Nanji Hangang Park [난지한강공원]

Because This Is My First Life (2017); Three Colors of Fantasies III (2017); Tomorrow With You (2017); Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (2017); Father I'll Take Care of You (2016-17); I Have a Lover (2015-16)

Park Se-geon (Ahn Hyo-seop) and Nan-hee (Kim Seul-gi) come here on a ‘ring bike date’ in episode 3 of Queen of the Ring (반지의 여왕), the third story of the mini-series/drama trilogy Three Colors of Fantasies (세가지 색 판타지)(MBC/Naver 2017). 
Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min) and her good friend Woo Soo-Ji (Esom) meet here in episode 11 of Because This Is My First Life/This Life Is Our First (이번 생은 처음이라) (tvN, 2017) after Soo-ji has found out that Ji-ho is in a contract marriage.
After Song Ma-Rin (Shin Min-Ah) leaves Café Comma where she was supposed to meet Yoo So-Joon (Lee Je-Hoon) in episode 2 of Tomorrow With You (내일 그대와) (tvN, 2017), she comes here and calls So-joon up to tell him that she couldn’t make it.
Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) rolls by the Seoul Pilot Licence Examination Center on his overboard in episode 1 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017). He abondons his board a little further down Han River at Han River Park Waterfront [난지한강공원 강변물놀이장] as soon as he notices that a masked man trails him; but he eventually fails to chase him down.
We see him back here in episode 8, jogging with Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) to train her endurance. Both of them come back here in episode 13, it’s their first clash that happens here after having started dating. In episode 14, our love-birds, reunited, go here on a picnic date.

Married Han Sung-Sik (Hwang Dong-Joo) comes also here pretending to do some jogging in episode 6 of Father I’ll Take Care of You (2016-17) — he wants to hit on his colleague.
Do Hae-Gang (Kim Hyun-Joo) and Baek Seok (Lee Gyu-Han) come here to drink in the evening in episode 16 of I Have A Lover [애인있어요] (SBS, 2015-16). They play a drinking game and Back Seok who loses has to tell a woman that sits close to them that he loves her and write his name with his butt.

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Nanji Hangang Park [난지한강공원] is located in Sangam-dong [상암동], Seoul.
Adress: 서울 마포구 상암동 487-166
Geolocation: 37.564486, 126.879448

Seoul Pilot License Examination Center
Adress: 서울 마포구 마포나루길 256
(상암동 482-188)
Geolocation Examination Center: 37.562765, 126.882554
— submitted by Marion KDL

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