Lusosso — Bundang Pangyo Branch [루쏘소 분당판교점]

Mother of Mine (2019); Night Light (2016-17)

Bol Tailor [볼테일러]
2016 ~ 2020

This appears as MBOL Tailer, at which Jeon In-sook (Choi Myoung-gil) picks up the dress shirt she ordered in episode 4 of Mother of Mine/My Prettiest Daughter in the World (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸) (KBS2, 2019).

This tailor shop appears as a café in which Seo Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-won) and Lee Se-jin (Uee) meet up in episode 12 of Night Light/White Nights (불야성) (MBC, 2016-17) to play a “game” as Yi-Kyung puts it. It’s all about accepting a check or not. Later, Park Gun-woo (Jin Goo) joins them in defense of Se-Jin.

* * *

Lusosso — Bundang Pangyo Branch [루쏘소 분당판교점] is a tailor shop located in Seongnam’s [성남시] neighborhood Baekhyeon [Baekhyeon-dong/백현동], in the Bundang District [Bundang-gu/분당구]. It is not very far away from Baekhyeondong Cafe Street [백현동카페거리].

This building was completed in 2011 and restaurant Kim’s Dining initially moved into the first floor. After several other tenant changes, Riho Tailor – Bundang-Pangyo Branch [리호테일러 분당판교점] occupied the space in 2016. They underwent a name change to Bol Tailor [볼테일러] in 2017 and remained here until 2019/20. In 2020, the space was taken over by Lusosso.

1 Pangyoyeok-ro 2(i)beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기도 성남시 분당구 판교역로2번길 1 1층
(백현동 582-6)
Geolocation: 37.383628, 127.112467

Getting here
Pangyo Station [판교역 (판교테크노벨리)], Shinbundang Line / Gyeonggang Line, Exit 3
Prepare for quite a walk, or take a taxi.

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