Pai Chai University [배재대학교], Daejeon

Private Lives (2020); KBS Drama Special: Understanding of Social Dance (2019); tvN Drama Stage: Goodbye My Life Insurance (2018)

This university was seen in KBS Drama Special: Understanding of Social Dance (사교-땐스의 이해) (KBS2, 2019); Drama Stage: Goodbye My Life Insurance (굿바이 내 인생보험) (tvN, 2018).

Appenzeller Memorial Hall [아펜젤러기념관]

Cha Hyun-tae (Park Sung-geun) is brought to this church building in episode 1 of Private Lives/Private Life/Sasaenghwal (사생활) (JTBC, 2020), pretending to be a renown preacher. Despite losing his script, he gives a rousing sermon, followed by many others after that, encouraging the congregation to give generously to the church’s building fund.

Movie Filmed Here

Honest Candidate 정직한후보 (2020)

* * *

Pai Chai University [배재대학교], established in 1885, was originally a boys’ school founded by H. G. Appenzeller, the first Methodist missionary to Korea, and became a college in 1895. Its original name, ‘Pai Chai Hak Dang’, was endorsed by then-King Gojeong; however, its name was prohibited for use by the Japanese governor-general of Korea in 1925, when Korea was under Japanese rule.

Built in 2005, the Appenzeller Memorial Hall serves “as an educational space with subsidiary programs such as professors’ offices, lecture rooms, fellowship rooms etc, [with] the chapel… located at the center of the building“. It is located facing the main entrance of the campus.

The university is situated in Daejeon’s neighborhood Doma [Doma-dong/도마동] in the Seo District [Seo-gu/서구].

155-40 Baejae-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
대전광역시 서구 배재로 155-40
(도마동 439-6)
Geolocation of Hall: 36.322606, 127.365181

Getting here
Gasuwon Station [가수원역], KTX Honam Line
(16 mins. by car; 30 mins. by bus)
Yongmun Station [용문역], Daejeon Subway Line 1
(16 mins. by car; 31 mins. by bus)

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