Top Cloud [탑클라우드]

Black Knight (2017-18); Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo (2017); Fight For My Way (2017)

In episode 6 of Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (흑기사) (KBS2, 2017-18), Kim Young-Mi (Shin So-Yul) invites Jung Hae-Ra (Shin Se-Kyung) to a dinner here But it’s only so that Park Cheol-Min (Kim Byung-Ok) who is also present can ask Hae-ra to help him for his shopping mall project.
Yoo Jae-Ha (Yoo Min-Kyu) and Choi Yeon-Kyung (Kim Ah-Joong) have dinner here in episode 7 of Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo/Deserving of the Name (명불허전) (tvN, 2017).
Park Moo-Bin (Choi Woo-Sik) invites Choi Ae-Ra (Kim Ji-Won) for dinner here in episode 5 of Fight For My Way/Third-Rate My Way (쌈 마이웨이) (KBS2, 2017).
Top Cloud [탑클라우드] is located at the 33rd floor of Jongno Tower [종로타워] 3
Adress: 서울 종로구 종로 51
(종로2가 6)
Geolocation: 37.570746, 126.983593
To get here: Jonggak Station [종각역], Line 3-1, Exit 1
— submitted by Marion KDL

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