Shindo 1 Apartment Complex [신도1차아파트]

He Is Psychometric (2019)

Eun Ji-soo (Kim Da-som) and Kang Sung-mo (Kim Kwon) come to this apartment complex in episode 3 of He Is Psychometric/That Psychometric Guy (사이코메트리 그녀석) (tvN, 2019).

* * *

Shindo 1 Apartment Complex [신도1차아파트, or 신도1차 for short — also 묵동신도아파트], established in October 1998 by Shindo Construction [신도종합건설], is a 23-storey, 221-household apartment complex located in a residential area of Seoul’s neighborhood Muk [Muk-dong/묵동] in the Jungnang District [Jungnang-gu/중랑구].

This type of apartment complex —usually referred to as apateu (아파트) in Korean— is one of the forms of urban housing, which was promoted in the 1960-70s by the South Korea’s government and still today, apateus make up 50% of available housing in the country. Their generic design usually consists of numbered buildings set up in a group with a common commercial block (sangga/상가), which caters to all everyday necessities.

This location was part of KDL’s Treasure Hunt #2, and was successfully found by Thom Musni.

30 Gongneung-ro 13-gil, Muk 1(il)-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 중랑구 공릉로13길 30
(묵동 167)
Geolocation: 37.616805, 127.077263

Getting here
Taereung Station [태릉입구역], Seoul Subway Line 6 and 7, Exit 7
(4 min. walk)

— submitted by Thom Musni, with descriptions by Marion KDL

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