Loftgarden 344 [로프트가든344]

The Great Seducer (2018); Mystery Queen 2 (2018)

This wedding hall appears as part of Joosung High School and this is where the 18th graduation ceremony takes place in episode 1 of The Great Seducer/Tempted (위대한 유혹자) (MBC, 2018) and where our trio uncovers an affair of teachers publicly as one of their revenge plans.
Yoo Seol-ok (Choi Gang-hee) fake-marries a swindler at this wedding hall that appears as ‘Queens Wedding House’ just to track him down in episode 1 of Mystery Queen 2 / Queen of Mystery 2 (추리의 여왕 2) (KBS2, 2018). This is later known as the ‘Marriage Fraud Case’ and Seol-ok becomes a honorary police officer.

* * *

Loftgarden 344 [로프트가든344] is a wedding hall that is located on the 8-10th Floor of Cheonghak Building [청학빌딩] in Mok-dong [목동], Yangcheon-gu [양천구], Seoul. The number in the name comes from the street number this wedding hall is located at.

Address: 344 Omok-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
서울 양천구 오목로 344
(목동 405-25)
Geolocation: 37.524079, 126.875457

Getting here: Omokgyo Station [오목교역], Line 5, Exit 7

— submitted by Marion KDL

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