Sigoljip [시골집]

Kkondae Intern (2020); Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon (2020)

In 2015, Lee Man-shik (Kim Eung-soo) sends his intern Ka Yeol-chan (Park Hae-jin) to this restaurant — appearing as ‘Gol Marketplace Rice Soup Restaurant’ in episode 1 (full episode 1) of Kkondae Intern/Old School Intern (꼰대인턴) (MBC, 2020) saying that its owner has accused Ongol Food of having stolen his recipes and Yeol-chan should talk to him a bit to calm him. When Yeol-chan arrives at the restaurant, he saves the owner’s life who then cooks a rice soup for him. When Yeol-chan revisits the restaurant in episode 2 (full episode 1) the owner has passed away.

This restaurant appears as the restaurant run by Moon Seung-mo’s (Eric Mun) mother, Jung Hye-sook (Kwon Ki-seon), in episode 1 in Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon/Unique! Chef Moon/Eccentric! Chef Moon (유별나! 문셰프) (Channel A, 2020) and which is also set fire to in the same episode.

* * *

Sigoljip [시골집] is a restaurant located in Insa [Insa-dong/인사동] — under the administration of Jongno- ga-dong/Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa) [종로1.2.3.4가동] — in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구]. It sits in walking distance to Tapgol Park [탑골공원].

22 Jong-ro 11-gil, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 종로구 종로11길 22
(인사동 230-3)
Geolocation: 37.571326, 126.985841

Getting here
Jonggak Station [종각역], Seoul Subway Line 1, Exit 11
(2 min. walk)

— submitted by Marion KDL

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