Steal, Stole, Stolen (continued)

[Edit – 270912] there was a break for a week or so and other sites were hijacked
… and now they are back at it again. It continues: KDL content is downloaded and uploaded on their site: same screenshots, same dramas, all taken.

[Edit – 200912] Thank you all for your messages of support and appreciation since this news came to light. We are so very grateful for and touched by your kind words, offers of help, and even indignance towards the situation at hand. Our hearts are full and spirits strengthened by all, and it gives us the motivation to keep our heads high and to keep going! We will continue to do our best for our readers and supporters, to the best of our ability — with the necessary precautions, of course.
— M2 KDL

A lot of people that run websites, Instagram profiles or Facebook sites have regularly taken information from KDL without credits or courtesy. It hurts. Because it made us feel that all the work everyone puts into KDL is not respected and validated. At all.

Today, we reached the next level. We discovered that KDL has been hijacked.

A website run by a person located in Paris, with the help of three people located in Seoul, literally stole all content from KDL over the past few months and published it on their own website. We have since reached out to this person to demand an explanation and for all our information to be taken down.

In spite of this, we still believe in freely sharing the information we have worked hard to put together and not creating boundaries, such as making KDL a registration-only site, or blocking out users, or even whole countries.

We think it is important to inform all of you because KDL is a project carried by all of us.

Marion and Mich

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