborhood Yeouido [Yeouido-dong/여의도동], in the Yeongdeungpo District [Yeongdeungpo-gu/영등포구]. It is an adjacent street away from the National Assembly Building [국회의사당]. The hotel opened in 1978 as Manhattan/New Manhattan Hotel [맨하탄/뉴맨하탄호텔이고] and after renewing its lease in 2004, E-Land changed its name to Lexington Hotel; chosen in reference to Lexington Avenue, one of the three major streets of New York City, and the hotel had a general New York-themed decoration. In 2015, the hotel underwent the latest name-change to its current name.

New York New York [뉴욕뉴욕] is a traditional New York-style steak house that holds the title of ‘The Largest Number of Drama Shooting Place’ (최다 실내 방송 장소협찬) by the Korea Record Institute, as of September 2011. As for Yanks and Mettz [양스 앤 메츠], it is a baseball-themed bar featuring various memorabilia of American baseball teams and players.

Instagram: @kensington_yoido

16 Gukhoe-daero 76-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 영등포구 국회대로 76길 16
(여의도동 13-3)
Geolocation: 37.530291, 126.921869

Getting here
National Assembly Station [국회의사당역], Line 9, Exit 1
(7 min. walk)

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