SBS Prism Tower [SBS프리즘타워]

Her Private Life (2019); Fates and Furies (2018-19); Temperature of Love (2017); Jealousy Incarnate (2016); Beautiful Gong Shim (2016); The Time We Were Not In Love (2015)

Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young) passes by this building on her way to a White Ocean concert in episode 1 of Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) (tvN, 2019).

The SBS Prism Tower appears as the headquarters of Tae In-joon’s (Joo Sang-wook) company ‘Gold Shoes’ in Fates & Furies/Fates and Furies (운명과 분노) (SBS, 2018-19) at which he has for instance a business meeting with Jin Tae-o (Lee Ki-woo) in episode 4.

Ji Hong-ah (Jo Bo-ah) submits manuscripts to Yoo Hong-jin (Ryu Jin) in episode 16 of Temperature of Love (사랑의 온도) (SBS, 2017) and Min Yi-bok (Song Young-kyu) joins them.

It also appears as the SBC Building in Jealousy Incarnate (질투의 화신) (SBS, 2016); Star Group’s main building in Beautiful Gong Shim (미녀 공심이) (SBS, 2016), and the Tandy corporate HQ in The Time We Were Not In Love/The Time That I Loved You/The Time I’ve Loved You (너를 사랑한 시간) (SBS, 2015).

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SBS Prism Tower [SBS프리즘타워] is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Sangam-dong [상암동] in the Mapo District. It sits right in the heart of Sangam Digital Media City.

82 Sangamsan-ro, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 마포구 상암산로 82
(서울 마포구 상암동 1607-1)
Geolocation: 37.579725, 126.892693

Getting here
Digital Media City Station [디지털미디어시티역], Seoul Subway Line 6, Exit 9

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