Pyunggang Land [평강랜드]

You Are The Best! Lee Soon-Shin (2013); My Husband Got a Family (2012); Big (2012); Arang and the Magistrate (2012); Bridal Mask (2012); Can You Hear My Heart? (2011); Road No. 1 (2010)

This botanical garden appears as the ‘art garden’ from episode 5 onward in Can You Hear My Heart?/Listen to My Heart (내 마음이 들리니) (MBC, 2011), at which Bong Young-kyu (Jeong Bo-seok) works. In episode 7, Cha Dong-joo (Kim Jaewon) moves into a house located within this garden after coming back from abroad.

Also seen in You Are The Best! Lee Soon-Shin/The Best Lee Soon-Shin/The Best Lee Soon-Shin (최고다 이순신) (KBS2, 2013); My Husband Got a Family/Unexpected You/You Tumbled into My Life (넝쿨째 굴러온 당신) (KBS2, 2012); Bridal Mask/Gaksital (각시탈) (KBS2, 2012, Source); Arang and the Magistrate/Tale of Arang (아랑사또전/아랑 사또전) (MBC, 2012); in episode 5 of Big (빅) (2012, Source); Road No. 1 (로드 넘버원) (2010, Source).

Variety Show Filmed Here

Running Man (런닝맨) (SBS 2011-present)

Photo Shoot Done Here

— EXO Nature Republic

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Pyunggang Land [평강랜드] – sometimes stylized as PyungGang Land or referred to as Pyunggang Botanical Garden – is a theme park located in the village of Sanjeong [Sanjeong-ri/산정리] in Pocheon’s Yeongbuk Township [Yeongbuk-myeon/영북면]; in the northernmost part of South Korea.

It started as Pyeonggang Arboretum [평강수목원] and was renamed in 2017 to Pyunggang Land, which translates to Peaceland. The park is known in particular as being the largest alpine garden in Asia with rare alpine plant species. It is also popular for its large numbers of Pink Muhly grass.

Instagram: @peacelandkorea

203 Umulmok-gil, Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
기 포천시 영북면 산정리 산 155
Geolocation: 38.049565, 127.303861

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