Iksan Prison Set [익산교도소세트장]

Nothing to Lose (2017-18); Criminal Minds (2017); Strongest Deliveryman (2017); Mystery Queen (2017); Oh My Geum Bi (2016); The K2 (2016); W-Two Worlds (2016); Hello Monster (2015); The Legendary Witch (2014-15); It's Okay, It's Love (2014); Endless Love (2014); Two Weeks (2013)

This is not a real prison but a prison set.

Lee Jung-Joo’s (Park Eun-Bin) brother Choi Kyung-Ho (Ji Seung-Hyun) is falsely incarcerated here in Nothing to Lose/Judge vs. Judge (이판사판) (SBS, 2017-18) – as seen in episode 4.
This was where some prisoners due for capital punishment were held in episode 12 of Criminal Minds (크리미널 마인드) (tvN, 2017).
Choi Gang-Soo (Go Gyung-Pyo) is put into jail here in episode 7 of Strongest Deliveryman (최강 배달꾼) (KBS2, 2017) – and released the same episode.
In Mystery Queen (2017), we see locked-up Jang Do-Jang (Yang Ik Joon) here in episode 6 and 7.
We meet Mo Hwi-Chul (Oh Ji-Ho) in Oh My Geum Bi (2016) here for the first time: a prisoner. That’s also where Yoo Geum-Bi (Heo Jung-Eun) meets her father the very first time: when he gets out of this prison in episode 1. In The K2 (2016) this is where Ko An-Na (Yoona)’s uncle brings her to see a witness of her mother’s death in episode 12. And in W Two Worlds (2016), Oh Yeon-Joo is incarcerated here in episode 4. The same goes for Jang Jae-Beom (Yang Ik-June), the brother of Jang Jae-Yeol (Jo In-sung) in It’s OK, It’s Love (2014).
In a flashback in episode 1 of Hello Monster/Remember You (너를 기억해) (KBS2, 2015), we see Lee Hyun’s (Seo In-Guk) dad visiting a prisoner here (a cameo by EXO’s D.O.).

Also seen in The Legendary Witch (전설의 마녀) (MBC, 2014-15); Endless Love (끝없는 사랑) (SBS, 2014, episode 2); Two Weeks (2013).

This prison set lies in the city of Iksan, around 3 hours south of Seoul.
Adress: 11 Wacho-gil, Seongdang-myeon, Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
전북 익산시 성당면 와초길 11
(성당면 와초리 154-4)
Geolocation: 36.069301, 126.931627
— submitted by Marion KDL
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