Seokparang [석파랑/石坡廊]

Kill Heel (2022); Forecasting Love and Weather (2022); Melancholia (2021); Vincenzo (2021)

Seokparang [석파랑/석파정별당]

Gi Mo-ran (Lee Hye-young) has an appointment at this place in episode 10 of Kill Heel (Kilhil/킬힐) (tvN, 2022).

Ji Yoon-su (Im Soo-jung) meets Noh Yeon-woo (Oh Hye-won) at this restaurant in episode 12 of Melancholia (멜랑꼴리아) (tvN, 2021) to pass her shareholder information to use at an upcoming board meeting. To Yoon-su’s surprise, Ryu Sung-jae (Choi Dae-hoon) walks in shortly after, and Yeon-woo announces that they will be getting married, much to Sung-jae’s chagrin.

Stone Hill [스톤힐]

Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang) brings his girlfriend Chae Yoo-jin (Kim Ah-young/Yura of Girl’s Day) to this restaurant in episode 1 of Forecasting Love and Weather/Weather People (기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편) (JTBC/Netflix, 2022) as she had told him once that she wanted to come here. While he is all enthusiastic that he had remembered this wish, she tells him she’d already been here.

Ryu Sung-jae (Choi Dae-hoon) heads out to try catching Ji Yoon-su (Im Soo-jung) in episode 12 of Melancholia (멜랑꼴리아) (tvN, 2021), in order to pass her phone back, which she’d left behind at the restaurant.

This is seen as the exterior of Jang Joon-woo/Jang Han-seok’s (Ok Taec-yeon from 2PM) house in Vincenzo (빈센조) (tvN/Netflix, 2021) — as seen in episode 18, when he runs down the stone staircase after being attacked by intruders.

Variety Show Filmed Here

— Episode 1 of Youn’s Stay/Youn Stay (윤스테이) (tvN, 2021) (cast members’ first meeting over a meal)

* * *

Established in 1993, Seokparang [석파랑/石坡廊] is a Korean table d’hote restaurant located in Seoul’s neighborhood Hongji [Hongji-dong/홍지동] —administered by the neighborhood Buam [Buam-dong/부암동]— in the Jongno District [Jongno-gu/종로구].

This Korean restaurant consists of two meaningful buildings: ‘Bonchae [본채]’, which was where the birthplace of Empress Sunjeong was moved to from Okin-dong; and ‘Byeolchae [별채]’, part of the villa ‘Seokpajeong’ (석파정/石坡亭) owned by 19th century Regent of Joseon Heungseon Daewongun – of which ‘Seokpa’ was his penname. It is designated as Seoul Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 23. Originally collected in the same space by traditional calligrapher Sohn Jae-hyung (1903-1981), the buildings were eventually bought over from their descendants by Seokparang’s owner Kim Joo-won in 1989.

Stone Hill [스톤힐], which has the tagline ‘Italian dining with a view’, is an affiliated Italian restaurant that has been in operation since before or around 2014.

In 2019, the Seokparang Art Hall was established in this complex.

Instagram: @seokparang / Website (Stone Hill):

309 Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 종로구 자하문로 309
(홍지동 125-2)
Geolocation (Seokparang): 37.599320, 126.958723
Geolocation (Stone Hill): 37.598810, 126.958904

Getting Here
Hongje Station [홍제역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 1 or 2
(prepare for a long walk or take a bus or taxi from here)

— submitted by Mich KDL
Kill Heel; Forecasting Love and Weather added by Marion KDL

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