Seoul National Cemetery [서울국립현충원]

Why Her (2022); Artificial City (2021-22); My Fellow Citizens! (2019)

Assemblyman Lee In-soo (Jo Young-jin) comes here as a first stop on his official agenda in episode 2 of Why Her/Why Oh Soo-jae (Wae Osujaeinga/왜 오수재인가) (SBS, 2022) and gets an envelope delivered when leaving the cemetery.

On the first day of his campaign, candidate Jung Joon-hyuk (Kim Kang-woo) comes here accompanied by his wife oon Jae-hee (Soo Ae) in episode 18 of Artificial City/Sabotage City/Peacock City (Gongjakdosi/공작도시) (JTBC 2021-22) to pay his respects at the Hyunchungtap Memorial Tower (현충탑).

On the first day of his campaign, Minjin Party assemblyman candidate Kang Soo-il comes here in episode 12 of My Fellow Citizens!/Fellow Citizens (국민 여러분!) (KBS2, 2019) to pay his respects at the Hyunchungtap Memorial Tower (현충탑).

* * *

Established in 1956, Seoul National Cemetery [서울국립현충원] is a military cemetery and memorial to commemorate those who valiantly lost their lives in Korea’s independence struggle and in the Korean War, located in Seoul’s neighborhood of Dongjak [Dongjak-dong/동작동], in the Dongjak District [Dongjak-gu/동작구]. Notable figures laid to rest there include past Presidents like Syngman Rhee and Kim Dae-jung. The cemetery is open to the public, except for certain designated days.

210 Hyunchung-ro, Dongjak-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 동작구 현충로 210
(서울특별시 동작구 동작동 271-18)
Geolocation of Hyunchungtap Memorial Tower: 37.500612, 126.972776

Getting here
Dongjak Station [동작역], Seoul Subway Line 4/9, Exit 7/8
(5 min. walk from Exit 8)

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