Tojeong-ro [토정로]

Do You Like Brahms? (2020); A Piece of Your Mind (2020); Prime Minister & I (2013-14); Personal Taste (2010); Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)

No. 20 — After finishing a recording session, Kang In-wook (Kim Sung-gyu) offers Han Seo-woo (Chae Soo-bin) a ride in episode 9 of A Piece of Your Mind/Half of a Half (반의 반) (tvN, 2020). She asks to get dropped off at the opening of ‘Wokin 4-gil’ and walks into the street, heading to Moon Ha-won’s (Jung Hae-in) house with her heavy bags.

No. 29 — It is at the bus stop Sungwoo Mansion [성우맨션] (Bus Stop No. 14968) right at this street number that Chae Song-a (Park Eun-bin) gets off the bus regularly in Do You Like Brahms? (브람스를 좋아하세요) (SBS, 2020) — as in episode 4 when she runs in her crush Yoon Dong-yoon (Lee You-jin) or in episode 6 when Lee Jung-kyung (Park Ji-hyun) suddenly appears in front of her.

No. 174 — in front of Save the Children HQ [세이브더칠드런 본부] as seen in episode 6 of Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary! (메리는외박중) (KBS2, 2010).

No. 303 — Nam Da-jung (Im Yoon-ah/Yoona) is often seen walking down this street at the height of Izakaya Kana in Prime Minister & I/Prime Minister and I/Prime Minister is Dating (총리와 나) (KBS2, 2013-14).

No. 294 — On his way to a pharmacy, Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) crosses this street at the crossroad in front of the restaurant ‘마포원조주물럭’ in episode 4 of Personal Taste/Personal Preference (개인의 취향) (MBC, 2010).

Other filming locations on this street

No. 25La Retro [라레트로]
No. 27-1 — Broister [브로이스터]
No. 27A Place To Go [어플레이스투고] [closed down]
No. 105 Gonbap [곤밥]
No. 128 Seogang 8-kyoung [서강8경]
No. 136-13 Gortz [괴르츠]
No. 33-1Milky Way Café [몽마르뜨언덕위 은하수다방]
No. 303Izakaya Kana [이자카야 카나]

* * *

Tojeong-ro is a street located in Seoul’s neighborhood Hapjeong [Hapjeong-dong/합정동] in the Mapo District [Mapo-gu/마포구], that runs through other neighborhoods in the area like Seogang [서강동], Sinsu [신수동] and Yonggang [용강동].

A Piece of Your Mind was filmed just in front of the Daesan Electric Co. Ltd building [대산일렉트릭].

Address of Daesan Electric Co. Ltd [대산일렉트릭]
20 Tojeong-ro, Hapjeong-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 마포구 토정로 20
(합정동 197-6 )
Geolocation: 37.545541, 126.912838

Address of 마포원조주물럭
294 Tojeong-ro, Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 마포구 토정로 294
(용강동 45-1)
Geolocation: 37.541017, 126.941725

Getting here
Hapjeong Station [합정역], Seoul Subway Line 2/6, Exit 7

— submitted by Mich KDL
— Photo taken by © Mich KDL, September 2019
Do You Like Brahms?; Personal Taste; Prime Minister & I; Mary Stayed Out All Night added by Marion KDL

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