Okjeongho Lake Flower Field

It's Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

In episodes 2 and 3 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (사이코지만 괜찮아) (tvN, 2020), this flower field is shown in flashbacks when a young, infatuated Moon Gang-tae (Moon Woo-jin) follows Ko Mun-yeong (Kim Soo-in) through the peonies to give her a flower bouquet. After finding her pulling off the wings of butterflies (possibly rebelling against her mother who has a fixation with butterflies), Gang-tae turns and runs away in horror. Mun-yeong, realising she had lost her only friend, runs after him. Later, we see him courageously approaching Mun-yeong’s spooky house with the flowers, but she sends him away, as ordered by her mother.

* * *

Okjeongho Lake Flower Field –not an official name– is located next to Okjeonghok Lake [옥정호], off a side lane about 500 metres away from the Seomjin River Dam Water Culture Museum [섬진강댐물문화관] in the village of Unjong [Unjong-ri/운종리] in Imsil County’s Unam Township [Unam-myeon/운암면]. Okjeongho Lake was formed when the Seomjin River (the fourth largest river in South Korea) was dammed in 1996. The lake area offers beautiful scenery and is popular all year round, with many traditional and modern activities available, including fishing, camping, hiking and cycling along the Seomjin River Trail, a cycling path that extends for 150 km. There are a number of flower theme parks in the area as, for example, Okjeongho Gujeolcho Theme Park [옥정호 구절초테마공원], where flower photo opportunities are very popular in spring and late summer/autumn, when flower and autumn leaf festivals are held.

Please note that at this stage, it is unknown if the flowers at this particular field are commercially grown, or in an area that is open to the public for photo opportunities during early summer. We suggest you ask at a nearby house if you wish to enter the field, if the flowers are blooming.

Address approx.
473-9 Unjong-ri, Unam-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
전라북도 임실군 운암면 운종리 473-9
Geolocation: 35.602023, 127.112884

Getting here
Nambu Bus Terminal [남부터미널] to Imsil Intercity Bus Terminal [임실시외버스터미널] (3hrs 40 mins)
➜ From Imsil Bus Terminal, take bus 202 and get off at stop Unjong-ri (운종리- Stop number 316000286), which takes about 35 minutes.
➜ Walk approximately 100 metres south and turn right opposite the Lake Palace Restaurant [레이크펠리스식탕] toward the lake.

Please note that only seven buses travel this route each day, so plan carefully! This is a difficult place to get to without a car.

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