Sunwoongak Wedding [선운각웨딩]

One Dollar Lawyer (2022); Kill Heel (2022);The World of The Married (2020); Itaewon Class (2020); Secret Boutique (2019); Sky Castle (2018-19); Clean With Passion For Now (2018-19); Mister Sunshine (2018)

When Cheon Ji-Hun (Namkoong Min) comes here to celebrate his father’s birthday in episode 7 of One Dollar Lawyer (천원짜리 변호사) (SBS, 2022), he notices a car plate related to his investigation.

Managing Director of UNI Home Shopping, Ki Mo-ran (Lee Hye-young), arranges a meeting between Woo Hyun (Kim Ha-neul) and the president of UNI Home Shopping Lee Hyun-wook (Kim Jae-chul) and at this place in episode 2 of Kill Heel (Kilhil/킬힐) (tvN, 2022).

The exterior of this wedding hall appears as restaurant named ‘Heewon’ in episode 1 of The World of The Married/A World of Married Couple (부부의 세계) (JTBC, 2020). Having thoughts that her husband is cheating on her, Sun-woo (Kim Hee-ae) goes to this location after seeing a text message in his husband’s mobile phone from this restaurant saying “On a beautiful night, I want to see you again – Heewon.”

The exterior of this venue appears as Jangga Pub’s CEO Jang Dae-hee (Yoo Jae-myung) home in Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰) (JTBC, 2020) — as seen, for instance, in episode 1.

Choi Ha-in (Song Jae-rim) meets up with his fortune teller client Bodhisattva Wang (Choi Yoo-song) at this venue in episode 15 of Clean With Passion For Now (일단 뜨겁게 청소하라) (JTBC, 2018-19) and shares his conflicting feelings about Gil Oh-sol (Kim Yoo-jung) with her.

Han Seo-jin’s (Yum Jung-ah) mother-in-law Madam Yoon (Jung Ae-ri) lives at this premises in SKY Castle (SKY 캐슬) (JTBC, 2018-19) — as seen in episode 1, for instance.

Also seen in Secret Boutique (시크릿 부티크) (SBS, 2019).

In episode 5 of Mister Sunshine/Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) (tvN, 2018), Japanese soldiers marches into the American Legislation, which appears to be outside of this venue, to capture the American soldier who inflicted harm on a Japanese soldier. After a series of language translations by the interpreters of both parties, Tsuda (Lee Jung-hyun) declares a stand off and both sets of soldiers aim their weapons at each other. Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) asks the Japanese if they are declaring war on the US, which resulted in them marching back to their own base.

* * *

Seonungak Wedding [선운각웨딩] is a wedding venue located in Seoul’s neighborhood Ui [Ui-dong/우이동] — in the Bukhansan National Park [북한산국립공원] — in the Gangbuk District [Gangbuk-gu/강북구]. It is appears to have retained the original name of this hanok premises (‘Seonungak [선운각]‘), which served as one of three places that politicians in the 1980s would hold secret meetings at — one other being Samcheonggak [삼청각]. After the 10.26 incident, other organizations came through to purchase it for their own purposes, such as opening restaurants or places of prayer.

223 Samyang-ro 173-gil, Ui-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 강북구 삼양로173길 223
(우이동 260-6)
Geolocation: 37.655685, 126.999928

Getting here
Suyu Station [수유역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 7
(Best to take bus or taxi from here)

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