Resom Forest [리솜포레스트리조트]

The World of The Married (2020); My Secret Hotel (2014); Can't Lose (2011); Secret Garden (2010-11)

In episode 10 of Can’t Lose/Hate to Lose/ Can’t Live With Losing (지고는 못살아) (MBC, 2011), Yeon Hyung-woo (Yoon Sang-hyun) and Lee Eun-jae (Choi Ji-woo) come here to rekindle their love.

General manager Jo Sung-Gyeom (Namgung Min) comes here in episode 7 of My Secret Hotel (마이 시크릿 호텔) (tvN, 2014) to see how the resort is run. In episode 8, Koo Hae-Young (Kim Ji-Han) and Nam Sang-Hyo (Yoo In-Na) book a room here after their fake marriage and things get complicated and even more so when run-away bride Jung Soo-Ah (Ha Yeon-Joo) joins everyone.

Kim Joo-Won (Hyun-Bin) comes here to inspect the resort he is building in episode 12 of Secret Garden (2010-11), while Gil Ra-Im (Ha Ji-Won) comes here with her action school for a workshop at the same time. While she is sleeping among all the other guys the evening, Joon-Won lies next to her watching her sleep. She wakes up due to a nightmare, they lock eyes and have a conversation without talking.

Also seen in episode 15 of The World of The Married/A World of Married Couple (부부의 세계) (JTBC, 2020); in episode 11 of Goddess of Marriage (결혼의 여신) (SBS, 2013)

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Resom Forest [리솜포레스트리조트] is a resort that focuses on wellness. A number of spas, a wellness and a meditation center and a cultural arts center and 406 guest rooms, among others, are nestled between 12 woods and gardens that make up 80% of the surface of the resort. The resort is located in the village of Pyeongdong-ri [평동리] at the feet of Juronsan Mountain [주론산].

365 Geumbong-ro, Baegun-myeon, Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do
충북 제천시 백운면 금봉로 365
(백운면 평동리 707)
Geolocation: 37.157960, 128.046242

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  1. The World Of the Married Episode 15 was also filmed here

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