Yeongdong-daero [영동대로]

Moments of Eighteen (2019)

Choi Jun-woo (Ong Seong-wu) encounters Yoo Soo-bin (Kim Hyang-gi) across the footpath of this street –both soaked in the rain– at the end of episode 3 of Moments of Eighteen/Moments of 18/At Eighteen (열여덟의 순간) (JTBC, 2019). He tells her not to get wet in the rain in the future and runs to protect her when they hear thunder.

The following locations can be found along this street:
— No. 315 Cafe M [카페엠]
— No. 337 Prugio Valley [푸르지오밸리]
— No. 416 KT&G Seoul Office [KT&G서울사무소]
— No. 513 COEX Aquarium [코엑스 아쿠아리움] and SMTOWN Coex Artium [SMTOWN 코엑스아티움]
— No. 517 Asem Tower [아셈타워]
— No. 618 Hotel in 9 [호텔 인나인]
— No. 728 The Valenti — Wedding Hall [더발렌티청담]

* * *

Yeongdong-daero [영동대로] is a major street in Seoul’s Gangnam District and crosses the neighborhoods Daechi [Daechi-dong/대치동] and Samseong [Samseong-dong/삼성동]. It stretches from the northern ending of Yeongdong Bridge to the southern limit of Daechi.

Closest address to Moments of Eighteen scene
216 Yeongdong-daero, Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 강남구 영동대로 216
(대치동 50-45)
Geolocation: 37.498559, 127.069053

Getting here
Hangnyeoul Station [학여울역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 1
(5 min. walk)

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