Suju Palbong Campsite [수주팔봉야영지]

It's Beautiful Now (2022); Vincenzo (2021)

Lee Kyeong-cheol (Park In-hwan) brings Jin Su-jeong (Park Ji-young) to this place in episode 39 of It’s Beautiful Now/Now Is Beautiful/It’s Beautiful Right Now (현재는 아름다워) (KBS2, 2022) and [Spoiler].

After his mother’s funeral, Vincenzo Cassano/Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki) and Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin) come to the river bed of this campsite in episode 17 of Vincenzo (빈센조) (tvN/Netflix, 2021).

* * *

Suju Palbong Campsite [수주팔봉야영지] is an outdoor campsite located along the Dalcheon (“Moon”) River (달천) in the village of Munju [Munju-ri/문주리] in Chungju’s Daesowon Township [Daesowon-myeon/대소원면]. The bridge seen in the background in Vincenzo is Suju Palbong Rock Bridge [수주팔봉 출렁다리], which is located on Sujupalbong Peak [수주팔봉/水周八峰], while the Suju Palbong Falls [수주팔봉 폭포] can be seen in the foreground . The pavillon at the top of the peak, Mowonjeong [모원정] was built by a man named Myung-Soo Lee (이명수) to commemorate his parents.

Address of Suju Palbong Campsite [수주팔봉야영지]
1-1 Munju-ri, Daesowon-myeon, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
충북 충주시 대소원면 문주리 산 1-1
Geolocation: 36.899344, 127.923667

Address of Suju Palbong Rock Bridge [수주팔봉 출렁다리]
3-2 Togye-ri, Salmi-myeon, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
충북 충주시 살미면 토계리 산 3-2
Geolocation: 36.898237, 127.924579

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