Shanghai [상해/上海]

Jinxed At First (2022)

Lee Seul-bi (Seo Ju-hyun/Seohyun of Girls’ Generation) brings everyone together at this restaurant — a chain of meetings kicked off by a prophecy she had for Seon Dong-shik (Choi Jung-woo) — in episode 9 of Jinxed at First/Jinx’s Lover (징크스의 연인) (KBS2, 2022). Seul-bi reunites Gong Soo-kwang (Na In-woo) and Seon Min-joon (Ki Do-hoon) around a table knowing that it is uncomfortable for both of them, but makes it possible to thank them in person for everything they did for her.

* * *

Shanghai [상해/上海] —also known as Shanghae2010 [상해2010]— is a Chinese restaurant that opened in 2010, and most likely named after the same-named second largest city in China. It is located along Gyeonggi Dulle-gil’s (경기둘레길) Paju Path 5 (파주 5코스); a 15.8 km-long walking trail in Paju’s neighborhood Munbal [Munbal-dong [문발동], part of its administrative neighborhood Gyoha [Gyoha-dong/교하동]; in walking distance to/from Dirty Trunk [더티트렁크].

The restaurant’s speciality dish is jjamppong (짬뽕/攙烹), a spicy Korean Chinese noodle soup served either with seafood or pork.

54 Gyoha-ro 863beon-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 파주시 교하로863번길 54
(문발동 79-3)
Geolocation: 37.726208, 126.701114

— submitted by Marion KDL; last updated 17/07/2022

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