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Perfume (2019); Absolute Boyfriend (2019); A-Teen 2 (2019); Mother of Mine (2019); The Last Empress (2018-19); Clean With Passion For Now (2018-19); Familiar Wife (2018); Three Colors of Fantasies I (2017); On the Way to the Airport (2016); Hyde, Jekyll & I (2015); Glorious Day (2014); The Greatest Love (2011); Protect the Boss (2011); Athena: Goddess of War (2010); Rules of Love (2005); Stairway to Heaven (2004); We Are Dating Now (2002); Beautiful Days (2001); Truth (2000)

Yoon Min-seok (Kim Min-gue) brings Min Ye-rin (Go Won-hee) and Jin-kyung (Jin-kyung) here in episode 8 (full episode 4) of Perfume/Peopyoom (퍼퓸) (KBS2, 2019), after he booked out the whole amusement park for them to have fun. Ye-rin rides the carousel with Jin-kyung, which made her flashback to the time they had an accident at another amusement park. After emerging from the ‘Tomb of Horror’, the trio are shocked to see Seo E-do (Shin Sung-rok) appear before them. The four eventually go on a roller coaster ride — of which its intensity knocks out E-do.

Ma Wang-joon (Hong Jong-hyun) proposed to Eom Da-da (Bang Min-ah) at this amusement park as seen in a flashback in episode 1 of Absolute Boyfriend (절대 그이) (SBS, 2019).

The friends of A-Teen 2/Eighteen (에이틴 2) (Playlist Studio, 2019) go on a group outing here in the prologue, and separately cross paths with two new students — Ryu Joo-ha (Bo-min from Golden Child) and Cho Young-in (Kim Min-ji).

Kang Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) brings her niece Da-bin (Joo Ye-rim) here for an afternoon out in episode 10 of Mother of Mine/My Prettiest Daughter in the World (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸) (KBS2, 2019). While Da-bin goes on the carousel, Mi-ri has a flashback of being abandoned by her birth mother. When she comes back to the present she realises that Da-bin had gone missing. She searches for her frantically and eventually finds her with an employee, crying her eyes out.

When princess Ari (Oh Ah-Rin) asks Empress Oh Sunny (Jang Na-ra) and the Emperor Lee Hyuk (Shin Sung-rok) for a ‘normal family date,’ the three of them come to this amusement park in episode 49 of The Last Empress/Empress’s Dignity (황후의 품격) (SBS, 2018-19) and Ari insists going into the ‘Tomb of Horror’ of this park just like what she has seen on television, much to the dismay of the emperor.

Gil O-sol (Kim You-jung) and Choi-gun (Song Jae-rim) come here to ice-skate in final episode 16 of Clean With Passion For Now (일단 뜨겁게 청소하라) (JTBC, 2018-19); it’s Choi-gun’s way of saying goodbye.

Cha Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) and Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) comes here in episode 15 of Familiar Wife (아는 와이프) (tvN, 2018) as Woo-jin has always wanted to be proposed to on a rollercoaster. To Woo-jin’s delight and Joo-hyuk’s discomfort, the rollercoaster proposal happens (twice); later, on the ground, she officially says yes to him for a second time.

In the episode 2 of The Universe’s Star/The Star of the Universe (우주의 별이), the first story of the mini-series/drama trilogy Three Colors of Fantasies (세가지 색 판타지) (MBC/Naver 2017), this is where Woo-joo (Su-ho) and Byul’s (Ji-woo) first date and first kiss took place.

Choi Soo-Ah (Kim Ha-Neul) goes here with her daughter right after she quit her job in episode 8 of On the Way to the Airport (공항 가는 길) (KBS2, 2016).

In Hyde, Jekyll & I (하이드 지킬, 나) (SBS, 2015), this theme park appears as ‘Wonder Land’, the amusement park that is directed by the Gu Seo-jin (Hyun Bin) who has dissociative identity disorder and sometimes becomes Robin and where Jang Ha-Na (Han Ji-min) works as the manager of a circus.

This amusement park is a central location in The Greatest Love/Best Love (최고의 사랑) (MBC, 2011).. In episode 1, the variety show that Gu Ae-Jung (Gong Hyo-jin) takes part in films its episode at this park and her final challenge is to finish a bowl of ramyeon while taking a roller-coaster ride to be able to stay on the program. In episode 5, Dokko Jin (Cha Seung-won) confesses his love to Gu Ae-Jung (Gong Hyo-jin) on Magic Island.

In Protect the Boss (보스를 지켜라) (SBS, 2011), Cha Ji-Hun (Ji Sung) and No Eun-Sul (Choi Kang-Hee) go here for business and later she tells him about her fond memories about the park.

Lee Jung-Woo (Kwon Sang-woo) and Yoon Hye-In (Soo-Ae) meet here by chance (?) for the first time in episode 1 of Athena: Goddess of War (아테나: 전쟁의 여신) (SBS, 2010).

This amusement park appears as Cha Song-Joo (Kwon Sang-woo) and Han Jung-seo (Choi Ji-woo) secret garden/meeting place in Stairway to Heaven (천국의 계단) (SBS, 2003-04). In episode 1, for instance, they young Song-joo (Baek Sung-hyun) and Jung-seo (Park Shin-hye) meet up here before he leaves to the United States and in episode 12, both of them come here as adults after his engagement to Han Yu-ri (Kim Tae-hee) and he basically proposes her to become his best friend, i.e. lover.

Yoon Ho-jung (Chae Rim) falls in love for the first time with Gun-u on the ice-rink of this park as a child in episode 1 of We Are Dating Now (지금은 연애중) (SBS, 2002). Later as an adult (in episode 5), she works part-time here and Choi Kyo-in (So Ji-sub) comes to visit (for whom she buys a scarf) while Su-ji Kang (Lee Ui-Jeong) and Ho-jae Yun (Kwon Sang-Woo) come here on their date in the same episode. In episode 10, Chae-Rim is back here on the ice-rink with her first love Gun-u that she has met again in the meantime.

Lee Sun-jae (Ryu Si-won) brings Kim Yun-soo (Choi Ji-woo) here in episode 7 of Beautiful Days (아름다운 날들) (SBS, 2001) so that she can see her ‘sister’ Kim Se-na (Lee Jung-hyun) perform on stage for the first time and he can spend time with Yun-soo (he has even prepared a picnic in secret that they share at this park).

Lee Ja-young (Choi Ji-woo) and Jung Hyun-woo (Ryu Shi-won) come ice-skating here on their date in episode 5 of Truth/Honesty (진실) (MBC, 2000).

Also seen in Glorious Day (기분 좋은날) (SBS, 2014, episode 43), Rules of Love (이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세) (MBC, 2005).

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Lotte World [롯데월드] is an entertainment complex, operated by Lotte Group (hence its name) since 1989. It is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Jamsil 3(sam)-dong [잠실3동] in the Songpa District [Songpa-gu/송파구].

It is divided into two parts: indoor area Lotte World Adventure — which holds the Guinness record for being the largest indoor theme park worldwide — that stretches across four floors; and the outdoor artificial island ‘Magic Island’.

Some of the attractions seen in K-dramas include:

240 Olympic-ro, Jamsil 3(sam)-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 송파구 올림픽로 240
(잠실동 40-1)
Geolocation: 37.511214, 127.097909

Getting here
Jamsil Station [잠실역], Seoul Subway Line 2 & 8, Exit 3 or 4

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