Wolmi Theme Park [월미테마파크]

Let's Fight Ghost (2016)

In episode 7 of Let’s Fight Ghost/Bring it on, Ghost (싸우자 귀신아) (tvN, 2016), Hyun-ji (Kim So-hyun) earns a wish of going to the amusement park as she broke the 80% mark on her mock exam administered by Bong-pal (Taecyeon). He agrees to take her tomorrow after his exams but unfortunately, Bong-pal wasn’t able to meet Hyun-ji as he brought Seo-yeon (Baek Seo-E) to the hospital after being hit by a motorcycle. In episode 8, Bong-pal fulfills his broken promise to Hyun-ji by taking her to the amusement park after their exorcism gig that day.

MV filmed here

– Twice’s Elegant Private Life (트와이스의 우아한 사생활), a reality show of the band’s daily life
– K.Will’s Love Blossom MV (2013)

Variety show filmed here

In episode 319 of We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요)—Sunjae X Joy Couple (MBC, 2015 – Season 4), BtoB’s Yook Sung-jae and Red Velvet’s Joy (Bbyu Couple) go here on an amusement park date in their school uniforms.
In episode 185, SHINee’s Taemin and APink’s Na-eun went on a double date on this amusement park with Key and Eunji in We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요)—Tae-min X Na-eun Couple (2013 – Season 4, 31 August 2013).

* * *

Wolmi Theme Park [월미테마파크] is a small theme park that is located on Wolmido/Wolmi Island [월미도] in Incheon’s neighborhood Bukseong-dong 1(il)-ga [북성동1가], in the Jung District [Jung-gu/중구].

81 Wolmimunhwa-ro, Gaho-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천 중구 월미문화로 81
(북성동1가 98-580)
Geolocation: 37.471522, 126.596223

Getting here
Incheon Railway Station [인천역], Seoul Subway Line 1/ Suin Line, Exit 1
(Prepare for a walk.)

— submitted by Chelle
— Photos taken by © Xinnz, July 2018
We Got Married–Sunjae X Joy Couple added by Toni
We Got Married–Tae-min X Na-eun Couple added by Chelle

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