Jinsun Book Cafe [진선북카페]

Find Me In Your Memory (2020); Twelve Nights (2018); Three Colors of Fantasies III (2017); I Do, I Do (2012)

After her return from the States, Yeo Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young) comes to this cafe with Yeo Ha-kyung (Kim Seul-gi) to meet with their agency boss in episode 31 (full episode 16) of Find Me in Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법) (MBC, 2020).

Joo A-Reum (Kim Yi-Kyung) brings Kang Eun-Pyo (Lee Gun-Woo) and her boyfriend to this café in episode 3 of Twelve Nights (열두밤) (Channel A, 2018) to clear the air and end their love triangle (that she thinks they are in) — in the year 2010.

From the outside of this café, Park Se-geon (Ahn Hyo-seop) sees Nan-hee (Kim Seul-gi) having coffee with a random guy (Kwak Si-yang) in episode 5 of Queen of the Ring (반지의 여왕), the third story of the mini-series/drama trilogy Three Colors of Fantasies (세가지 색 판타지) (MBC/Naver 2017). Se-geon confronts Nan-hee right after the later came out of the café and bid goodbye with her ‘date’, saying that how can she date already when they just recently broke up. Se-geon then hugs Nan-hee to validate his feelings for her.

Hwang Ji-an (Kim Sun-ah) meets up with her best friend Bong Joon-hee (Kim Hye-eun) for a heat-to-heat talk at this café in episode 1 of I Do, I Do (아이두 아이두) (MBC, 2012).

* * *

Jinsun Book Café [진선북카페], opened in 1997 and remodeled in 2014 — which apparently also houses the publishing house ‘Jinsun Publishers’ — is located on Samcheong-ro [삼청로] in Seoul’s neighborhood Palpan [Palpan-dong/팔판길] —administered by the neighborhood Samcheong [Samcheong-dong/삼청동] — in the Jongno district [Jongno-gu /종로구].

59 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 종로구 삼청로 59
(팔판동 150)
Geolocation: 37.5813606, 126.9804599

Getting here
Anguk Station [안국역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 1
Gyeongbokgung Station [경복궁역], Seoul Subway Line 3, Exit 2.

— submitted by Chelle; last updated 22/06/2022
— Photo taken by © Mich KDL, May 2018
Twelve Nights added by Marion KDL
Find Me In Your Memory added by Mich KDL

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