Terrace One Building [테라스원]

Touch Your Heart (2019); The Liar and His Lover (2017)

Kappo Ku [갓포쿠]
Floor 3

Choi Jin-Hyuk (Lee Jung-Jin),Yoo Hyun-Jung (Park Ji-Young) and her father have a business dinner here in episode 7 of The Liar and His Lover / Lovely Love Lie (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해) (tvN, 2017).

Mercato Y [메르카토와이]
Floor 4

This is where the company dinner of Always Law Firm takes place in episode 5 of Touch Your Heart/Reach of Sincerity (진심이 닿다) (tvN, 2019) and Kwon Jung-rok (Lee Dong-wook) persistently asks Oh Yoon-seo (Yoo In-na) in front of everyone why she had a mood swing the other day.

* * *

Terrace One Building [테라스원] is an office and commercial building in Seoul’s neighborhood Yeouido [Yeouido-dong/여의도동] in the Yeongdeungpo District [Yeongdeungpo-gu/종로구].
Kappo Ku [갓포쿠] is a Japanese restaurant located on the 3rd floor this building and the is a seafood restaurant –or ‘seafood pub’ as they define themselves– Mercato Y [메르카토와이] is located on floor 4 in this building.

Website: mercatoy.kr / kappoku.modoo.at

25 Gukjegeumyung-ro 2-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 영등포구 국제금융로2길 25
(여의도동 25-11)
Geolocation: 37.523470, 126.925431

Getting here
Yeouido Station [여의도역], Seoul Subway Line 5 and Line 9, Exit 3
(3 mins. walk)

— submitted by Marion KDL

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Kappo Ku 11:30-24:00 Breaktime: 15:00-17:00 closed: Sundays -------------------- Mercato Y 11:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00