Suwon Hwaseong Fortress [수원 화성]

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022); Men Are Men (2020); Once Again (2020); Itaewon Class (2020); Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016); Lucky Romance (2016)

Jeongjo-ro 777beon-gil [정조로777번길]

Seo Hyun-joo (Hwang Jung-eum) heads to this staircase in episode 9 of Men Are Men / To All The Guys That Loved Me / That Guy Is The Guy (그놈이 그놈이다) (KBS2, 2020) and finds Hwang Ji-woo (Yoon Hyun-min) waiting for her there. She confronts him about the reason she’s been feeling troubled, which is whether or not he truly has feelings for her — but is finally convinced when he kisses her.

Song Da-hee (Lee Cho-hee) and Yoon Jae-seok (Lee Sang-yi) sit along the stairs along these fortress walls in episode 64 (full episode 32) of Once Again / I Have Been There Once (한 번 다녀왔습니다) (KBS2, 2020), apologizing to each other and making up after their time apart. It is here too that they share their first kiss — and are unknowingly spotted by her older sister Song Na-hee (Lee Min-jung) and his older brother Yoon Kyu-jin (Lee Sang-yeob), who are also unaware that it’s them.

Paldalsan-ro [팔달산로]

The (not existing) bus stop to/from Tae Yang High School is located on this street in Twenty-Five Twenty-One/25 21 (스물다섯 스물하나) (tvN, 2022). In episodes 3 and 5, Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) is seen running down this street to school and in episode 3, Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Go Yoo-rim (Kim Ji-yeon/Bona from WJSN) talk at the bus stop at night and she figures out that Yi-jin wasn’t her first love but his sports car.

While Park Sae-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon) is on his morning jog along this street, Oh Soo-a (Kwon Na-ra) overtakes him as she running toward her interview for the rolling admission to university in episode 1 of Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰) (JTBC, 2020); she had noticed when entering the bus that she had forgotten her ID at home and had no other choice as to run.

The characters in Once Again / I Have Been There Once (한 번 다녀왔습니다) (KBS2, 2020) often come here for evening walks to talk things out with each other — for example, Song Na-hee (Lee Min-jung) and Yoon Kyu-jin (Lee Sang-yeob) in episode 64 (full episode 32), who meet to discuss their relationship.

Jangan park [장안공원]

In a flashback of her time in high school, Kang Mi-rae (Im Soo-hyang) confessed to her friend Yong Chul here, in episodes 1 and 6 of My ID is Gangnam Beauty / ID: Gangnam Beauty (내 아이디는 강남미인) (JTBC, 2018). However, he rejects her calling her ‘Kang Hulk’ or ‘Kang Ork’ and telling her everybody calls her ‘gross.’

Banghwa Pavilion [방화수류정]

As seen in episode 12 of Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스) (MBC, 2016).

Hwahongmun [화홍문]

The surroundings just opposite this gate, and the Suwoncheon Stream (수원천) are seen in episode 12 of Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스) (MBC, 2016).

Other filming locations at this landmark

Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace [화성행궁]


My Girlfriend Is an Agent (7급 공무원) (2009)
The Classic (클래식) (2003)
My Mother and Her Guest (사랑방 손님과 어머니) (1961) [Banghwa Pavilion and Hwahongmun]

Variety Shows Filmed Here

2 Days & 1 Night/1 Night 2 Days/1N2D (1박2일) (KBS2, 2012-13-Season 2), Trip #132 of Season 2’s episodes 427-428, aired on 24 February and 3 March 2013. The episodes were filmed as part of KBS’ 40th anniversary. Locations visited include Janganmun Gate [장안문], the North-East Gate Guard Platform [북동적대] and Hwahongmun.

— Those Who Cross The Line/Crossline (선을 넘는 녀석들) (MBC, 2018) — as seen here.

— Better Late Than Never (NBC, 2015), episode 103 “Seoul Brothers” — the American remake of ‘Grandpa Over Flowers’ (꽃보다 할배). The featured location was the fortress’ East Gate/Changnyeongmun [창룡문].

The Return of Superman (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다) (KBS2, 2013–present), episode 102 — featuring actor Uhm Tae-woong and his daughter Ji-on. Locations visited include Hwahongmun and the Bell of Hyowon [효원의 종].

Travelog Filmed Here

— As featured in ‘Korean Heritage Travelog’ with MONSTA X #1 (몬스타엑스 문화유산견문록 제1화) (문화유산 방문 캠페인, 2020). Locations featured are Janganmun Gate and Banghwasuryujeong Pavillion.

* * *

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress [수원 화성] is a UNESCO World Heritage site that dates back to 1796, when it was constructed by Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. It was built “specifically to memorialize and honor” the Crown Prince Sado, who was put to death by his own father, King Yeongjo, in 1762. The fortress –which took over two years to build, starting from 1794– is also said to be part of the king’s “his political strategy to eradicate faction struggles and establish king-led politics” and to be used “as a fortress of national defense to the south“. In 2021, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism –announced through the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)– selected this fortress as one of the ‘100 Must-Visit Spots in Korea’ for 2021-2022.

The fortress is located in Suwon’s neighborhood Yeonghwa [Yeonghwa/영화동] in the Jangan District [Jangan-gu/장안구]. Its well-maintained walls span 5.74 km in length; visitors can walk along its circumference easily, and also check out the 48 structures situated along it. The closest structure to the Jeongjo-ro 777beon-gil staircase is the South GunTower/Namporu [남포루], while the Once Again park scenes are at the cross of Jeongjo-ro 777beon-gil and Paldalsan-ro, characterised by the ‘tunnel’.

An overall map of the premises can be viewed here.

320-2 Yeonghwa-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 수원시 장안구 영화동 320-2
Geolocation (Janganmun Gate):
37.288592, 127.014440
Geolocation of Jeongjo-ro 777beon-gil stairs (approx.):
37.277400, 127.013959
Geolocation of Paldalsan-ro (approx.):
37.277319, 127.013542

Getting here
Suwon Station [수원역], Gyeongbu HSR/Seoul Subway Line 1/Bundang Line, Exit 9
(8 min. by bus, then 5 min. on foot)

— submitted by Mich KDL
— Photos taken by © Thom Musni and © dihischu 2013

Twenty-Five Twenty-One added by Thom Musni

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  1. Dramas + Movie

    Lr here.

    These are the locations “Love in the Moonlight” used in the Hwaseong Detached Palace (화성 행궁), as per

    1. Jung’yangmun Gate (중양문) & Bongsudang Hall (봉수당)
    1.1. the courtyard in front of Jung’yangmun Gate (with Bongsudang Hall in the rear) was the location of the 1st (Bombastic!) teaser (
    1.2. Bongsudang Hall served mainly as Crown Prince Yi Yeong (Park Bogum)’s residence
    (historical FYI: the 60th birthday banquet of Jeongjo’s mother Lady Hyegyeonggung (posthumous Queen Heon’gyeong; Crown Prince Hyomyeong’s paternal great grandmother) in 1795 was held here, & the festivity’s reenactments are a regular programme)

    2. Jangnakdang Hall (장락당) & Gyeongnyonggwan Raised Hall (경룡관) – featured in the end of ep.4 & the beginning of ep.5, where Yeong failed on finding his “dancer” (Kim Yu-jeong) & Kim Yun-seong (Jung Jinyoung) stalls the Crown Prince
    (FYI: the pillars beneath Gyeongnyeonggwan Raised Hall doubles as the entrance (Jirakmun Gate (지락문)) to Jangnakdang Hall, the latter location serving as Lady Hyegyeonggung’s residence, whose name (“jangnak” 장락 長樂) was Jeongjo’s earnest wish for his mother’s longevity)

    3. Bongnaedang Hall (복내당) – Lady Park (special appearance by the late Jeon Mi-seon; mother of the deaf-and-mute Princess Yeong’on)’s residence

    4. Jangbokmun Gate (장복문) – located in between Jangnakdang & Bongnaedang Halls; where the Queen (Han Su-yeon) slaps Ra-on

    Other dramas/movies that filmed in the Detached Palace (except “Yi San”, all dramas are historical anachronisms, as the location was built in 1794):
    -Jewel in the Palace / Dae Jang-geum
    -The Moon that Embraces the Sun
    -Yi San
    -Rooftop Prince
    -Deep-Rooted Tree / Tree With Deep Roots
    -Masquerade / Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King – Bongnaedang Hall served as the location of the poisoning of palace girl Sa-wol (Shim Eun-gyeong)
    -The Crowned Clown – ep.6: the courtyard of Bongsudang Hall (nameplate replaced to read “Munjeongjeon Hall” (문정전)) was where fake!king Ha-seon (Yeo Jin-gu) orders Minister Shin Chi-su (Kwon Hae-hyo) to cane his son Yi-geom (Choi Kyu-jin) 100 times

    1. hi Lr! thanks for always providing detailed information on sageuks that were filmed at various locations 🙂 actually, we’ve been working on a separate listing for the palace because – as seen in your list above – there would be just too much to note down in this one. we should have most of the info above, but we’ll also cross check against your list to make sure we’ve not missed out on anything. thank you again!

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