Prugio Summit [푸르지오 써밋]

My Holo Love (2020); Touch (2020); Her Private Life (2019); My Husband Oh Jak-doo (2018); Hwayugi (2017-18); Father Is Strange (2017); Shopping King Louis (2016); Entertainer (2016); I Need Romance 3 (2014); Trot Lovers (2014); Cruel City (2013); Personal Taste (2010); Dream (2009)

This is the setting for the headquarters of AI company Magic Mirror in My Holo Love/I Holo You (나 홀로 그대) (Netflix, 2020), which is headed by Baek Chan-sung (Hwang Chan-sung of 2PM), seen in episode 3.

This building appears as the South Korean branch of fashion magazine Double X in Touch (터치/Teochi) (Channel A, 2020) — as seen first in episode 2, for instance.

When coming out of this building in episode 3 of Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) (tvN, 2019), Cha Si-an’s (ONE/Jung Je-won) fans already wait for him to know if the rumors about dating are true. His manager wants to protect Si-an and shows one of the fans quite violently on the ground.

This building appears as Eric Jo’s (Jung Sang-Hoon) company in My Husband Oh Jak-doo (데릴남편 오작두) (MBC, 2018) as for example in episode 2.

PK (Lee Hong-Ki) has an event here in episode 3 of Hwayuki/A Korean Odyssey (화유기) (tvN, 2017-18) and when outside he makes a comment about how a car is parked before understanding that it is Son Oh-Gong (Lee Seung-Gi) car. Next thing we know is that Oh-gong chases a wild boar (PK transformed in his real form) down the road in his car.

Ko Bok-Sil (Nam Ji-Hyun) passes by this building on her way home from her workplace ‘Gold Group’ that is only a block away in episode 2 of Shopping King Louis/Shopping King Louie (쇼핑왕 루이) (MBC, 2016).

This building houses Kim Hyun-soo’s (Yoon Hyun-min) company in Heartless City/Cruel City (무정도시) (JTBC, 2013) — as seen in episode 1.

This building also mostly houses entertainment agencies in K-Dramaland, such as:

In Father Is Strange (아버지가 이상해) (KBS2, 2017), this is Gabi Entertainment Agency, the agency that has signed Ahn Joong-Hee (Lee Joon) and where Byun Mi-Young (Jung So-Min) works as an intern.

In Entertainer (딴따라) (SBS, 2016), this is the office building of the entertainment company KTOP where Shin Seuk-Ho (Ji Sung) works as a leading agent. In Trot Lovers/Lovers of Music (트로트의 연인) (KBS2, 2014), this place appears as the office building of entertainment agency Shine Star.

In Personal Taste/Personal Preference (개인의 취향) (MBC, 2010), this building appears as Dam Art Museum aka DAAM project, directed by Choi Do-bin (Ryu Seung-Ryong). His office is on 2F. It is also here where Park Gae-In (Son Ye-Jin) works on a children’s playroom (1F), see episode 9,10,15 and 16.

Han Young-min (Lee Jung-jin) has a model of this building in his room in I Love You, Don’t Cry/Don’t Cry My Love (사랑해, 울지마) (MBC, 2008-09) — as seen when he talks on the phone with Jo Mi-soo (Lee Yoo-ri) in episode 32.

In I Need Romance 3/In Need of Romance 3 (로맨스가 필요해 3) (tvN, 2014), this is Oh Se-Ryeong’s (Wang Ji-Won) office. Also Nam Jae-Il’s (Joo Jin-Mo) works here in Dream (드림) (SBS, 2009).

* * *

Prugio Summit [써밋 푸르지오], also known as Summit Gallery [써밋 갤러리], is located on Yeongdong-daero [영동대로] in Seoul’s neighborhood Daechi [Daechi-dong/대치동] in the Gangnam District [Gangnam-gu/강남구]; a block away on the same street as KT&G Seoul Office [서울사무소].

Since its construction in 2008, the building went through owner and name changes. Before it become Prugio Summit, it was known as ‘Prugio Valley [푸르지오밸리]’ and it was first established as ‘kring Creative Culture Space/Kring_Kumho Compound Culture Complex Space [복합문화공간크링] in 2008. The building was created by South Korean Unsangdong Architects Cooperation and it is a translation of Kumho E&C’s brand image ‘harmony’ into architecture.

This site was selected in 2012 as one of 100 regular filming locations for movies and dramas by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Film Council, and featured in the brochure The Places In Seoul Cinema Fell in Love With (영화가 사랑한 서울 촬영지 100선). This building is also one of the 380 traditional and modern-contemporary buildings in Seoul that were selected for the The Seoul Architectural Guide (2013, page 114).

337 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 337
(대치동 968-3)
Geolocation: 37.504567, 127.064748

Getting here
Samseong Station [삼성역], Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 2

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