Machinery Hall Main Building [기계회관 본관]

Three Bold Siblings (2022); The Witch's Diner (2021); Are You Human? (2018); Squad 38 (2016); Beating Again (2015); You Are The Best! Lee Soon-Shin (2013); Bachelor's Vegetable Store (2011-12)

Cafe Organic — Yeouido Main Branch [카페오가닉 여의도점]
Floor 1

Kim Gun-woo (Lee You-jin) confesses his feelings to Hoo Yong-sil (Jang Hee-jung) at this café in episode 10 of Three Bold Siblings/Three Siblings Bravely (삼남매가 용감하게) (KBS2, 2022).

Hyun Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin) meets her first client at this café in episode 8 of It’s Beautiful Now/Now Is Beautiful/It’s Beautiful Right Now (현재는 아름다워) (KBS2, 2022).

Kang So-bong (Gong Seung-yeon) meets Ji Yeong-hoon (Lee Joon-hyuk) here in episode 27 of Are You Human?/Are You Human Too (너도 인간이니?) (KBS2, 2018), where he tells her that the Chairman is in the know of Nam Shin III’s (Seo Kang-joon) true identity as a robot.

Shin Joon-Ho (Cho Jung-Seok) warns Shin Yi-Jung (Bae Geu-Rin) to sign with a specific agency at this café in episode 3 of You Are The Best! Lee Soon-Shin/The Best Lee Soon-Shin/The Best Lee Soon-Shin (최고다 이순신) (KBS2, 2013) and she doesn’t believe him and thinks he still has feelings for her.

Also seen in episode 5 of Squad 38/Police Unit 38/Tax Team 38 (38사기동대의) (OCN, 2016); Beating Again/Falling in Love with Soon Jung/Falling for Innocence (순정에 반하다) (JTBC, 2015).

Han Tae-yang (Ji Chang-wook) invites Mok Ga-on (Wang Ji-hye) for breakfast to this café in episode 7 of Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (총각네 야채가게) (Channel A, 2011-2012). She tears up when he brings a cake slice to their table with a candle and celebrates her birthday for her.

Bus Stop ‘Machinery Hall [기계회관]’ — No. 19320

Lee Bok-nan (Lee Joo-sil) waits for the bus at this bus stop in episode 5 of The Witch’s Diner/Come to the Witch’s Restaurant (마녀식당으로 오세요) (TVING, 2021) and overhears an amazed Bae Yoon-ki (Kang Ki-doong), who is on his way to his marriage with his wife, talks about a wish that came true that he made at a witch’s diner.

* * *

Machinery Hall Main Building [기계회관 본관], completed in June 1979, is the main building of the Korea Machinery Industry Promotion Association (KOAMI) that was established in 1968 by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to promote South Korea’s machinery industry. The building is located in Seoul’s neighborhood of Yeouido-dong [여의도동] in the Yeongdeungpo district [Yeondeungpo-gu/영등포구].

Cafe Organic — Yeouido store [카페오가닉 여의도점/카페오가닉 여의도본점], at least open since 2008, is a cafe located on the first floor of this building. It underwent complete refurbishment in around 2019 and the interior changed completely from its older version.

37 Eunhaeng-ro, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 영등포구 은행로 37
(서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 13-31)
Geolocation: 37.5294139, 126.9226045

Buses: 10 and ‘영등포10’

Getting here
National Assembly Station [국회의사당역], Seoul Subway Line 9, Exit 3
(11 mins. walk)

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