Pusan National University [부산대학교]

D.P. (2021); The Third Charm (2018)

After the subway incident in episode 1 of The Third Charm / The 3rd Charm (제3의 매력) (JTBC, 2018), On Joon-young (Seo Kang-joon) rushes to this school for his mid-term exam in organic chemistry. More precisely, he runs through the small park that is located between the ‘Social Hall’ [사회관] and the university’s library [새벽벌도서관].

Also seen in D.P./DP/Deserter Pursuit (디피) (Netflix, 2021).

Variety Show Filmed Here

— Episode 305 of My Neighbor Charles (이웃집 찰스) (KBS1, 2015-present)

* * *

Pusan National University [부산대학교], also Busan National University, founded in 1946 and a regular university since 1953, is one of South Korea’s ten Flagship National Universities [거점국립대학교] that were created after Korean’s independence in 1945 (representing each one province).

This university is located in Busan’s neighborhood Jangjeon [Jangjeon-dong/장전동] in the Geumjeong District [Geumjeong-gu/금정구].

2 Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea
부산 금정구 부산대학로63번길 2
(장전동 40)
Geolocation: 35.233314, 129.079514
Geolocation of TTC park: 35.235900, 129.080629

Getting here
Pusan National University Station [부산대역], Busan Subway Line 1, Exit 1 or 3

— submitted by Thom Musni, updated by Marion & Mich KDL

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