Olympic Park [올림픽공원]

The Penthouse S3 (2021); Second Husband (2021); The Witch's Diner (2021); She Would Never Know (2021); A Piece of Your Mind (2020); Love Alarm (2019); The Last Empress (2018-19); Master's Sun (2013); Accidental Couple (2009); My Girl (2005-06); Romance (2002); Beautiful Days (2001)

This is seen as the location of the newly-constructed CheongA Performing Arts Center in episode 4 of Penthouse 3/The Penthouse: War in Life Season 3 (펜트하우스 3) (SBS, 2021).

After having dinner together, Chae Ji-seung (Wang Bit-na) and Lee Jae-woon (Lee Gyu-han) walk down the entry section of this park in episode 8 of She Would Never Know/Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick (선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마요) (JTBC, 2021). When Jae-woon all of a sudden is a afraid of a small dog, Jae-woon “protects” him, holding his hand and he insists holding her hand still after the incident; by which Ji-seung is not really displeased.

When Jung Jin (Nam Ji-hyun) and writer Tom Kim (Choi Sung-jae) meet up (so that she can give him back his fountain pen she had found) at this park in the afternoon in episode 5 of The Witch’s Diner/Come to the Witch’s Restaurant (마녀식당으로 오세요) (TVING, 2021), he proposes to sit down at a bench overlooking Lake 88 [88호수] of this park. When talking they both find they have similarities in how they grew up and get closer.

When still in college, Moon Ha-won (Jung Hae-in) and Kim Ji-soo (Park Ju-hyun) meet up in Seoul (he came flying in from the States only to see her) and take a walk in this park, crossing Gommaldari Bridge [곰말다리], in episode 2 of A Piece of Your Mind/Half of a Half (반의 반) (tvN, 2020).

Hwang Sun-O (Song Kang) and Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun) walk over Gommaldari Bridge and try out their Love Alarm application and thus confirm their mutual love for each other in episode 3 of Love Alarm (좋아하면 울리는) (Netflix, 2019).

Emperor Lee Hyuk (Shin Sung-rok) and Oh Ssu-ni (Jang Na-ra) come here on a fake date in episode 4 of The Last Empress/Empress’s Dignity (황후의 품격) (SBS, 2018-19) and he ‘saves’ her from a drone.

Ku Dong-baek (Hwang Jung-min) and Han Ji-Su (Kim Ah-joong) hold their wedding ceremony here in episode 16 of Accidental Couple/That Fool/Just Looking (그저 바라 보다가) (KBS2, 2009).

Kim Chae-won (Kim Ha-neul) and Kim Bong-gyun (Go Myung-hwan) have the shooting of their weeding photos at this park in episodes 13-14 of Romance (Romangseu/로망스) (MBC, 2002). When in the midst of an awkward shooting, Choi Kwan-woo (Kim Jae-won) comes running and wrist-grabs Chae-won away from the situation telling her that he will never leave her again.

Also seen in the final episode 18 of The Miracle We Met/Miracle That We Met (우리가 만난 기적) (KBS2, 2018); The Master’s Sun (주군의 태양) (SBS, 2013); My Girl (마이 걸) (SBS, 2005-06).

Sculpture Park [올림픽공원 조각공원]

Yoon Jae-kyung (Oh Seung-ah) and Moon Sang-hyeok (Han Ki-woong) have a picnic date at this park in episode 5 of Second Husband (두 번째 남편/Du Beonjjae Nampyeon) (MBC, 2021).

Lee Min-Chul (Lee Byung-Hun) and Kim Yun-Soo (Choi Ji-Woo) as well as Min-chul’s sister Lee Min-Ji (Shin Min-A) come here for an afternoon of cycling in episode 14 of Beautiful Days (아름다운 날들) (SBS, 2001) and Min-ji practices drawing in this park’s Sculpture Park.

Movie Filmed Here

Lifting King Kong (킹콩을 들다) (2009)
My Boss, My Teacher (투사부일체) (2006)
First Kiss/Shall We Kiss? (Kiss harggayo/키스할까요?) (1998) — Han Kyoung-hyun (Ahn Jae-wook) has a photo shot here with and idol and is accompanied by Song Yeon-hwa (Choi Ji-woo) who does an interview with the idol.


Final episode 8 of Twogether (투게더) (Netflix, 2020) was filmed here, featuring singer/actor Lee Seung-gi and Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu.

MV Filmed Here

GFRIEND (여자친구): ‘Me Gustas Tu (오늘부터 우리는)‘ (2015) (filmed at the ‘Lone Tree’ [나홀로나무] located at this park)

* * *

Seoul Olympic Park [올림픽공원] is a public park that was built to host the 1988 Summer Olympics in South Korea. The park is divided into diverse themed “sub-parks”; one of them being the Sculpture Park [올림픽공원 조각공원]. The sculpture seen at this Sculpture Park in Beautiful Days is ‘Temple for MB’ [‘M. B.를 위한 사원’] by Irish sculptor Tom Fitzgerald.

The park is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Bangi [Bangi-dong/방이동] in the Songpa District [Songpa-gu/송파구]. Korea National Sport University [한국체육대학교] sits just next to this park; SOMA Museum of Art [소마미술관] (along with its eatery Eat. Coffee & Simply Food — Olympic Park Branch [카페잇 올림픽공원점]), Olympic Hall [올림픽홀] and Olympic Gymnastics Arena [올림픽체조경기장] are located within this park’s premises.

In 2012, this site was selected as one of 100 regular filming locations for movies and dramas by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Film Council, and featured in the brochure The Places In Seoul Cinema Fell in Love With (영화가 사랑한 서울 촬영지 100선). The Gate of Peace of this park is one of the 380 traditional and modern-contemporary buildings in Seoul that were selected for the The Seoul Architectural Guide (2013, page 152).

424 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 424
(방이동 88-3)
Geolocation: 37.519953, 127.122383

Olympic Sculpture Park [올림픽조각공원]
Geolocation: 37.516537, 127.119722
Gommaldari Bridge [곰말다리]
Geolocation: 37.521299, 127.117516
Olympic Park Lone Tree [올림픽공원 나홀로나무]
Geolocation: 37.522833, 127.120373
Geolocation bench The Witch’s Diner: 37.522384, 127.124820

Getting here
Olympic Park Station [올림픽공원역], Seoul Subway Line 5, Exit 3

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