Two Lovers Point, Guam [Puntan Dos Amåntes/사랑의 절벽]

When A Man Loves (2013); Hooray For Love (2011-12)

Kang Jae-mi (Lee Bo-young) comes to this attraction with her mother Oh Jung-hee (Bae Jung-ok) and aunt Oh Jung-sim (Yun Hyeon-suk) to stay during their Guam holiday in episode 2 of Hooray For Love/Bravo, My Love!/A Thousand Affections (애정만만세) (MBC, 2011-12). Byun Dong-woo (Lee Tae-sung) comes to the same place with his family, and they each ring the ‘love bell’ located here.

Also seen in When a Man Loves/When A Man Falls In Love/Man in Love (남자가 사랑할 때) (MBC, 2013).

* * *

Two Lovers Point –also stylized as Two Lover’s Point, and known as ‘Puntan Dos Amåntes’ in the Chamorro language– is a panoramic lookout point that stands at 368 ft. (~112.2m) tall, with sweeping views of Guam Island and the Pacific Ocean. Located in Tamuning, this attraction –which is said to draw “hundreds of thousands of visitors” annually– is also the site of Guam’s most well-known romantic (though tragic) legend, and it’s said to be a “must-visit for honeymooners and lovers who want to pledge their devotion“, particularly by ringing the Love Bell together.  It is a 10-minute drive to/fro A.B. Won Pat International Airport and Pacific Islands Club Guam.

Geolocation: 13.534971,144.802495

— submitted by Mich KDL

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