Samcheonggak [삼청각]

It's Beautiful Now (2022); Leverage (2019); Melting Me Softly (2019); The Last Empress (2018-19); Terrius Behind Me (2018); Heart Surgeons (2018); Incarnation of Money (2013); Feast of the Gods (2012); Gourmet (2008); Goong (2006)

Lee Hyun-jae’s (Yoon Si-yoon) and Hyun Mi-rae’s (Bae Da-bin) respective families meet up for an introduction before their impeding wedding at this complex in episode 36 of It’s Beautiful Now/Now Is Beautiful/It’s Beautiful Right Now (현재는 아름다워) (KBS2, 2022).

This complex appears as part of the royal palace in Goong/Princess Hours (궁) (MBC, 2006) as seen, for instance, in episodes 14 and 15.

Juha Pavillion [삼청각 유하정]

Politicians who have a lunch meeting at this pavilion and discuss inviting Ma Dong-chan (Ji Chang-wook) to become a member of their party in episode 6 of Melting Me Softly/Let Me Melt (날 녹여주오) (tvN, 2019) after he announced on the news that he took part in a freezing experiment.

It is here that Emperor Lee Hyuk (Shin Sung-rok) wants to introduce Min Yoo-ra (Lee Elijah) as the woman he is dating to his grandmother and Grand Empress Dowager Jo (Park Won-suk) in episodes 4-5 of The Last Empress/Empress’s Dignity (황후의 품격) (SBS, 2018-19). But his mother has already other plans and has invited Oh Ssu-ni (Jang Na-ra) whom she introduces as Hyuk’s girlfriend before he can even start to speak.

Jin Yong-tae (Son Ho-jun) has a business meeting here with congress man Moon Sung-soo (Kim Myung-soo) in episode 8 of Terrius Behind Me/My Secret Terrius (내 뒤에 테리우스) (MBC, 2018) while being tailed by Kim Bon (So Ji-sub) and Yoo Ji-yeon (Im Se-mi). In episode 9, Ji-yeon verifies with the restaurant’s personnel the meeting.

Yoon Hyun-il (Jung Bo-suk) asks his brother Yoon Hyun-mok (Nam Kyoung-eub) for forgiveness here in episode 11 of Heart Surgeons / Two Lives One Heart (흉부외과: 심장을 훔친 의사들) (SBS, 2018).

Also seen in episode 4 of Incarnation of Money (돈의 화신) (SBS, 2013); Feast of the Gods (신들의 만찬) (MBC, 2012).

Ilhwa Hall [삼청각 일화당]

While accompanying Ko Na-byeol (Kim Sae-ron) and Min Young-min (Park Eun-seok) to this hall, Lee Tae-joon (Lee Dong-gun) and Hwang Soo-kyung (Jeon Hye-bin) run into Jo Jun-hyung (Kim Joong-ki) here in episode 4 of Leverage (Rebeoriji: Sagijojakdan / 레버리지:사기조작단) (TV Chosun, 2019).

This hall appears as Chef Oh’s (Choi Bul-am) residence and restaurant ‘Wooonamjung’ in Gourmet (식객/Sikgaek) (SBS, 2008) – as seen, for instance in episode 1.

Movie filmed here

A Tiger In Winter (호랑이보다 무서운 겨울손님) (2018) was filmed at Ilhwa Hall [일화당] — part-time driver Kyung-yoo (Lee Jin-wook) comes here to pick up a passenger, who turned out to be his ex-girlfriend, Yoo-jung (Go Hyun-jung).

* * *

Established in 1972, Samcheonggak [삼청각], which translates to ‘the pavilion of the three purities,’ is a small hanok complex that had multiple purposes and owners during its history. Now known for traditional performances and fine dining, it contains an Outdoor Performance Space, and five halls, namely Cheonchu Hall, Ilhwa Hall [일화당], Dongbaek Hall, Chwihan Hall and Cheongcheon Hall, as well as Yuha Pavillion [삼청각 유하정], which houses — among others — a restaurant, a tea house and guest accommodations.

In 2012, this site was selected as one of 100 regular filming locations for movies and dramas by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Film Council, and featured in the brochure The Places In Seoul Cinema Fell in Love With (영화가 사랑한 서울 촬영지 100선).

Samcheonggak is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Seongbuk [Seongbuk-dong/성북동] in the Seongbuk District [Seongbuk-gu/성북구].

Address of Samcheonggak [삼청각]
Daesagwan-ro 3-gil, Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 성북구 대사관로 3
(성북동 330-115 삼청각)
Geolocation: 37.597208, 126.984026

Address of Juha Pavillion [삼청각 유하정]
330-230 Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시성북구 성북동 330-230
Geolocation: 37.597551, 126.982986

Getting here
Hansung University Station [한성대입구역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 5 or 6
(best take a bus or taxi from here)

Samcheonggak also operates a free shuttle service from Gyeongbokgung Palace’s East Gate, Jonggak Station, Exit 5; Euljiro 1-ga Station, Exit 1; City Hall Station, Exit 4 and Gwanghwamun Station, Exit 3 — see details on their website.

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