Sinpo-ro 27beon-gil [신포로27번길]

The Veil (2021); Leverage (2019); God's Quiz 5 (2018-19)

This street is seen as where the cafe that Hwang Su-kyung (Jeon Hye-bin) and Choi Se-ri (Park Jung-ah) meet in episode 13 in Leverage (Rebeoriji: Sagijojakdan / 레버리지:사기조작단) (TV Chosun, 2019); however, the interior scenes of the cafe were likely to have been filmed elsewhere.

Kang Kyung-hee (Yoon Joo-hee) chats with Im Si-hyun (Yoo Jung-rae) after speaking to a victim’s acquaintance in episode 9 of Quiz From God: Reboot/God’s Quiz 5 (신의 퀴즈 리부트) (OCN, 2018-19).

Also seen in The Veil/Black Sun (Geom-eun Taeyang/검은 태양) (MBS, 2021 — Source)

Variety Show Filmed Here

Episode 4 of MONSTA X’s variety show Monsta X-Ray Season 2 [몬스타엑스레이2] (JTBC2, 2017) was filmed here, featuring members Jooheon, Shownu and Wonho stopping for a coffee, and checking the tourist map.

* * *

Sinpo-ro 27beon-gil [신포로27번길] is considered a ‘Japanese-style street’ (일본풍거리), which heralds back to the Japanese colonial era. It is located in the Incheon neighborhood Sinpo [Sinpo-dong/신포동] in the Jung District [Jung-gu/중구], within the same area as Incheon Open Port Museum [인천개항박물관] and Incheon Art Platform [인천아트플랫폼]Black and White Photo Studio Woori [흑백사진관 우리] can be found on this street.

Sinpo-ro 27beon-gil, Sinpo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea
인천광역시 중구 신포로27번길
(인천광역시 중구 중앙동1가 )
Geolocation of God’s Quiz 5 scene (approx):
37.472872, 126.622322
Geolocation of Monsta X-ray 2 scene (approx): (in front of #83, with the map):
37.473387, 126.621140

Getting here
Incheon Station [인천역], Seoul Subway Line 1 / Suin Line, Exit 3.
(10 min walk)

— submitted by Mich KDL; last updated 28/06/2022

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