Sunshine Studio [논산 선샤인랜드]

Mister Sunshine (2018)

Most of the important scenes in Mister Sunshine/Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) (tvN, 2018) were filmed in this location. First is the majestic Glory Hotel, the official hangout and residence for Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) and Kim Hee Seong (Byun Yo-han) owned by the fierce Kudo Hina (Kim Min Jung). Second is the market area where the boulangerie is from the first time Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) sees Go Ae-shin (Kim Tae-ri) since they were children. It also features the bridge where Eugene Choi and Go Ae-shin meet for the first time during the night of the assassination of an American minister. The scenes that feature Hwalollu (Japanese bar where the three men would meet and drink), the pawnshop owned by the two former slavehunters, Go Ae-shin’s residence, and the first ever railway car in Hanseong (Seoul’s old name), and many more.

* * *

Sunshine Studio [논산 선샤인랜드], officially opened on 2018’s New Years Day, is a colonial-era film set built for and named after Mister Sunshine. It is attached to and part of (Nonsan) Sunshine Land, which is a sort of amusement park centered around the military consisting of a survival game set, a military experience center and a 1950s open film set called ‘Sudden Attack Studio.’
South Korea’s largest military training center, the Korea Army Training Center [육군훈련소], sits right opposite of Sunshine Land, which is located in the village Hwanghwajeong [Hwanghwajeong-ri/황화정리] in Nosan’s township Yeonmu [Yeonmu-eup/연무읍].

102 Bonghwang-ro, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 논산시 연무읍 봉황로 102
(연무읍 황화정리 859-44)
Geolocation: 36.102539, 127.106566

Getting here
Nonsan Station [논산역]
From Nonsan Station Bus Stop [논산역], take Bus No. 216 for 35 stops (around 50 minutes) and get off at Hwangha 4(sa)-ri Bus Stop [황화4리]. Walk for about 10 min.

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  1. Opening

    Hello! Do you happen to know if it’s still open this April as I’ve read on visit korea site that this was closed last Feb?

    1. hello Rochelle! from what we see on their Instagram page (, they’re still very much in business 🙂 you could also ask them on FB if you’d like – search for ‘선샤인스튜디오’. hope this helps!

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