Seogang Bridge [서강대교]

Doctor Cha (2023); The Real Has Come! (2023); Call It Love (2023); Taxi Driver 2 (2023); Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023); Curtain Call (2022); Reborn Rich (2022); Cheer Up (2022); One Dollar Lawyer (2022); If You Wish Upon Me (2022); Today's Webtoon (2022); Why Her (2022); Our Beloved Summer (2021-22); Dali and Cocky Prince (2021); Monthly Magazine Home (2021); Undercover (2021); Blue Spring From A Distance (2021); My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021); Move To Heaven (2021); So I Married An Anti-Fan (2021); Navillera (2021); Taxi Driver (2021); Oh My Ladylord (2021); Hello, Me! (2021); Awaken (2020-21); Birthcare Centre (2020); Private Lives (2020); Backstreet Rookie (2020); More Than Friends (2020); Start-Up (2020); Record of Youth (2020); Alice (2020); Flower of Evil (2020); Men Are Men (2020); Good Casting (2020); The King: Eternal Monarch (2020); Kkondae Intern (2020); When My Love Blooms (2020); Oh My Baby (2020); Soul Mechanic (2020); 365: Repeat the Year (2020); Hyena (2020); My Holo Love (2020); Love With Flaws (2019-20); VIP (2019); Love Alarm (2019); The Great Show (2019); Catch the Ghost (2019); When The Devil Calls Your Name (2019); Mother of Mine (2019); Hotel del Luna (2019); Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019); Perfume (2019); Her Private Life (2019); He Is Psychometric (2019); Fates and Furies (2018-19); Encounter (2018-19); My Only One (2018-19); I Picked up a Star on the Road (2018); Twelve Nights (2018); The Third Charm (2018); Devilish Joy (2018); The Beauty Inside (2018); Why Secretary Kim (2018); Are You Human? (2018); Investigation Couple (2018); Rich Man (2018); Suits (2018); While You Were Sleeping (2017); Temperature of Love (2017); The Best Hit (2017); Suspicious Partner (2017); Bride of the Water God 2017 (2017); Whisper (2017); Chief Kim (2017); Legend of the Blue Sea (2016); High-End Crush (2015-16); Bubblegum (2015); Beating Again (2015); Ex-Girlfriends' Club (2015); Rosy Lovers (2014-15); Healer (2014-15); A Witch’s Love (2014); Bel Ami (2013-14); Shark (2013); The Greatest Love (2011); Daemul (2010); A Star's Lover (2009); Who Are You? (2008); Coffee Prince (2007); Dalja’s Spring (2007); The Snow Queen (2006-07); Green Rose (2005); She Is Nineteen (2004); I'm Sorry, I Love You (2004); Winter Sonata (2002); Beautiful Days (2001)

After their team outing in episode 4 of Doctor Cha/Doctor Cha Jung-sook (닥터 차정숙) (JTBC, 2023), Cha Jung-sook (Uhm Jung-hwa) and colleague Roy Kim (Min Woo-hyuk) cross this bridge at night on his motorbike.

After breaking up with her boyfriend in episode 8 of The Real Has Come!/The Real One Has Appeared/The Real Deal (진짜가 나타났다!) (KBS2, 2023), Yoo Jae-yi (Gong Yoo-myung) takes the taxi across this bridge back home and finds out that she only has 1 Dollar on her.

The taxi Shim Woo-joo (Lee Sung-kyung) takes in episode 1 of Call It Love (Sarang-ira Malhaeyo/사랑이라 말해요) (Disney+, 2023) drives over this bridge.

The bus Han Gye-jeol (Im Soo-hyang) takes in episode 1 of Kokdu: Season of Deity (Kkokduui Gyejeol/꼭두의 계절) (MBC, 2023) traverses this bridge.

Jeong Sang-cheol (Sung Dong-il) drives Ja Geum-soon (Go Doo-shim) and her grandson Ri Moon-sung (Noh Sang-hyun) across this bridge to watch Yoo Jae-heon’s (Kang Ha-neul) theater show ‘Curtain Call’ in final episode 16 of Curtain Call (커튼콜/Keoteunkol) (KBS2, 2022).

Jin Dong-ki (Jo Han-chul) and daughter Jin Ye-jun (Cho Hye-joo) are driven over this bridge in episode 14 of Reborn Rich (Jaebeoljip Mangnaeadeul/재벌집 막내아들) (JTBC, 2022) and they discuss strategies. In final episode 16, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) drives across this bridge to visit his parents.

Jin Sun-ho (Kim Hyun-jin) mother brings him and Do Hae-yi (Han Ji-hyun) to the meet-up place from where the cheerleading team departs on a MT in episode 12 of Cheer Up (Chieor-eop/치얼업) (SBS, 2022) and when diving across this bridge, Sun-ho tells his mother that she has to learn not wanting to control everyone.

Cheon Ji-hun (Namkoong Min) drives over this bridge in episode 1 of One Dollar Lawyer (천원짜리 변호사) (SBS, 2022).

Yoon Gyeo-ree (Ji Chang-wook) follows the creator couple that had abound his dog Sonny across this bridge by car in episode 8 of If You Wish Upon Me/If You Say Your Wish Tell Me Your Wish (당신이 소원을 말하면) (KBS2, 2022).

Seok Ji-hyung (Choi Daniel) and On Ma-eum (Kim Se-jeong) cross this bridge in his car after their visit to webtoon writer Baek Eo-jin (Kim Kap-soo) in episode 1 of Today’s Webtoon (Oneurui weptun/오늘의 웹툰) (SBS, 2022).

Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) drives over this bridge in episode 5 of Why Her/Why Oh Soo-jae (Wae Osujaeinga/왜 오수재인가) (SBS, 2022).

Choi Woong (Choi Woo-shik) and Kook Yeon-su (Kim Da-mi) drive over this bridge on their date in episode 13 of Our Beloved Summer/That Year We (그 해 우리는) (SBS/Netflix, 2021-22).

The taxi that Jin Moo-hak (Kim Min-jae) takes in episode 1 of Dali and Cocky Prince/Dal-ri and Gamja-tang (달리와 감자탕) (KBS2, 2021) crosses this bridge on its way to the airport. He is driven over this bridge again in episode 2 and his car drives in parallel with Kim Dal-ri’s (Park Gyu-young) taxi who just returned to South Korea.

Na Young-won (Jung So-min) and Yoo Ja-sung (Kim Ji-suk) drive over this bridge in his car in episode 8 of Monthly Magazine Home/Monthly House (월간 집) (JTBC, 2021) on their way to another location visit. In episode 14, the cross this bridge again; [Spoiler] as it is just after their break-up the atmosphere between them is a little cold.

Different parties cross this bridge all heading to ‘Mi World’ in episode 11 of Undercover (Eondeokeobeo/언더커버) (JTBC, 2021).

When returning from their visit to their parents, Yeo Joon (Park Ji-hoon) and his older brother Yeo Joon-wan (Na In-woo) cross this bridge in episode 3 of Blue Spring From A Distance/At a Distance, Spring is Green (멀리서 보면 푸른 봄) (KBS2, 2021).

After picking up Lee Dam (Hyeri of Girl’s Day) from her university, Shin Woo-yeo (Jang Ki-yong) drives across this bridge in episode 3 of My Roommate Is A Gumiho/Frightening Cohabitation (간 떨어지는 동거) (tvN, 2021).

Han Geu-roo (Tang Joon-sang) and Jo Sang-koo (Lee Je-hoon) drive across this bridge in episode 9 of Move To Heaven/Move To Heaven: I Am a Person Who Arranges Articles Left by Deceased (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다) (Netflix, 2021).

Oh In-hyeong (Han Ji-an) writes a thank you message to Who-joon (Choi Tae-Joon) when her van crosses this bridge in episode 1 of So I Married An Anti-Fan (그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다) (Naver TV, 2021) for helping her out earlier at an agency. In episode 7, her van crosses this bridge again.

The bus Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang) takes in episode 11 of Navillera/Like A Butterfly (나빌레라) (tvN, 2021) crosses this bridge.

Kim Do-ki (Lee Je-hoon) speeds over this bridge in the opening scenes in episode 1 of Taxi Driver/Deluxe Taxi (모범택시) (SBS, 2021).

After arriving in Seoul from Paris, Jeong Yu-jin (Kang Min-hyuk of CNBLUE) calls Oh Joo-in (Im Jin-ah/Nana from After School) while being driven over this bridge in episode 3 of Oh My Ladylord/Oh! Master (오! 주인님) (MBC, 2021).

The ambulance with which Ban Ha-ni (Choi Kang-hee) is brought to the hospital crosses this bridge in episode 1 of Hello, Me!/안녕? 나야! (KBS2, 2021). In episode 8, Ji Ok-jung (Yoon Bok-in) drives her mother Lee Hong-nyeon (Kim Yong-rim) over this bridge in her taxi

The opening chase scene in Awaken/Day and Night (낮과 밤) (tvN, 2020-21) takes place on this bridge.

Kim Do-yoon (Yoon Park) leaves his co-workers along this bridge in episode 1 of Birthcare Center/ Postnatal Care Center (산후조리원) (tvN, 2020), after getting a call from his wife Oh Hyun-jin (Uhm Ji-won) that she was going into delivery.

The car that Jeong Bok-gi (Kim Hyo-jin) is in with Assemblyman Yoo Byeong-jun heads over this bridge in episode 12 of Private Lives/Private Life/Sasaenghwal (사생활) (JTBC, 2020).

Yoo Yeon-joo (Han Sun-hwa) and Choi Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) drive over this bridge after he fetches her from her house in episode 5 of Backstreet Rookie/Convenience Store Saet-byul (편의점 샛별이) (SBS, 2020).

Kyung Woo-yeon (Shin Ye-eun) and On Joon-soo (Kim Dong-joon of ZE:A) drive over this bridge in his car twice in episode 8 of More Than Friends/Number Of Cases (Kyeongueui Su/경우의 수) (JTBC, 2020).

Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho) drives across this bridge en route to the Sandbox building to participate in a panel discussion in episode 1 of Start-Up (스타트업) (tvN/Netflix, 2020).

An Jeong-ha’s (Park So-dam) bus crosses this bridge in episode 3 of Record of Youth/The Moment/Youth Record (청춘기록) (tvN, 2020) when she is on her way to meet up with Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum).

Park Jin-gyeom (Joo Won) and Yoon Tae-yi (Kim Hee-seon) drive across this bridge in episode 6 of Alice (Aelliseu/앨리스)(SBS, 2020).

Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) drives his wife Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won) and their daughter Eun-ha (Jung Seo-yeon) over this bridge on their way to celebrate Hee-sung’s birthday with his parents in episode 1 of Flower of Evil (악의 꽃) (tvN, 2020).

Jo Young (Woo Do-hwan) drives over this bridge in episode 12 of The King: Eternal Monarch (더킹:영원의 군주) (SBS, 2020) tailing Koo Eun-ah (Jung Eun-chae).

Seo Hyun-joo (Hwang Jung-eum) rushes over this bridge while heading to the airport in episode 1 of Men Are Men / To All The Guys That Loved Me / That Guy Is The Guy (그놈이 그놈이다) (KBS2, 2020), to get a hold of Park Do-gyeom (Seo Ji-hoon) who had claimed he was going to take a ‘break’ overseas. In episode 3, Hwang Ji-woo (Yoon Hyun-min) drives over this bridge and hears about the heavy storms in the mountainous area of Gangwon Province, where Hyun-joo and Do-gyeom were heading.

Kang Woo-won (Lee Joon-young/Jun of U-KISS) drives over this bridge direction of Im Ye-eun (Yu In-young) in episode 13 of Good Casting (굿캐스팅) (SBS, 2020).

In 2015, Ka Yeol-chan (Park Hae-jin) — after having handed in his resignation letter and hearing about Eom Han-gil’s (Kim Ki-cheon) death — walks aimlessly through Seoul and arrives at this bridge in episode 2 (full episode 1) of Kkondae Intern/Old School Intern (꼰대인턴) (MBC, 2020). When having ‘bad thoughts’, he gets a text message from his mother and tells himself: “I’ll survive and show this world that I am still useful.”

The bus that Yoon Ji-soo (Lee Bo-young) takes back home in episode 2 of When My Love Blooms/The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (화양연화 – 삶이 꽃이 되는 순간) (tvN, 2020) crosses this bridge.

The bus that Jang Ha-ri (Jang Na-ra) takes at the very beginning of episode 1 of Oh My Baby (오 마이 베이비) (tvN, 2020), while listening to a radio show, drives over this bridge.

Lee Shi-Joon (Shin Ha-Kyun) recalls in episode 7 (full episode 4) of Soul Mechanic/Fix You/Soul Repairer (영혼수선공) (KBS2, 2020) how he got a call from (his now patient) Park Ru-oh/Luo (Park Sang-hoon) on his radio channel saying that he is on this bridge and somebody is calling him. Shi-joon immediately leaves his studio and frantically drives to this bridge and is just in time to save the young boy.

After reading out a listener’s story on his podcast, in which they said that they hear voices telling them to jump in front of a car on this bridge, Lee Shi-joon (Shin Ha-kyun) rushes over in time to help, in episode 7 (full episode 4) of Soul Mechanic/Fix You/Soul Repairer (영혼수선공) (KBS2, 2020).

Ji Hyung-joo (Lee Joon-hyuk) drives over this bridge at the beginning of episode 1 of 365: Repeat the Year/365: One Year Against Destiny (365: 운명을 거스르는 1년) (MBC, 2020).

After winning the ‘White Scandal’ law suit in episode 1 of Hyena (하이에나/Haiena) (SBS, 2020) Ka Ki-hyeok (Jun Suk-ho) drives Yoon Hee-jae (Ju Ji-hoon) over this bridge back to their law firm while listening to Drunken Tiger’s “Double Up” to celebrate their win.

Yeon Gang-woo (Lee Ki-chan) drives Han So-yeon (Ko Sung-hee) back home after work, and they across this bridge in episode 2 of My Holo Love/I Holo You (나 홀로 그대) (Netflix, 2020). AI hologram ‘Holo’ (Yoon Hyun-min) sits behind So-yeon, trying to give her dating advice, but she’s determined to do things her way.

Park Hyun-Soo (Heo Jeong-Min) drives Lee Kang-woo (Ahn Jae-hyeon) over this bridge after having picked him up from his class reunion in episode 3 (full episode 2) of Love With Flaws (하자있는 인간들) (MBC, 2019-20).

Park Sung-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) and Na Jung-sun (Jang Na-ra) drives across this bridge in her car, steeped in silence, in episode 6 (full episode 3) of VIP/V.I.P. (브이아이피/Beuiaipi) (SBS, 2019). In episode 9 (full episode 5), this bridge is again seen in the distance as Jung-sun drives alone.

Kim Hyeong-ja (Song Ok-suk) gives an interview on the 30th anniversary of Seoul’s subway police while being escorted in her car over this bridge in episode 1 of Catch the Ghost (유령을 잡아라) (tvN, 2019).

Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) drives over this bridge on his way to meet Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun) at the library in episode 6 of Love Alarm (좋아하면 울리는) (Netflix, 2019).

The ambulance transporting a badly injured Ha Rib (Jung Kyoung-ho) crosses this bridge in episode 2 of When The Devil Calls Your Name (악마가 너의 이름을 부를 때) (tvN, 2019). In episode 3, Kim Yi-kyung (Lee Seol) drives Ha Rib across this bridge.

As seen in episode 66 of Mother of Mine/My Prettiest Daughter in the World (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸) (KBS2, 2019).

Goo Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) drives Jang Man-wol (IU/Lee Ji-eun) in her car across this bridge in episode 2 of Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나) (tvN, 2019).

Park Moo-jin (Ji Jin-hee) drives on this bridge with his wife and son when he suddenly bumps into a car because traffic has stopped totally in episode 1 of Designated Survivor: 60 Days (60일, 지정생존자) (tvN, 2019). They get out of the car and witness the explosion in The National Assembly from this bridge.

Yoon Min-seok (Kim Min-kyu) and Min Ye-rin (Go Won-hee) in his car in episode 16 (full episode 8) of Perfume/Peopyoom (퍼퓸) (KBS2, 2019).

Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) and Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young) cross this bridge in episode 5 of Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) (tvN, 2019) when coming back from their visit to author Not Seek who owns photos they wish to include in their celebrity collection exhibition.

Kang Joon-hyuk (Sung Hoon) teaches Lee Yeon-seo (Kim Ga-eun) to drive at the foot of this bridge in episode 8 of I Picked up a Star on the Road/I Picked Up a Celebrity from the Street (나는 길에서 연예인을 주웠다) (Oksusu, 2018). Later, they eat ramyeon and he explains to her why he insists on quality food.

Prosecutor Kang Sung-mo (Kim Kwon) drives along this bridge while talking to Lee An (Jin-young of GOT7) in episode 2 of He is Psychometric/That Psychometric Guy (사이코메트리 그녀석) (tvN, 2019).

The frustrated Cha family heads back home over this bridge after a birthday party with their in-laws that was not one in episode 5 of Fates & Furies/Fates and Furies (운명과 분노) (SBS, 2018-19).

Wang Dae-ryook (Lee Jang-woo) and Kim Do-ran (Kim Yoo-Jin/Uee of former After School) drive over this bridge when going bulgogi-tasting for work in episode 28 of My Only Love/My Only One (하나뿐인 내편) (KBS2, 2018-19).

In episode 14 of Encounter/Boyfriend (남자친구) (tvN, 2018-19), Kim Jin-hyeok (Park Bo-gum) accompanies Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) to visit an art gallery during the weekend and they drive across this bridge leaving (Geolocation: 37.545338, 126.930356) and coming back (Geolocation 37.540902, 126.927509) home. In episode 15, Jung Woo-seok (Jang Seung-jo) rushes to see Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) also driving across this bridge (geolocation 37.534191, 126.923101), after he heard about her father’s confession of corruption.

Lee Baek-man (Jang Hyun-sung) drives over this bridge towards his guest house with Han Yoo-kyung (Han Seung-yeon, formerly of Kara) on the passenger seat whom he gives a lift from Incheon International Airport to Bukchon Hanok Village in episode 1 of Twelve Nights (열두밤) (Channel A, 2018) on the first day of her short 4-days stay in Seoul in 2010.

On Joon-young (Seo Kang-joon) and Lee Young-jae (E-som) drive across this bridge in episode 4 of The Third Charm / The 3rd Charm (제3의 매력) (JTBC, 2018) after he picked her up from the restaurant she met her high school friends at. While on the road, they both receive phone calls from Detective Jung and Joo-ran (Lee Yoon-ji) respectively, who had gone out on a disastrous blind date together.

Gong Ma-sung (Choi Jin-hyuk) is driven over this bridge by his secretary and chauffeur Yang Woo-jin (Jang In-sub) in episode 10 of Devilish Joy (마성의 기쁨) (MBN/Dramax, 2018).

Seo Do-jae (Lee Min-ki) crosses this bridge in his car, when his secretary tells him he knows the whereabouts of Han Se-gye (Seo Hyun-jin) in episode 1 of The Beauty Inside / Byooti Insaideu (뷰티 인사이드) (JTBC, 2018). This makes Do-jae do a U-turn, crossing this bridge in the other direction.

Lee Young-joon’s (Park Seo-joon) brother Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan) calls his parents just after returning to South Korea, while driving over this bridge in episode 3 of Why Secretary Kim/What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까) (tvN, 2018).

Robot Nam Shin III (Seo Kang-joon) rides over this bridge on his motorbike in episode 8 of Are You Human?/Are You Human Too (너도 인간이니?) (KBS2, 2018) to get to human Nam Shin, and prevent him from being discovered.

We are introduced to new prosecutor Eun Sol (Jung Yu-mi) as she drives across this bridge in episode 1 of Partners for Justice / Investigation Couple (검법남녀) (MBC, 2018).

CEO Lee Yoo-Chan (Suho of EXO) crosses this bridge on his motorbike on his way to work in episode 1 of Rich Man (리치맨) (MBN/Dramax, 2018).

This bridge appears in a sequence in episode 2 of Suits (슈츠) (KBS2, 2018) and in episode 3, Go Yeon-woo (Park Hyung-sik) crosses this bridge on his bike on his way to his office.

Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) takes a bus to his workplace in episode 7 of While You Were Sleeping (2017) (당신이 잠든 사이에) (SBS, 2017). While the bus is crossing this bridge, he falls asleep. Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) saw this scene in her dream, and also that he’d miss his bus stop, so she also took this bus to wake him up at the right moment.

Lee Hyun-soo (Seo Hyun-jin) crosses this bridge in the convertible of her best friend Ji Hong-ah (Jo Bo-ah) to let off steam in episode 3 of Temperature of Love (사랑의 온도) (SBS, 2017). In episode 5, Park Jung-woo (Kim Jae-wook) drives over this bridge while he calls Hyun-soo.

Lee Gwang-jae (Cha Tae-hyun) drives over this bridge with his father Lee Soon-tae (Lee Deok-hwa) and the two starlets from his entertainment company in episode 7 of KBS2’s The Best Hit (최고의 한방) (2017).

Habaek (Nam Joo-hyuk) and his servant Nam Soo-ri (Park Kyu-sun) cross this bridge in a taxi in episode 2 of Bride of the Water God 2017 (하백의 신부 2017) (tvN, 2017) in direction of Yoon So-ah’s (Shin Se-kyung) house. Habaek is fascinated by driving cars and commands the taxi driver that he wants to take over the steering wheel; which gets them thrown out of the taxi once over the bridge.

In episode 12 of Suspicious Partner (수상한 파트너) (SBS, 2017), Ji Eun-hyuk (Choi Tae-joon) and Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) pass this bridge when Eun-hyuk drives Bong-hee back home (what actually Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook) had intended to do.

While crossing this bridge with his wife Choi Soo-yeon (Park Se-young) and secretary in episode 2 of Whisper (귓속말) (SBS, 2017), Lee Dong-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) gets an introduction to Taebaeck Law Firm; his father-in-law’s company that he will integrate.

Seogang Bridge is also showcased in Chief Kim/Good Manager (김과장) (KBS2, 2017), for instance, in episode 4 – the Chinese clients heading over to TQ Corporation crosses this bridge.

A hungry Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) looks for fish here in episode 7 of Legend of the Blue Sea (푸른 바다의 전설) (SBS, 2016-17). While doing so, she meets fellow mermaid Yoo Jung-hoon (Cho Jung-seok).

Choi Se-hoon (Jung Il-woo) and Department Head Heo (Lee Si-eon) drive across this bridge in episode 6 of High-End Crush (고품격 짝사랑) (MBN, 2015-16).

Park Ri-hwan (Lee Dong-wook) and Kim Haeng-ah (Jung Ryeo-won) drive over this bridge in episode 4 of Bubblegum/Bubble Gum (풍선껌) (tvN, 2015). In episode 5, Ri-hwan dries over this bridge again. In episode 6, Oh Se-young (Kim Jung-nan) and Ye Joon-soo (An Woo-yeon) cross this bridge on his scooter.

Kang Hyun-cheol (Park Young-gyu), current CEO of Hermia Group, is driven over this bridge in episode 2 of Beating Again/Falling in Love with Soon Jung/Falling for Innocence (순정에 반하다) (JTBC, 2015). In final episode 16, Kang Min-ho (Jung Kyung-ho) drives over this bridge.

Bang Myeong-soo (Byun Yo-han) and Kim Soo-jin (Song Ji-hyo) cross this bridge in his car on the way to their first (picnic) date in episode 9 of Ex-Girlfriends’ Club/Ex-Girlfriend Club (구여친클럽) (tvN, 2015).

Seo Jung-hoo (Ji Chang-wook) changes into his work outfit, while Kang Dae-young (Taemi) drives him over this bridge in episode 7 of Healer (힐러) (KBS2, 2014-15).

Lee Young-kook (Park Sang-won) stops here in episode 14 of Rosy Lovers (장미빛 연인들) (MBC, 2014-15) on his bike tour in the Yeouido Hangang Park.

After a fall-out with Ban Ji-yeon (Uhm Jung-hwa), Yoon Dong-ha (Park Seo-joon) crosses this bridge with his scooter in episode 6 of A Witch’s Love/Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) (tvN, 2014).

Dokgo Ma-te (Jang Keun-suk) drives over this bridge in episode 11 of Bel Ami/Pretty Man/Pretty Boy/Beautiful Man (예쁜남자) (KBS2, 2013-14) to visit Kim Bo-Tong (IU/Lee Ji-Eun) in the hospital.

Oh Joon-young (Ha Seok-jin) drives over this bridge in episode 17 of Shark (상어) (KBS2, 2013).

When being driven over this bridge in his van in episode 1 of The Greatest Love/Best Love (최고의 사랑) (MBC, 2011), Dok Ko-jin (Cha Seung-won) is happy to hear from his manager that his film Figther had better ratings than the drama he watches on his van’s screen with main actor Kim Jun-sung (in reality Kim Nam-gil in Queen Seon-deok); a drama that is said to be the end of Kim’s career (in reality, it was a huge boost to it).

Seo Hye-rim (Go Hyun-jung) drives across this bridge listing to radio news about her husband’s disappearance in episode 1 of Daemul/Dae Mul/Big Thing/Lady President (대물) (SBS, 2010).

To explain Lee Ma-ri’s (Choi Ji-woo) popularity, Jun Byung-joon (Jung Woon-taek) shares gossips with his friends in episode 1 of Star’s Lover/Celebrity Sweetheart/Celebrity Lover (스타의 연인) (SBS, 2009) about how one of her ex-boyfriends attempted suicide in jumping of this bridge.

Son Young-in (Go Ara) and her father Son Il-gun (Kang Nam-gil) cross this bridge in episode 1 of Who Are You? (Nuguseyo?/누구세요?) (MBC, 2008) on his motorbike.

Ko Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) and Choi Han-gyeol (Gong Yoo) cross this bridge in his convertible in episode 2 of Coffee Prince/The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점) (MBC, 2007).

Oh Dal-ja (Chae Rim) and Uhm Ki-joong (Lee Hyun-woo) are driven over this bridge by his chauffeur in episode 4 of Dal-ja’s Spring/Dalja’s Springtime/Spring of Dal-ja (달자의 봄) (KBS2, 2007). When back in Seoul in final episode 22, Oh Dal-ja (Chae Rim) drives over this bridge on her own guided by a GPS.

Kim Bo-ro (Sung Yoo-ri) and Han Deuk-gu (Hyun Bin) cross this bridge in a bus when he accompanies her back home in episode 5 of The Snow Queen (눈의 여왕) (KBS2, 2006-07). “Pretty,” he says looking at her and she thinks he means her but he retorts that it is, of course, the night view he is commenting on.

Lee Jung-Hyun (Ko Soo) goes to the top of this bridge and keeps up his inner dialogue with Oh Soo-ah (Lee Da-hae) in episode 17 of Green Rose (그린로즈) (SBS, 2005).

In episode 8 of She Is Nineteen/My Sister-in-Law is 19/My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law (형수님은 열아홉) (SBS, 2004), Kang Min-jae (Kim Jae-won) comes here and finally plucks up his courage to call his long-time crush in the States and learns that she considers him her best friend — but nothing more.

Choi Yoon (Jung Kyoung-Ho) drives over this bridge to meet up with Cha Moo-Hyuk (So Ji-Sub) for a swim in episode 4 of I’m Sorry, I Love You (미안하다 사랑한다) (KBS2, 2004) and they both driver over it again back from swimming; this time Moo-Hyun on the drivers seat.

Kang Jun-sang/Lee Min-hyung (Bae Yong-jun) drives over this bridge when talking on the phone with his mother in episode 15 of Winter Sonata (겨울 연가/겨울연가) (KBS2, 2002).

This bridge lies on Lee Min-Chul (Lee Byung-Hun) way to work from home in Beautiful Days (아름다운 날들) (SBS, 2001). He crosses it alone by car in episode 3 and together with Kim Yun-Soo (Choi Ji-Woo) in his car to work at the beginning of episode 5. In episode 7, Yun-soo crosses again this bridge, this time on the backseat of Lee Sun-Jae’s (Ryu Si-Won) motorbike.

Also seen in Taxi Driver 2/Taxi Driver Season 2 (모범택시2) (SBS, 2023); in final episode 16 of The Great Show/Widaehan Sho (위대한 쇼) (tvN, 2019).

Movie filmed here

— After a failed suicide attempt Kim Seong-geun (Jung Jae-young) is washed up on the Bamseom islets beneath Seogang Bridge in Castaway On The Moon (김씨 표류기) (2009).
The Host (괴물/Gwoemul) (2006)
The Aggressives (Tae-pung tae-yang/태풍태양) (2005)

Variety Show Filmed Here

— As seen in Episode 314 of My Neighbor Charles (이웃집 찰스) (KBS1, 2015-present)

* * *

Seogang Bridge [서강대교] is characterized by a red metal structure on its northern part. It is usually also where filming of drama scenes takes place. This part of the bridge is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Hajung [Hajung-dong/하중동] in the Mapo District [Mapo-gu/마포구]. Also, in contrast to other bridges, most drama scenes feature its characters driving/riding across this bridge.

Geolocation of the red metal structure: 37.541440, 126.927934
Geolocation of Legend of the Blue Sea scene: 37.533732, 126.923299

Getting here
Gwangheungchang Station [광흥창역], Seoul Subway Line 6, Exit 5 or 6

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— Photos taken by © Mich KDL, September 2019
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  1. Another movie

    Another movie that featured this bridge was Castaway On The Moon (김씨 표류기) released in 2009. After a failed suicide attempt Kim Seong-geun (Jung Jae-young) is washed up on the Bamseom islets beneath Seogang Bridge. This film shows a very different view of the bridge!

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