J’adore [자도르]

While You Were Sleeping (2017)

Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) comes here in episode 3 of While You Were Sleeping (2017) (당신이 잠든 사이에) (SBS, 2017) and tells the waitress that Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) will come by a little later, and gives her his order. He’s baffled when he’s greeted with his order – an Americano coffee with hazelnut syrup. In episode 5, Hong-joo waits in front of this café for Jae-chan and as soon as he arrives she runs away to get ointment for him,  as he had hurt himself while preparing breakfast. She’d apply the ointment in this café in episode 6. In episode 8, both of them come looking for each other here, one after the other.

* * *

J’adore [자도르] is located in Woosin Art Plaza [웅신아트프라자] in the neighborhood Hosu-dong [호수동], the Danwon District [Danwon-gu/단원구] in the city of Ansan [안산시], a little south of Seoul.

Address: 161 Gwangdeok-daero, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
경기 안산시 단원구 광덕대로 161
(고잔동 708)
Geolocation: 37.310799, 126.829265

Getting here: Gojan Station [고잔역], Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 2

— submitted by Marion KDL

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